What Men Think About Breaking Up

What Men Think About Breaking Up
What Men Think About Breaking Up
Published on 10/18/2017
What Men Think About Breaking Up


I hate when a guy gets out of a relationship and acts like it was nothing . Be honest she mean't everything to you at one point.
"I didn't know what the hell to do with the quilt after that."
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There are so many extremely awkward but extremely cute guys who work at Buzzfeed. I can't even handle it.
I think that the last segment on this, where the camera holds on his face just a minute after his smile dies, is excellently done. Not sure who's responsible for stuff like that, editor, director, whatever. But good job.
This actually made me sad /:
I broke up with someone by moving out of state without telling them I was leaving.
Hey at least that guy got a quilt out of the relationship lol
like if you're here to read the comments?
what's up with that guy and giving gifts to dump lol
My worst brake up was when I was at work and I got in my break. I call her but she didn't answer. Called once more to her in frustration tone saying hello. A moan was in the back ground. Left work to her place to see her ex coming out her place. Felt like crap since we were together almost a year and she had a 1 year old that I took care of in many ways for 9 months like he was my own. I told her to confess if she did anything. She said she " messed around in bed" with him and broke up with me because it wasn't going to work. I don't care for the unfaithful. Good riddance. But losing a baby boy you called your own. Now that's heart braking
Well my bf broke up with me on thanksgiving by a text. Right after I paid rent n we went grocery shopping for the whole month. Oh and also after we went to life is beautiful festival because tix were under my name. He kicked me out of our apartment n didn't give me any signs about him being unhappy. A total jerk. A total asshole. Of course he was just using me. His name is Kevin Vasquez. Major douchebag
A guy once broke up with me by telling me "I wasn't as special as he thought" and "he was picky."
I don't really share that. But since people are talking about their shitty break ups, I thought I'd share mine.
Now the question is can you be friends with an ex ..
Why would you go on a vacation with another girl?! 😡
My worst breakup had to be this guy I was with for two years and a half .... He cheated on me for a guy ...
That last guy got real deep with that awkward pause.
I think I had the best breakup ever. I finally stood up for myself instead of apologizing all the time to a man who was never happy with anything I did. I tried to change for him and that didn't work out for either side. So after my final "I'm sorry", I actually heard how pathetic I sounded, and stopped myself. "You know what. I'm not sorry!" I prolly said something else after that but I left that moment, closed the door to his apartment and drove out of his life. I went on leave (yep I was military at the time) and felt the burden of a psychologically abusive relationship fall off my shoulders. I was free.
Yeah homecoming douche, You should have waited. She will hold on to that FOREVER! Have I called you a douche yet? Oh well, it bears repeating.
Being told I was loved, that she had feelings for a friend I introduced her to, then breaking up with me to date him.
All within one week.
Then the begging and pleading from her to stay friends.
I could have just cut my losses and removed her from my life but I pulled the mature card and didn't.
Sometimes breaking up is the best thing to do. There may be a point in your life where you have to put your focus on other things, not an extra person.
The whole "try be mean to her as much as you can so she'll break up with you" is the most idiotic and cruelest thing ever. To be honest in my opinion break up with her, do not be a dick. Cause breaking up with her over being mean to her probably hurts way less..
let's be real those guys in the video never had girlfriends
That's why relationships aren't taken seriously. When things are bad you communicate with your boyfriend/girlfriend not just give up because things aren't sunshine and rainbows 24/7.
Guys are dicks.
Guys always cover up their true feeling to make themselves feel better about the pain.
I broke up with someone when I paid about four hundred dollars for tickets to a football game, and she turned to me and asked what inning it is. I left her there my team was losing anyways
My first love broke up with me first by telling me he loved me and goodnight and then breaking up with me the next morning. After we reconciled and got back together we eventually broke up again a year and a half later. We got dressed up and he took me on a date and he had sex with me and then text me two days later saying he had a new girlfriend. Ugh worst time in my life to date.
After watching the men's version and the women's version one thing is clear - adults are fucking childish. It would've been interesting if they mentioned how old they were (outside of the obvious age with the people breaking up during homecoming, etc) when they acted like this. How hard is it to tell someone it's over without plotting out something or passive aggressively just going on holiday or out with the new person you've picked up? Seriously.
Oh I remember my break up, I was engaged, had a kid with her, made dinner one night, all of a sudden im in jail. Five days in the cold slammer, then she pressed nore charges, almost had ne in for 5 years, then she runs before next court day, took our son, refuses to let me see him, she yries to kill him, I now have my son, im taking care of him, hes a happy child better off without her, now shes engaged again with a new man that appatently she knew and was actually with behind my back. The whole.three years we were together, anf I see how better off I am without her, year I dated and breaken up a few times as it did not work, but to me now a break up is an .. ehh, doesnt mean shit to me anymore, its life, if I find the rigjt one ill treat her like a queen, if not then im just happy with my son.
the guy at the end looked really sad after he said "this is really bad isn't it"
Try a guy breaking up with you by just flat out ignoring all texts, calls and finding out that he lied to you about not having a facebook profile the entire 2 year relationship.
Worst break up? He stole $10000 in savings I had while I was in basic training.
Ashlbee i watched the first 15 seconds and was like yeah ur ugly ur ugly ur ugly and died xD
Well that didn't make me feel better about men at all. Lol
Why do these men look like "the nice guy"... "Friend zone guy" lol
The guy that said he took a vaca with another girl... He is lucky to get any girl. He looks like a skeleton on crack. Plus he seems to think he is just all that... Ew!
These aren't guys they're wood elves.
Wow, I'm glad I didn't date in high school.
Didn't think I'd ever say that 😁
This is bad, isn't it? *stares off into the distance* lmao
this nigga went on vacation with another girl...wow
The worst way a girl ended it with me is she came over we hung out we fucked she told me she cheated on me with one of my friends and than she broke up with me it was bad
And they all smile because they think breaking a girls heart is funny?
men suck...period
My ex broke up with me 1 day after prom. He was my date to my prom.
He texted me asking if he could come over to my house. And he came over and we talked. After thag he told me that it is over between us. Cried for 5 hours after that. And a few hours every other day for about 4 days. It was a pretty dick move for dumping me 1 day after prom.
A couple I knew were married for 21 years and the wife asked for a divorce over the phone and her parents already bought her a house the husband was devastate
Some men have no souls that's how they get over a relationship so quickly lol.. My ex husband of 8 years still acts like nothing happened.. Blows my mind really
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