What Makes You A Man?

What Makes You A Man?
What Makes You A Man?
Published on 11/24/2017
What Makes You A Man?


A man should be as HE want to be... not as the SOCIETY defines it
Serious BuzzFeed is SERIOUS.
Manhood is all about patience and confidence.
It's not about violence and hiding your emotions.
A real man is someone whom others can trust and rely on.
Manliness means honor. Being fair, merciful, loving, respectful to elders, family, strangers, and women.
It means the courage to acknowledge your fears and then take steps to solve your problems.
It means kindness to others.
And it means responsibility. Owning up to your mistakes and facing the consequences of them, as well as understanding your duties and obligations to others and fulfilling them.
Every dude with a penis is considered a male, but not all of them are considered a man.
Is that Asian guy wearing a wig?
To be a man you have to have a penis. THAT'S IT.
Being a man is having the balls to cry when you feel like. Like women do. Just sexist coward men can't realise it.
When i think of man; i think of someone who is strong wither physical, or non-physical. A person who shows confidence in what he believes, and holds true to his word. A person who is humble with himself and not afraid to show his emotions. Or just simply a person who is a gentleman and who impacts people in a positively way, and to choose right decisions over the popular decisions, and a person who accepts responsibility. There is no really right definition of a man, but this is just what i was taught inorder to become a man
Abbie Gustafson
Austin Blake Sean Rojas Tyler Sean Dunselman Omar Galindo Joe Duncan Mitchell J Lial Edgardo Luis Pastora
Japes Hernaez
Luke Blomfield
Yousef Salah are u a man ?? :D XD
Not every man has a penis though. Having certain genitalia doesn't define your gender
Namadev he said it was okay to hug
Suck it up buttercup these guys need their man cards tore up Pussies.
Opens your eyes and makes you realize that everyone out there has inner torment. Not just you, not just a single gender, but everyone. Society has created this uniform shape and if you don't adhere to the high standards then you are nothing
Colin Jiang Phillip Duong Kinzi Lee Matty Han
I don't know. I think that seeing a guy cry is like...I feel like it's and honor to see one cry. Especially ones that seem more "cold". I mean, they trust you enough (or they just don't care) to let you see them be in that overly emotional state. So, ehh, it's okay to cry guys. ;)
If both men and women didn't try to fit into what society preceives as man and woman it would be easier for everyone. A man is confident in his one skin that can treat his partner as an equal.
It's sad that men are still expected to act like some of the things they mentioned (to not cry, to be tough, etc) You should not have to feel like you have to be a gentleman or to not cry. Treat people how you'd want them to treat you and understand that emotions are not a flaw.
Anything they want to be!
Monique Montfroy reminds me of your project
Joan Verhelst
Be yourselfs! Us women love Gentleman smile X
Prabuddha Dasgupta
Being a man isn't about how many times you cry for the past 7 years for God's sake. True men are not afraid to show emotions and not only do things according to what society defines what's 'normal'. Crying does not make you feel "weak". It's just plain sadness that everyone have to go through.
Leyla Abdou interessant
Brodie Jackson The truth revealed.
Linda Tabora Portillo. You need to watch this.
Aless La Terra
amazing! great job buzzfeed!!!
A real man doesn't wear wigs!!! Lolllllll
Luisa Fernanda Martinez found your husband. El Moreno Weepa
Nik Skrlin
In my opinion which may or may not be relevant ; a man is simply human ,
he is entitled to make mistakes and fix them , to cry if hurt because its a simple instinct , to stand tall and try his best to overcome his obstacles , to protect and be protected , he is allowed to love whoever he wants be it woman or man , men are worth their word and must always come threw with their actions , a man like your video says is many things but the most important is he is brave , by this i mean he is not afraid of falling and getting back up stronger then he was before .
" I define manhood simply: Men should be tough, fair, and courageous, never petty, never look for a fight, but never backing down from one either". -John Wayne-
Michael that would be freaking awesome!!!
Derek if only my last name started with an n then my initials would be man
Shawn Arokium
a man should have a penis
Billy Sachs
why ask a bunch of girls?
Mohammad Alam Ghaith M. Fateh Muhammad Yaman Sammani
Law Chen
people think that men don't go through emotional things, but they do, just as much as women, just in different ways. it sucks how society views men.

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