What Makes Men Cry?

What Makes Men Cry?
What Makes Men Cry?
Published on 11/24/2017
What Makes Men Cry?


I tell my son's everyday if they want to cry to go ahead and if anyone makes fun of them for crying then the other person is the one who should be truly crying. Its cleansing and good for a person to releases the sadness at times. Hell half the time I get so mad I'll cry from frustration.
Ok as a woman is it just me or is it when you see a man cry it makes you want to cry specially if it's a man who means a lot to you like your dad your brother your husband. It's like when you see them cry you seriously know somethings wrong and then you just want to ball up and cry.
I feel the need to hug some of these guys... I'm crying now..
Love the DARE shirt.
Mufasa's death
I agree with the guy at 1:40 as well as at 1:54. There seems to be far too much stereotyping on men to be 'real men' who don't cry or should show the emotional range of a carrot. I really honestly couldn't care what others think, so I'm okay with the fact that I can show my emotions from time to time :)
No beer in the fridge...
Alrighty. . .where'd this bowl of onions come from! **sniff** 😢
I cry when I get really mad. Its not very intimidating.
Does anybody else just wanna hug Keith? 😟😟
poor Keith Habersberger :(
Man.. Those videos of soldiers returning home and surprising their loved ones get me EVERY TIME. Every time.
It seems as though I cry a lot more lately. What sparked this was the trauma of my wife breaking up with me. This forced me to reevaluate my life and the way I had been living. To find myself and all the beauty that surrounds me on a daily. To have gratitude for everything that has come into my life wether it's still present or has moved on. This in turn has allowed me to grow (no pain no gain) in so many facets in my being. I am more sympathetic towards others and generally I care. For awhile I thought, how can I cry so much, will it ever stop. Being more in touch with myself and feelings i now get choked over the silliest of things that never would have bothered me before. So ya I guess I am not ashamed to cry anymore and have learnt to accept it. Better to cry them bottle it all up inside, I speak from experience. Sometimes you need to change for the better of yourself and others.
wow. What a positive view on masculinity and emotion. There is nothing wrong with a man crying. I like what the guy said about feeling like you've changed after. SO true.
Last time I cried was when Beth died on the Walking Dead on Sunday.
When andy gave up.his toys at the end of toy story 3..#THEFEELZ
that Asian guy is full of shit, prime example of holding back emotion
BuzzFeed Video, this was pretty touchin. It was so hard seeing the guys in that mood, especially Keith Habersberger, cause after then I start crying. So, yes I cry too, I sometimes don't even know why, just because I feel it, I want to do it and I'm not hiding it or feeling ashamed about it.
People, guys, girls, do everything you want to do despite whta the society or other people think.
Crying means you're alive
This is flat-out brilliant, BuzzFeed.
"think crying is good because we change when we cry."
And when the guy describes crying at leaving his girlfriend...you can see how he is still right there in that moment of deep loss. Very moving.
It's okay to be vulnerable, guys.
Being vulnerable IS being a man.
The last time I cried was when my mom passed away, and every time I remember her is another last time i cried
I just wanna hug Keith Habersberger ❤
how about what makes women cry :D it will take you more than 3 minutes I guess
I want to hug Keith so bad right now..... 😢
I cried few mins ago coz my wife is fighting for life..
I am a male and like cry at least once every three months so I can at least feel less stressful with life, crying makes me feel better when I'm really stressed
As a women, I like to be around guys that are touch with their emotions. Coming from a Latino background, I have been surrounded by men that were raised to believe that being emotional is emasculating and wrong and it's made many Hispanic men distant and unapproachable.
My boyfriend cried when my best friend lost her self defense trial.
It took me two days...
onions? >:3
Keith!!!! :'( I am literally crying when he said when he last cried. Just broke my heart.
I love you Keith Habersberger, you are awsome!!
Crying is an appropriate response to extreme emotions. All emotions have their beauty. I think there's this belief that if I cry, I cannot be respected. Especially amongst men. That shouldn't be the case. It takes an immense amount of courage to let our emotions take hold, be in the moment, and live in that extreme feeling if only for a moment. Props to anyone who isn't ashamed, because they should not be. Love this experience of life.
I think people have looked down on it for so long that now guys try to hid it. It's nice to know they still have a soft side even if they hid it:)
This is a very double sided issue because society teaches men that they are not allowed to cry while it is expected of women. Just like there are emotional men there are less emotional women.
I personally am not one to cry often or be incredibly touchy-feely as a female and I have been told a few times before that I am cold or have no feelings. On the flip side men who do cry are often made fun of, called weakling, etc.
I find it's often just a matter of perspective and what we might know of a person or don't know rather, that has us making premature judgements on an individual.
My partner has Aspergers so he can't really show or understand his emotions very well.. We have been together for 3 years and last year I was pregnant and the doctors told us at the 4 1/2 month mark that our son had severe Hydrocephalus and that we had to stop the pregnancy.. the day I was allowed to go home after losing our son was one of the only times I had ever seen him cry. that was one of the hardest moments we've ever had to go through.
This video is beautiful.
High taxes make me cry !
If a man cries in front of you.... DON'T EVER LET HIM GO!!!
I dont think he was being a dick, maybe he's just fortunate enough to not have bad shit happen in his life for a year. Or maybe he just gets mad when bad shit happens. Js.
watch pokemon the first movie. that movie still makes me cry. 
I cry every time I talk about all the funny things me and my mum used to do up until she passed away 27th dec 2011. R.i.p mum.x
What makes girls cry? Watching this.
Keith, stop being perfect!
Society tells men to suck it up since they're young boys. This creates emotionally constipated men, which is what some women complain about when they're in heterosexual relationships. People, please let your sons and daughters understand it's ok to cry, to feel hurt and sad. Emotions aren't feminine, they're human (even animals have practice them).
That really hits home for me. I've always hated being seen as a weak little girl for crying, so I just held everything in for the longest time and would just randomly explode over a little argument. I'd never let myself feel better about it and think 'you're acting like a little bitch and it's a waste of time,' but seeing this video is making me think twice about that.
Keith made me tear up when he started talking about his girlfriend. 😭
I cried at the end of spider man 2 when that lil kid in spider mans outfit stood up for what he believed in. I work in Manhattan see tons of kids always dressed as Spider-Man lol
Running out of cereal 😭😭😭😭 😂
Keith crying...makes my heart hurt. 😪

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