What It’s Like To Work With Your Sibling

What It’s Like To Work With Your Sibling
What It’s Like To Work With Your Sibling
Published on 10/20/2017
What It’s Like To Work With Your Sibling


This was actually well done. I don't understand the negativity.
This was hilarious, I have no idea what these people are talking about in the comments. Keep doing more like this!
1. Too long
2. Not funny enough to finish.
do more real wierd couple vids!!!
i usually love your guys work but this one sucked
-what happened to that dog?
~don't worry about it. i stole it
xDD omg
So boring. You lost me at the crappy acting when your "sister" entered the scene. ::yawn::
I thought it was great. Stop fucking complaining like if you're paying buzzfeed to put these up seriously. And honestly asking for more couple videos when they will eventually get repetitive if they aren't already is beyond dumb. I like that they tried something new.
Was this supposed to be funny?
I'll never get those wasted 7+ minutes back
7 min video posted now with 7 likes already?
I have a feeling everyone who commented on here so far did not actually watch the video.
I expected this to be in the style of most of your "What It's Like" videos, so I was disappointed. But taken on its own it is pretty funny, just feels like a different genre of comedy than what I expect from Buzzfeed...
I died... Of boredom
Why did I get so into this that I thought was watching a tv show and now I'm sad because that's it...
7 minutes i aint got time for that shit
Seems legit to me! ^_^ Who else can you, not think about, suddenly need, hate, and love again in the span of 5 mins. lol
Why did I watch this
This is nothing like what it's like to work with your sibling. Trust me I work with mine. And this video was shitty.
Haha "this guy is paying me to do nothing" sounds like the perfect job : )
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! best. siblings. ever.
This is actually my favorite buzzfeed video ever. Love the humor.
Yas Rostom Tahseen Rostom
Ethan Mahakam and Kylie Mahakam
Kassia De Claudia Shayla DeMorais Sloane Armstrong
Francisca Rodriguez Victoria Rodriguez
Susan Angela Christopher they don't talk to us like that 😂😂
Justin Stern Michelle Stern Jacob DeBo
Wasn't this posted yesterday and titled "When You Have To Fake It At Work"?
Coco De La Cruz Blanca Stephanie De La Cruz
Kept waiting for it to get funny but it never did.
This was fucking painful to watch. This sucked
Izzy Peistrup
Love it when things get hot in the kitchen. Rare, well done, incomprehensible, and beautiful. The cool thing is all the conflicting realities.
I loved it! I would watch another! Lol xD
I agree, too long and not funny enough to finish.
I love this!
Are yall really this bored around the buzz feed offices?
What did I just watch lolz
Leticia Gene Duenas
Bah hahaha Tania! We Came Here To Fuck Shit Up!!!
you people have obviously never worked with your siblings lol
Jacki Gilpin this chicks hillarious....reminds me of u haha
Frank Rodriguez
Jules Cstng!!!!
Andrew Thomas
Tanner Robinson
Tyler Evans
Terry Evans
Michelle A. Combs
Teresa Combs
Sonja Combs Anderson
Brandy Hamilton
Lori Wilson
Anastasia Flanagan
Moriah Flanagan
Kaylee Finklea
xD LOVE IT!!! XD The sibling telepathy at the end is so true.
Lizzie Rae

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