What It's Like To Start Wearing Makeup For A Week

What It's Like To Start Wearing Makeup For A Week
What It's Like To Start Wearing Makeup For A Week
Published on 11/19/2017
What It's Like To Start Wearing Makeup For A Week


For someone who doesn't wear makeup you wore it better than some girls that wear it everyday.
Loved it when she said maybe its not the make up but the extra time i am spending on my self that makes me feel good ❤️
As a girl that wears makeup on a daily basis, I can completely relate to the feeling of insecurity when not wearing any in public. I love how she says that "not wearing makeup can be just as much as a mask as wearing makeup." Many women who do wear makeup on a daily basis are called fake... People should not make each other feel even more insecure about their appearance. Women who wear makeup, as well women who don't, are both equally beautiful. Makeup is a form of expressing yourself, and that's not a bad thing. It's also not a bad thing if you don't have time or you rather not spend the time doing your makeup everyday.
So because she became confident, she's a "bossy little sassy girl"? #byefelipe
(Screamed) Every time, I messaged you that we, deaf people, need closed caption to understand what you guys were talking about!!!!!
Make up is supposed to accent what you already have.. Not change dramatically... #JustSaying
I don't wear makeup either haha. You don't like my face? Sucks for you. 😎 Lol.
I wish they would do a video of someone who wears make up all the time not wear any for a week.... Just to see the comparison
you are adorable, be you and that is perfect
I love makeup, cause it allowed me to be strong when I wasn't. It made a shield for me to deflect all the hater comments about being Gay growing up. It also opened doors for me, cause the more I played with it the better I got and the more I branched out into more design, like theatrical makeup and monster fx makeup. It also allowed me to help other who were feeling down and out about themselves and there looks. I showed them with makeup it can help them, help correct facial features and birthmarks, to find there true self and be strong and have a voice. Makeup can help, makeup can be good and fun. Allow people to be who and what they want and to express themselves anyway they want. With or with out makeup. It does wash off with out a stain... lol Did I say I love makeup!? :)
She's lucky. She was born with a good face with good skin. I've had acne since 4th grade, so I've been wearing concealer and foundation since then and I just put on the rest as years passed. I'm a cosmetologist/barber, so not wearing makeup is a huge deficit to my paycheck. True? Yes. Sad? Yes.
Next up: Not wearing clothes for a week.
For me makeup in an art form.
So I ❤ wearing makeup.
I get to express my creativity on myself.
I have the problem of forgetting I have makeup on and rubbing my eyes. Ugh! Hate it.
Haven't worn make up since I graduated high school. 5 years now. I'm happier with myself without it. Some woman feel better. Others feel better natural. Shouldn't matter what others think. It's how you feel about yourself! :) I like this video
I kind of think your boyfriend is intimidated when you wear make-up...
Not wearing makeup can be just as much as a mask- I really liked that!
You have amazing eye brows!!
Your extremely cute without makeup! Well done
This was a cute experiment. And she's right. Taking the time to make-up ur face & seeing the results does kinda raise ur confidence. I hadn't realized that. I've been a light make-up wearer for years & have been, unconsciously, cutting back because I'm getting lazy. But taking time out for one's self does make a difference. Interesting.
I like it !!! Cute !!!!
I am a 44 yrs old (usually) non makeup wearing kinda gal & this was very informative & inspiring. Thx so much!!!
Thx for sharing!
What I don't understand when I watch such videos is this and mind you, I'm not hating or anything, I love the video, but I'm just curious. See, I love makeup. It's one of my passions in life, seriously. But what fascinates me is why can't people wear makeup just because they want to and whenever they want to.
Now I'll have times when I will go alllll out with my makeup (usually on special occasions), but then there will be times when I head out with no makeup at all. Simply cz I don't feel like wearing makeup or spending the time to put on makeup that day. It's my decision. Why should it make me any more or less confident if I'm wearing makeup? I think every girl needs to learn to love herself both with and without makeup. Because by the end of the day, it's our confidence which makes us more attractive, and veryyyy seldom the makeup itself, or the lack of it thereof, for that matter of fact.
Can we stop being asshats about people who wear makeup? I'm so sick of this I'm better than you/if you wear makeup you are ugly mentality. Don't be a bitch about someone's personal preference on what they want to put on their own fucking face or don't want to put on their face. It's so annoying. Makeup allows people to have confidence or express themselves. Let them do what they want to do! "Take her to the pool on the first date" blah blah blah seriously go fuck yourself. If that's your only interest or concern in a woman then you don't deserve her because you're a shallow bitch! 👋Bye Felicia/Felipe!
"I rather sleep for extra 30 minutes than putting makeup on" (y)
<3 good for you :) a true women is satisfied with herself with or without makeup <3
Thank you for sharing this experiment. It seems you have clarified some points that I feel about makeup. I have always felt that seeing makeup on women is generally less appealing than the natural look, but now I understand the confusion I sometimes have about it. It is a woman's confidence and happiness that makes them more attractive, so if wearing makeup makes the woman feel more confident and happy, then by extension that can make them more attractive, even to the point of overcoming the potentially unattractive aspects of makeup. I just wish more women could feel their birthright of confidence and happiness stemming from their natural beauty, talents, intelligence, compassion, accomplishments, and self appreciation than from the artificial and often even off-putting ritual of makeup. Have other women found different self-appreciating rituals that accomplish the same goal in an even better way? I also wish more men would appreciate women for their natural qualities as a whole person. Please accept my apologies for the long history of men that have helped shape our culture to be what it is today.
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Well people who have alopecia, like how I experienced with my hair lost and eyebrows, I am now a slave of wearing makeup on my eyebrows to feel like my old self... Makeup is not a bad thing. And who cares about if people are fake or not... People do plastic surgery to look good, people wear contacts to have lighter eyes, people dye their hair, tan, etc. as long as it doesn't change your essence, and u r still humble, people's opinion shouldn't matter.
because someone wears makeup doesnt mean they are insecure this was dumb
Your makeup free face is pretty darn cute :) I like makeup but I'm a stay at home parent soooo I don't have much occasion to wear it haha. But its fun for special nights out :)
She's pretty without it! But I agree, make up does give you a different boost of confidence. The extra time you spend on yourself does make a difference!
This is so self-defeating.
If smearing a pharmaceutical mask over your real face makes you feel better about your face, then by definition you are ashamed of your physical appearance, and that genuinely makes me feel crestfallen.
For most women I see, the pasty smear of goo is apparent. It is not a slight enhancing of natural features, but a self-conscious masking of their actual appearance. While the colors are not as bright and full of contrast as a clown's, my perceptual impression is invariably the same, and I am left questioning why is it that this woman feels so insecure that she needs to smear paste across her actual face?
The video somewhat points to the idea that women do this less for acknowledgement of men, but more so to feel better about themselves.
I can only hope that a person, woman or man, can feel comfortable about who they actually are without having to literally apply a mask as an actor might do to create a facade they feel is more presentable to society.
I take away a singular message from this video, the woman feels so judged and insecure about who she is that she feels better hiding behind a literal mask than being who she is in a natural fashion.
I had a similar experience with a very attractive ex-girlfriend who was never satisfied with her personal appearance. After we separated she voluntarily underwent surgical modification to enhance her breast size. Years later when we met up again she asked me if I wanted to feel her new breasts, and I declined. Her overt attempt to seek acceptance for her irrationally poor body image saddened me, and I refused to positively reinforce her efforts.
People's bodies are pushed and pulled in different ways and I prefer adoption of a healthful lifestyle over hiding under a pharmaceutical guise to conform to society's standards of perfection.
If one is not satisfied with their own body image, literally smearing goo over their face is unlikely to address their underlying body image issues.
Way too much thought put into this. Just wear it for Petes sake. As Dolly Parton says " you owe it to the world not to look like a dog" lol
Haha when i don't wear makeup at work the guys always ask "you look tired!" Or when i wear glasses instead of contacts "you look so different" too be honest i think i look normal xD haha
Makeup? What is that? Never wear it.. Very much dislike it ._____. Wore it once recently as a maid of honor and my boyfriend didnt like it 😂😂 I dont even know the names of any make-up.. And I save money compared to many of my friends. Woohoo.
I enjoy sleeping too much... Sleeping in = no make up
I'm the same way! I never cared to wear makeup. Nothing against it but I just never felt the need to do it. The only time i ever really wear it is for weddings and other special events and even then it's a little bit of mascara and eyeliner. Other than that, I'm happy people get to see the real physical me. No hidden surprises here lol
I rarely wear makeup unless I'm going some where fancy. I feel beautiful with and without make up. Which is how all girls should feel. I also just love to sleep in. Loved the video!
I very rarely used to wear makeup at all before I started dating my husband. I'd wear it to go out with friends or on holidays when I'd see family, but I never got into wearing it daily. For some reason, when he started coming to see me, I started wearing it more often and now I wear it just about every day, unless I'm planning on staying home all day. It wasn't totally a conscious thing, like, "okay, I'm going to start wearing makeup now." It just kind of happened. I really don't notice that much of a difference, but that's probably because I really don't use that much. I do a base and compact powder, add a little eye liner and occasionally lipstick or chap stick, and that's it. I didn't get much reaction from anyone at work. I think only one person said something and all she said was "Your eyes look pretty."
For never wearing makeup she sure has some skill in applying the makeup
I only wear makeup on special occasions. To much trouble for everyday
I feel like I look horrible without my makeup. It definitely gives me a confidence boost. Maybe because I've been wearing it so long? 💄💋💄
I DON'T wear make up & I NEVER will. I love that my face always feels clean:) I DON'T use hairspray. I DON'T get my nails done. I DO save a shit-ton of time & money. If you don't like it , don't look at me;)
I wear it for me. I feel better about myself.. I can only think of a time or 2 that I've gone out without it. Nails always painted too for the same reason....
I actually previously read her blog about this experience and I loved it. I'm stuck in between. I love love love to wear and do make up, but I work 12 -14 hour shifts, and get up at 5 in the morning, so most days i bever wear it. so this was a lovely expression of both sides of the fence.
When I don't wear makeup in public, people always ask me if I'm sick. I'm sure it's because I'm so pale that I look like I've been locked away for a while.
This was cool! I am also a non wearing makeup person and I can totally agree that when I wear it I am ALOT more confident! However I like my natural face and I find that putting it on all the time can be tedious... Lol so today I can proudly say that I am a "sometimes makeup wearing person" LOL
I love wearing makeup. It's not a bad thing! Whatever u want to do. Be proud of yourself and express yourself the way you choose! (:
I wish I could be that confident. I feel hideous without make up. I have scars and eczema. Without make up I look weird and pale. I hate when people call girls who wear make up fake. It's not fair. :( I can't help it...

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