What It’s Like To Not Watch "Game of Thrones"

What It’s Like To Not Watch "Game of Thrones"
What It’s Like To Not Watch "Game of Thrones"
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Published on 11/23/2017
What It’s Like To Not Watch "Game of Thrones"


I don't watch Game of Thrones, therefore I didn't quite understand this video. I'm just gonna go with it, then hahahaha Where's the pizza?
"Winter is over right? Like its Spring now?" :""D
when in doubt....just hodor
You guys should make this same concept, but with people that've never seen the walking dead!
Fuckin Joffery's.
Those of you who haven't watched it...YOU HAVE NOT LIVED.
This used to be me, but I have seen the light that is game of thrones!!!
Everyone that comments i never see game of thrones is a Joffrey
I've never seen game of thrones
I don't watch game of thrones.....
Simple solution...dont have friends that watch wack ass Game of Thrones
Hahahaha Isabella Agah Anton Wikberg Sebastian Rozs Aysegül Aksoy Felicia Rydén Lisen Lindström
Jessica Don't come over Sunday! You're not invited anymore.
Sawsen Shaïma Hanèn xD fel 3che :p
Zain Neha HODOR! XD
ive never seen game of thrones... or walking dead or Orange is the new black or..any of those... shows...
Nardine Ageeb Androw Ebrahem
Juliano Andrade Marcos Souza de Araújo
I've never watched it.
Aaron Sanfilippo Petra Najdovska Alex Mavrelis Jake Pasoski Koia Anderson Alexandra Baltatzis
Amanuel Yønathan Adam Calĕb Redeat zz me
"Ya fuckin Geofferys"
Julian Gallardo Agilene De Villa Ravi Lama Monique Jones Mel Taylor Isaac Clayton This totes is me lol
Charles Gant
Chris Ong expecto patronum
Salina Berry ha!
me tho Renae Goransson Phoebe Mosse
Tom Kifarkis
Sofia Rodriguez L
Your such a Jofrey Marisol Jeorje
Ciro Amaranth Olvera
Samantha Earl omg,lol. Yup that would be me!!
Andrew Lester Calvin Schellbach
Lourdes Anchondo Tapia Tapia Frank
thank you Karlee Tuchscher
Savannah Cannaday
Peter Whitefield Erika Staudt Alexandra Ruban
Danny Liebster
Lauren Diveroli Shira GLambert Rosenblum
Samantha Austin
Austin Penner
This is perfect!!!!!! Harriet Grigsby
Gavin Laird
Nick Sakellar
Richard Pineiro
Bianca Diaz Rachael Campbell
Alex Faulkner
Juliane Bender Anthony Zappia Marcelo Arruda Guilherme Botelho Drew Garrison

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