What It’s Like To Have A Sleepover With A Sleep Talker

What It’s Like To Have A Sleepover With A Sleep Talker
What It’s Like To Have A Sleepover With A Sleep Talker
Published on 10/20/2017
What It’s Like To Have A Sleepover With A Sleep Talker


"Dang girl, right here? Right now? In front of our work friends?..." 😂😂
I laugh in my sleep. That freaks people out way more than me talking in my sleep. Lol.
But the fact of it is, sleep talkers don't actually tell secrets when they sleep talk. I would know, I do sleep talk and I record myself. No secrets whatsoever.
Justin, I'm gonna go to your house and brutally murder your whole family and Quinta were gonna have 15 babies 😂😂😂 that escalated quickly lol
Why's he going to sleep so fast lol
I wouldn't know cause I don't have friends smh
Imma need for the three of them not to be in that little ass bed & why wasn't the girl in the middle & where was her scarf?!! Lol!!!
I lost it when he pulled out the phone i laughed for like ten minutes
They are constantly his best friends
Fuck is up with that TINY ASS BED? LOL!
lmfao he better not get in between quinta and justin!
Anyone else catch the "Quinta, you and I are going to have 15 babies"? Ahahaha loved it!
I'm deaf, can't hear a thing literally! Caption some more videos so we can enjoy them too 😉 juuuust saying
Is there a national disaster?! Yes. Yes. Let's stop snugging and escape
Three other women and I shared a berthing area on my first cutter after I enlisted with a sleep talker. She was so, so loud, but the stuff she said was hilarious! Usually it was just gibberish, and she would stutter a lot despite the fact she didn't stutter at all when she was awake. We eventually figured out that she would talk back if we started asking her questions, but she would usually say stuff like, "But where did all the ducks go?" and "Pa-pa-pa-potatoes!" We recorded her one night after she refused to believe us. Thankfully she was really good natured about it and thought it was just as funny as we did!
Why am I the first person to say that I would rather sleep on the floor than share a bed that small with anyone? This isn't about sleeptalking. It's about wtf is wrong with these people.
My ex used to sleep talk, she didn't say anything specific. But she used to say "bitch" often, one night she said "i need to get rid of her" and that freak the shit out of me.
I have been a sleep talker since I was little. I will even sit up with my eyes open and have a full on conversation while asleep. Sometimes I say really crazy stuff and other times it seems like a normal conversation, but I speak slowly and softly . I was also a sleep walker so I would always freak people out. When I first was dating my husband I warned him about it. One night while I was asleep we got into an argument and apparently broke up. I was asleep the entire time and had no idea. I woke up the next morning all lovey dovey and he was like wtf, you broke up with me!!
10 years later and we now have a 2 year old who sleep talks and often with his eyes open too.
My brother talks about tractors in his sleep. He loves tractors..
15 babies? damn..
I wish I could fall asleep that fast
I once accidentally started recording myself before passing out on the floor, a few minutes in, I started sleep talking about marshmallows fluff and then it turns into jibberish. I stop and a couple of minutes later I get up, turn my bedroom lights off, and go lay down in bed. The video stopped recording a few minutes later. Probably one of the freakiest things I've ever seen myself do. And I don't remember any of it.
I actually caught myself sleep talking once or twice because I was slightly conscious, I heard my voice & I think I felt my mouth moving, but I couldn't control it & I was laughing too!! I didn't even think it was slightly creepy, I just kept on doing it until I had control and I stopped myself. WTF?!?
I've been told I whisper in my sleep... That's creepy enough
I rarely sleep talk but I love listening to my daughter talk about stuff like bubbles & puppies.
Um...I talk about blue airplanes and purple sunshine...only when I'm like deeply and mean DEEPLY sleep. Not in 5 seconds lmbo
I sleep talk, but I say nothing remotely understandable. like i'll just yell out a random word.
15 Babies!!!
My boyfriend talks in his sleep. I thought it was funny until one night he was sleep talking and yelled, "Why, why, why, why!!!!" I just about had a heart attack haha
I slept talk once at a sleepover. I apparently was having an argument with someone over how to spell my friend Erica's name. And was making the letters with my fingers. 😂
Yeah, its not like that AT ALL.
I was like dang girl right here right now lol lol
I sleep talk...Ive been told I have angry arguements
As a sleep talker I don't say stuff like that. I yelled at my boyfriend for "putting crumbs in my closet"
the last thing my husband said, i went to bed a few hrs after he did and right as i lay down "double murder" .... im like "what?" then he laughed and said it agian which then i laughed and it woke him up and we talked about what he was dreaming about XD!!
Hahah more like "don't put the magazine in the refrigerator!"
My grandma did recipes in her sleep talking. Lol.
15 babies.... Qunita don't look like she would survive one let alone 15😟😦😦
I said to my husband one time while I was sleep "why didn't you catch her when she fell off the ladder and turned into a dolphin" I woke up to him cracking up and I asked him what happened and he told me what I said..😂😂😂
So, THAT'S how I can really get stuff off my chest lol... sweet!
I find it awkward theyre all in the same bed like... There's this thing called a floor and extra blankets... And pillows.
He sort of reminds me of Jonah Hill.
Sleep talking is nothing like this
Quinta is afraid of old peoples 😂😂
Hahaha I'm glad my friends wouldn't understand my sleep talk in gibberish foreign languages. Lol.
When I sleep talk I talk about ice cream
I laugh and talk in my sleep. Mom has fun with it by having convos with me. She says I speak jibberish though. Lol i got that from my dad. He does it to.
I literally giggle and laugh in my sleep - it's so scary to hear (I recorded myself) and ppl thinks it's so weird and funny to listen to 😄
joder si naha

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