What It’s Like To Be Intersex

What It’s Like To Be Intersex
What It’s Like To Be Intersex
Published on 10/20/2017
What It’s Like To Be Intersex


Before I watched this video, I didn't know the term intersex means and that just shows how truly flawed our education system is and how willing people are to sweep what they consider "abnormalities" under the rug and/or deny them. I appreciate the people in this video for have the courage to both inform me and thousands of other viewers what it means to be interest and how they feel about it.
I'am A Muslim, & As A Muslim We Are Taught That ALLAH swt does everything for a REASON. So Let Nowone Change His Creations (us)
Be You Be Free & Be Happy I Love You All For The Sake Of Allah ❤️
I still find it gross that doctors even assign sex (and sometimes even genders) at birth, even grosser they "normalize" variations. Based on what? Appearances? Preferences? Religious beliefs?
The person being tagged hasn't even gotten the chance to find out who they are yet! Or even understand what the world even is!
It shouldn't be up to a third party to decide what gets written on a child's "tag" - which then boxes and confines the person for the rest of their life - just because the third party said so.
Grrr, just my two cents. e.e
1. Wow.
2. This is news. This is how news should be. Helpful. Enlightening. Bringing us together.
Bravo Buzzfeed. This video could have been done wrong thousand ways. Instead you made it pertinent, informative and shared personal experiences. Well done.
Awwww, "Intersex-y." 👍 👍 👍
I love that they are calling it intersex, instead of hermaphrodite. Great video.
May I make a request? I almost have a degree in psychology and sociology, so I hear about this stuff and how it impacts the individual a lot. But I have a question for intersex individuals about what advice they would give potential parents. I am in no way expecting or even planning to for quite some time, but I wonder what advice they would give for parents who have just been told that their child may be intersex, and advice about resisting doctors orders for the sake of 'normality.'
My boyfriend is intersex and seeing him deal with rejection from people who don't even know him is hard. His own father is ashamed of him. Doctors pressure him to change to be female even though he wants and identifies as a male. I try to encourage him everyday to just be himself and that people out there will understand and accept him. It's been great seeing him make friends and be embraced by people.
Dear person reading this,
I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside and out and you are important !
Just trying to be nice on the internet, sometimes we just need such a message !
I hope this comment helped you a bit and if not, I‘m sorry
They should have included how to get connected to a support group, instead of ending it with "hope you can find us". Otherwise this was a very informative video.
Buzzfeed is awesome
I sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter.
These people are brave for making this video and its beautiful because they accept themselves, it makes me smile :)
I have always wondered about this as its not talked about often. My husband and I have a long conversation about how wrong it is to not let a child choose if they want to keep parts of their body they are born with. To hear the young man say they forced him to be on female hormones even though he was chormosomally male, breaks my heart. No one should have to go through that.
Friendly reminder: unless it is a life threatening emergency: Any Surgery on a child REQUIRES the CONSENT and permission of the Parent or legal guardian.
One of my favorite videos buzzfeed has made
Thanks for that. I'm really enlightened
I actually had no clue this was even a thing. And now I do. Very cool video, I learned a lot!
As a parent, I would be intrested to know what they thought their parents should have done?
My crush is intersex, and i appreciate him for being so honest about it, and it didn't change how I feel about him at all!
Beautiful! I'm so happy that BuzzFeed is used for more than comedy, but to reach out to those who have this situation and help them not to feel ashamed. Very informative!
I don't get why people are making comments about sexual orientation lol must be bored looking for an argument
I honestly never knew there as such a thing.
Quite beautiful. I'm happy that this video was created to potentially give hope to others. Oftentimes those who are intersex are assigned a sex and/or gender early in life and battle with dysphoria later.
I am Intersex and only recently found out (about a year ago). This video is extremely important and I'm so glad it's out in the world for people to see and learn from. I was kept in the dark about how I was born and what was done to me for practically my entire life so seeing this and hearing everyone's words at the end had me bawling (still hard to hold back tears as I type this). We are here and we just want to be understood and accepted.
This made me sad. Those doctors are awful people and it sounds like their parents need more education and information about gender an sexual reproduction health.
Wow, what amazing courage!
Damn thanks for the education. ..I was very ignorant as to what this even was, and I can't even fathom what these people had to go thru growing up not having a gender to identify to...
*Tips hat *
Never knew
The girls in the orange shirt smile when she raised her hand gave me life hahaha
so like hermaphrodites? or is that not PC anymore? Either way Be proud of you, how ever that may be :)
there's a great book on this, it's fiction, but it explains this so well. it's called Middlesex. i forget who wrote it, but i read it about 12 years ago. if anybody wants to read it, check on amazon. it gave me a whole new perspective on human sexuality. amazing.
Never heard of this.
You lost me at "there's probably intersex dinosaurs"
I'm surprised at the number of commenters that has never heard of this. I guess you really learn something everyday
I didnt even know about intersex people and im glad now I have this knowledge
Great video! The reality described here is of biology--intersex--which has existed forever, and cannot be blithely ignored by those who believe there are two distinct genders--male and female--only, and would deny the existence, and also the rights, of others. This is surely THE irrefutable argument for marriage equality. I've written of this at the Huffington Post and elsewhere in these pieces: "The ABC's of Who Should Marry; H is for Human", "One Man, One Woman...Really?", "Conjoined in Marriage?", and "Regarding Marriage Equality: Who's on God's Team?"
The lady/guy in floral button up is so pretttttyyyy 😍😍😍
I would be pissed at any doctor who performed a "normalization" surgery on any intersex children I have without my consent.
It's not even up to me. It's up to my kid. And I'd be pissed.
Intersex people are not any different than any other people on the streets and shouldn't be discriminated against.
Stop the bigotry.
This video was incredibly informative and I definitely understand more. Definitely appreciate this video. :)
Am I the only person who wants to Google search intersex to see the testies lol
That's just crazy! I've never heard about intersex and never knew that this even exsisted. Really sad. Differently sharing this video!
I was fortunate in that, even though I presented ambiguously as a newborn, no surgeries were performed (in fact, being a premature birth "saved" me... they couldn't perform any surgeries, if they wanted to... and I was born in Vermont, where I am pretty sure that there were already much more human protocols in place by the time I was born). I actually did not find out that I was intersex until a few years ago, as a result of undergoing medical exams related to my gender transition from ftm (female to male), when it was discovered that I have internal male reproductive organs and am actually "XY". I know a few people who are older than me by a good decade or more, who were seriously messed up emotionally and psychologically by having their sex/gender chosen for them and surgeries done that aligned them with the doctor's decision,,, One person that I know well changed their gender identity three times over the course of their adult life and developed severe disassociation and MPD as a result of trying to make sense of the trauma, growing up in the 40s and 50s~ a time when no-one would talk about this, professionally or socially... THAT alone should tell people: let nature be, and allow every child to realize who they are ~ forcing identity to fit some false notion of the gender binary is just wrong.
I might sound closed minded by this but if I had a child born with both female and male parts idk if I would be able to choose to change them at a young age. I know I'll love them no matter what. But I think I'll let them decide when they are older.
This video was fantastic. People always forget about others who are unsure of what they are.
More people need to understand God created this condition. It is not chosen. Neither are transgendered, and gay or lesbian. Our Lord created us all.
I know pigeon! So proud of you! <3 :)
When a child is born if the sex is not readily identifiable, i.e.. clearly male or female genitalia, that is when doctors make the call. But honestly, this usually done to prevent parents from freaking out. In short these "normalization" surgeries and later hormone replacement are really done for the benefit of the parents not the child. Otherwise, waiting until the child is at least old enough to choose one or the other as a gender would make the most sense.
ALL children should be protected from any type of forced genital cutting. Males, females and intersexed. No one should have the right to alter the healthy bodies of their children just to fit their own preference. #equalrights females are currently protected by law from any type of genital cutting, without medical need it's called genital mutilation #FGM.. but when people speak about infant male genital cutting.. or intersexed, it's often called "a parental decision"..... That needs to change.
There are so many brave people coming forward about their unhappiness with their parent's decision to alter their bodies.. They cannot be ignored anymore! No one has the right to decide how another individual's body should look and function.
#IdidNotConsent #IamNotThankful

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