What It’s Like To Be High At The Movie Theater

What It’s Like To Be High At The Movie Theater With Chris Reinacher
What It’s Like To Be High At The Movie Theater
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Published on 03/30/2017
What It’s Like To Be High At The Movie Theater
With Chris Reinacher


" Am I going to be this high forever" YES!! I. Am so glad I am not the only one who has had this moment!
Funny but inaccurate
"Enjoy your show" Me- "YOU TOO!" .. I do that all the time -__-
What it's like to be high(for the first time) at the movie theater
"Both of us have allergies.. we've been crying a lot"
If this is you at the movies when you are high, clearly you are new to ganja.
This is stupid.
with all the progressive things happening in the marijuana world, its sad people still makes videos throwing weed smokers into this pool of retards who cant function normally. were normal people too, and were not stupid.
Haha that would hv been me in the bathroom,except I probably would hv stayed there longer haha
The people at buzzfeed don't know what it's like to be high
Really buzzfeed.. Let's try this again. Maybe this time you can actually get them high before they go and you can record what it's actually like.
These people have never ingested cannabis in their lives.
Funny but not nearly as funny as what it's like to go high to the grocery store.. Lol
This is why I can't smoke lol
What it's not like to be high at the movies you people obviously have never toked
"We both have allergies, and contact lens problems. We were crying a lot too...."
I watched this high loool
Lol the grocery store one was pretty good but this one doesn't even make sense!! We don't become stupid lol
WoW,,, not even close...
That's not what it's like... Amateurs!
Dylan Doughty this is completely inaccurate
Lucas Beyer Rob Spink Lauren Huggins David Barresi
Yeah maybe If you can't handle your shit.
Josie Betty Kristina Robbins Bolinger "am I going to stay this high forever 😩"
Iris Enriquez
Gemma Malcolm
April Lopez
Dante Arroyo Nestor Alonso Lopez Sanchez Liudmila Tello Kelly jajajajaaja
Avelina Alvarado
Jaleessa Johnson
Kyllie Andrew
Christian Maldonado 😂😂😂
Susana Sanchez :X
Martin Dies Erwin this is
Forever my life
Samantha Mosley
Nicole omFG US
Kacy Pennypacker
Gwen Sauvage
Cody Rios
Donovan Luz
Emily Warren
Alan Davila
Dj Maria
Rachel Lopez
Meghan Quinn
Lmfaoo 😂😂😂 Samantha Dennisse
Lmaooo Levi Hollingsworth
Karissa Bain Michele Bain is this what you guys do lol

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