What It's Like To Be Going Blind

What It's Like To Be Going Blind
What It's Like To Be Going Blind
Published on 10/22/2017
What It's Like To Be Going Blind


Wow. Makes me appreciate my vision.
Alhamdulilah :)
Here in canada when you push the button at the cross walk it will beep when it's time to cross :)
Marc is not sad; he is amazing! He is a creative genius.
Very insightful, I hope he considers a service animal
My daughter went blind last September from her seizure med lost all peripheral and has delayed focus shadows of her central she is declared legally blind her eyes don't respond to light. I always wondered what it was through her eyes def since she was able to see me for 14 years. It just really put it in perspective of how brave she is which i already knew but i know she is much more. The video really teared me up and i give mad respect to the blind
Wow.. that must be difficult
so sad...makes you think about things we all take for granted
The things we tke for granted
May Allah help him and save rest of us and our family from it. AMEEN
I never realised this is what blind people have to deal with everyday
Wow, he is inspiring :)
My son who is 24 has been blind since birth. It has been a struggle@ times for him and our family. I love him so much. I'm glad he is who he is. I couldn't imagine him any other way. Bless everyone
I applaud this young man for his great attitude toward his vision disability. His condition should cause us to thank God that we have vision whether are nearsighted or farsighted, etc.
that man is a brave person
That Makes me so sad...He has horrible Vision, Yet he is still appreciative of all of the good things he still has...Keep your head up Marc
So much respect for this man <3
I wish they do something so he can see better
Buzzfeed should make more of these videos instead of the usual lame ass ones
This man is amazing! I will appreciate my eyesight everyday, thanks to this guy :)
Where's The Mutant cure when you need it? Can someone call Professor Xavier ;)
As someone who is legally blind, I can feel for him. I lost my vision in my right eye when I was three due to a retinal detachment. I have 20/200 vision in my left eye. This guy is amazing. And I have to agree people need to respect the blind and visually impaired more.
I don't have that but I do have the extra light sensitivity I've been wearing sunglasses since I was in middle school so I kinda know how it feels and if I don't wear the sunglasses I get migraines and it hurts with florescent lights as well
Hat's off to Marc! What he said in the end shows his strength and acceptance of the world as he sees it.
God is great ... this boy is great as well
Tania gives us some perspective on how lucky we r. Doesn't it?
I have always, ALWAYS, wanted to know what it's like for some people being blind. I was like: Do people just see whiteness? Or, pure black? This really changed my perspective for people like him :)
Wow. I'm always complaining about being short sighted and having to wear glasses, after watching this video, I'm never going to complain about it again. So inspiring.
thank you dear ALLAH for making me perfect without any disabilities .. thanks alot
I feel so bad for playing games all day and not resting my eyes TT_TT
Marianne Morillo that amazing about blind
He seems like a nice guy I hope that the Lord Jesus Christ minimize his blindness
I have 20/400 vision. It's pretty awful. I can't even imagine having that disorder as well. So many people ask me what I see without the aid of a prescription or want to try on my glassed (unhealthy!) And it's really hard to explain. But it's all about what you make of it and he is very inspiring to those who suffer from vision loss.
God bless him :)
in america some of them will even say which street is ready to cross and beep
Richard Toledo
I am thankful I have good vision.
How to spark hope in our future patients who go through tough challenges like this? Alexandra Deligero Shayla Noelle
Kine Hansen Lohne
Juan Arostegui
Ashley Snuggles Williams
I'm so happy for being lucky.
Rna Tahmasian Putting perspective in what we're learning
Hey mark..
U not alone... i have it too...
America Estepan Castillo
Why don't they make him special glasses?
Thank god for all you got .
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