What It's Like To Be A Rando At A Party

What It's Like To Be A Rando At A Party With Chris Reinacher
What It's Like To Be A Rando At A Party
party lol jeremy cake
Published on 10/20/2017
What It's Like To Be A Rando At A Party
With Chris Reinacher


"...Anyway, I'll let you poop,"
"Here's a sandwich to show how much we care...."
"We got toilet paper in there, use it" damn. If I had a nickel.....
As an introvert, I would die in this situation.
I was hoping that was the Jeremy cake
"and you are!? and you are!? God you're the worst" LOL.. I've done this countless times..
Joshua Gray Theru Ross Adon Martin Andrew El Niño Ray Stein
Rafael Sanchez Omar Ruvalcaba
Leah Gia this must be right after the grocery store one, because they have the Jeremy cake
The happy birthday Jeremy cake is everything. #wearenotjeremy #notwiththatattitude
That's why I don't go to people's party's that I don't know...too awkward, would rather sit at home and play halo, which I am currently doing
hahaha "it just sprouted legs and walked out of the refrigerator??" sounds like me lmfao
Brittany "hey Brittany !" Oh great who th is this guys, "heyyyyy dUde" lmfao. #OnPoint
Micole Johnson The Jeremy cake from when they were high in the store XD
Omg Jordan Lily, this is how I felt at Gretschens party.
Carr this is us at julians party
Morghan Roberts Jordan Roberts Celia Rice Brianna Larkin Bailey Shoenberger
Bree Adams "anyway...ill let you poop"
Mariana Garcia
Ness Gioia
Austin Luppowitz
Daniella Damiana Signorile
Nicole Spinelli Milton Manuel Mendoza
That time we went to that party in Florida Keturah Harris Coronado
Ella Clarke us in uni so much
XD lol this video. . make me wonder f everyone high or drunk.
Jenny Ja !!!
Yussef Aygül Kassi
Becky Sarabia
IPA of course xD
Emmy Austin us sober
Harold Gubac 😋👌
Eduardo Segura
Tasha Nicole
"This is my hell..."
Brady Tennis lol
What It's Like To Type Like An Idiot And Capitalise Every Single Letter In A Sentence. Or Does This Not Count Because It's A Title.
Ella Rose Smith Haneen Shatry This is us everyday!
I honestly felt awkward watching that lol
Aimee Marie Jurovic this is us.
Mikeal Hemphill
Leanne Check oh my goodness
Hillary York
Rammy Assi
Ashlynn Manson
Lmao!! Monica Williamson
Payne Elliott quinta was funny

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