What It's Like To Be A New Couple At A Party

What It's Like To Be A New Couple At A Party With Chris Reinacher
What It's Like To Be A New Couple At A Party
Published on 12/11/2017
What It's Like To Be A New Couple At A Party
With Chris Reinacher


Buzzfeed...is awesome...
Ernie Guerrero the first time you guys fart around each other, it's magical! 😂😂
Althea I remember that magical moment when you farted in front of me. And dealing with all of those guy friends of yours smh
Akilah Déja
I am the black girl 25 seconds in lmao Kara June Cera Smart
Pulak Kapali LOL la noir hahahahahah
Helga Løne Mølster
Devaney Cruz
Jo Maysonet
Bawahahahaha Kyle Adams
Sam Martinez this how I felt when I met your friends for the first time lmao 😰
Ashmanie ScarlettTerence Mcvz Tirtoastro HAAHAHA WOW
Ali Dela Cruz Biglarbigi
Eliseo Mosso
Brittany Roberts Missionary'Jay Rhames Toya Shanell lol that that's Britt at 28 seconds
Bee Kall lmfao u r the black girl
Tino Kelli Steph Schwartz Alexandra Acquavito
Sammy Z Jay Knee 00:28, everytime.ev-a-rytime
Christine Stevens Alexandria Stevens
Ellie Madigan Lily Clatworthy
Chalee girl 25 seconds in is me if you ever bring a guy home
Julie Ferguson Ariel Temple Danielle Delagrange Kelsey Smoot LOOK THERE IS ME IN VIDEO FORM...black market heheeh!
Laurel Renae the black lady is definitely Ambrosia Echols
Omg Alexis Hope Taris Payton listen to the beginning with introductions! I found this amazing and hilarious
Isa Lopez you! I swear that what the black chick told the boyfriend is the sane thing I told your new bf. I swear this was the first time I ever did that I mean it! You remind him too!
Farhan Rashid Jamie-Lee Bird
Marisa Roxann jajajajajajaajajajajjaja
Amy Keen Bea Penszki as your best friend I can promise that what happens at :25 will happen at all points in times.
Micole JohnsonCaitlin Kidd I would be the girl 25 secs in. I get defensive over you two XD
Isabella Grati Christie O'Brien Char Holliday I feel like this is what will happen to me hahahah. You guys can fight over who gets to be the most intimidating.
Marcela Irribarren we were well behaved considering the circumstances Michele didnt ask how the sex life was and I only threatened bodily harm not death
Nuram @ 00:25 hahaha but seriously... Phuong N. Huynh
Samed J Jaan Erphan Hamim Omar Fedai
Marcus Osborne this was us
Justin lol
Dead 😂 Sarahi Rincon Yessi Rincon
Angie Mora Molly Mahan Suzie Martel Jennifer Barnes Creswell Blake Beck this is hilarious.
Alex Rincon Audra Marie Rincon I would be the one to tell them "I'm gonna sale you bones on the black market" lol
Jonathan kinda how I felt when I first met your friends at that party at some point. Lol.
Ronnie Alexis
Kayla Kelley Jessenia Rodriguez Hahahahaha dying
Allie Miranda Morgan Zain Alsein omfg died with the black chick at 25. second mark haha
Andrew Hunter
Gail Cohen - the first time you fart in front of me!!!
Antonio Zala
I would have said I will cut your balls off and feed them to you if hurt my friend . Just saying but I am really not violet or crazy . lmao :-) :-)
Bradley Kicinski
Sheridan Gow its you at 30 secs
the awkward made me leave before it was over.... It hurts
Jacob Nye

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