What It’s Like Reporting In Ferguson

What It’s Like Reporting In Ferguson
What It’s Like Reporting In Ferguson
Published on 10/22/2017
What It’s Like Reporting In Ferguson


I understand a protest. But to mash and loot stores then this is not justice. The only thing the ones who are doing this is hurting the people who work and live there. Protest demand justice. From what I am understanding the people who are doing this actually do not even live in the place. People will remember this not that the kid was shot.
The media is half the problem in Ferguson.
I support the police in this 100%
I'm just going to go ahead and say it... There wouldn't be a protest if it was a black cop who shot that guy. Seems to me like the black community is the first to pull the race card
and I find it nothing but distasteful.
The looters and protesters are 2 completely different groups, dont lump the 2 together. Everyday the protesters where saying to keep the peace and 2 stop the looting. The others were just there 2 cause trouble (people came from out of state!).... it sad when people decided 2 take advantage of a situation and take the spot light from the real issue.
This "reporting" sure seems to be one sided and fails to cover ANY of the reasons the police are doing those things. Buzzfeed is just like any other media site these days, biased. Where's the videos of the "protesters" breaking into buildings and antagonizing the situation. If you're going to "report" on something, try to do so correctly.
So, what will happen if the police just up and leave?
For the record- the night that they started using tear gas three hours before curfew for "no reason" was actually because a protestor had shot another protestor and the police were intervening to save a mans life and stop another one from harming anybody else.
But good try.
did the looters warn the store owners before they broke their windows and stole things and then lit fires in the bldg? didnt think so. What a bunch of idiots, You want to make a strong community so when u "peacefully" protest you break into your community stores and steal what they worked hard for.......
The only reason this escalated was because the media blew it out of proportion like usual. Did they report the injuries the officer received? Did they show recent pics of Mr Brown holding firearms and throwing up gang signs like the thug he was? No. Fact is everyone judged right away thinking he was an innocent little teenager. Not some 6'5 300lb gang banger that in reality he was. Just watch him Rob the store and assault the clerk just prior to the event. Also his little friend that reported that he did nothing. Had warrants for a couple thefts as well as giving false information to officers. So you can trust him now right? Especially when he assisted with the robbery. You people are so naive. The only reason race should be brought up is the straight disrespect of everyone that looted and destroyed shit for their own gain. You made yourselves and fellow people look at you badly. You want respect, then act in an orderly manor like the others that protested peacefully. Fact is I don't see race. I have friends of several races. But acting like that just makes the stereotypes fly.
It's so sad that some still don't get it.. Just like during the civil rights movement. It's not about a kid that was about to start college last Monday and supposedly decided to steal 5 cigarettes, it's about the punishment that the policeman thought was appropriate for him. A punishment not given to an armed white boy that walked in a movie theater and killed 12. A punishment that some still think that this unarmed boy with his hands up deserved. A disproportionately punishment that unfortunately is still statistically too common towards African Americans and other minorities. Let's not forget to mention the ignorance and total violation of rights displayed by police officers in this particular case. This is not an attack to police officers, I know great ones that ironically happen to be white, from the south and that completely agree with my opinion and others. People enduring this are fed up and they should be. Unfortunately there are going to people taking advantage of situations like this to loot and cause chaos but that is not what the great majority is looking to accomplish there.
want the "occupation" to end, stop crowding the street and looting everyday. the police can't let an unorganized mob roam the street and control a city and as such have responded with legal authority and preparation for any circumstance that may arrive. this whole city is a powder keg ready to explode and all it would take is one deranged and hostile mentally ill person to have a new sandyhooks boston bomber like incident to happen.
you want the police to down grade their stance, then down grade your own first. more people have been killed in the crowd thru suicide by cop or gang violence then by the police themselves, yet you look at them as the enemy or the monster.
I usually don't comment on Facebook stuff, but reading the ignorance was like wow wrf. Right now there isn't much media coverage in ferguson. We have no idea if the kid actually did attack the cop because that could be a total lie to cover up what he did. No one, and I mean no one deserves to be murdered for small pity crimes like stealing or in general, and all you racist assholes need to tone it down and go home. Police are here to protect us, detain criminals,where they will be put through court and that is where their life would be judged. And when it comes to looting, fuck all of you, everyone knows if there was a protest and stores were not guarded or some shit some desperate people of any race are gonna take some shit cause that's what people do, but that doesn't excuse them, and it doesn't excuse the police for what they are doing to the friendly protestors. So please educate yourselves and look up on what is actually going on, and DONT use FOX NEWS as your source.
Go home and the police will too!! Common sense 101
This article is skewed. There is video evidence all over the place that the protesters started throwing things at the police, and the police gave PLENTY of warnings for them to stop. Yet the reporter here claims otherwise. Clearly he has an agenda. Please stop fanning the flames people.
I find it sad that almost 100% of white people commenting are on the side of the cops. The protesters are not robbing and looting stores, it's rioters that are taking advantage of what's going on that are trying to do so, and if any of you did any research you would see that many of the protesters are doing what they can to stop this looting because the police won't. What is happening right now in Ferguson is a prime example that racism is alive and well and that's a damn shame.
It's ridiculous how ignorant people can be trying to pretend like racism doesn't exist & that race wasn't a factor in this whole tragic situation! I am in no way ashamed or feel guilty of being white, but what's wrong is wrong regardless of race & no one can deny that! Justice should be served for Mike Brown!!! Not only for him and his family, but for everyone else that is getting murdered and then screwed out of justice for their unnecessary and untimely deaths. It doesn't matter how much weed he smoked, what he stole, he is still a human being and somebody's child! If he did all the stuff they say he did then there are other ways he could've been apprehended without killing him! I don't blame anyone for being tired of this same situation and protesting for what's happening all over the U.S. over and over again & nothing is being done about it! I believe the quote by Malcolm X, "by any means necessary" more than fits this situation.
If your never have had "the black experience" then how can you speak on it. If your never know how it feels to be profile, and to have to be afraid of someone that is supposed to protect. You can say it isnt a race thing. Yes blacks kill blacks, but so do whites, so do Hispanics, and so do Asians. It's about the profiling we get slapped with. A Group of 5 or more white kids can travel in packs and not be though of as trouble. If they were in turn black they would be though of as crime waiting to happen.
First off not everyone is looting. That is a select few people. Secondly to destroy businesses is to destroy "the Man". They strategically place things in black neighborhoods and we own nun of them. This is why SOME PEOPLE loot. And most of the anger isnt just about Mike Brown, its about all black people and how we have it different. I should not have to tell my son dont wear certainly colors, dont play loud music, dont travel with more that 1 friend and dont wear a hoodie. These are rules we have to give our kids to keep them safe from the people that are supose to protect them. We get profiled and stereotyped whites dont its simple. And the people of Ferguson are rising up because if we keep letting them normalize the killing of our people we would simple be opening the door for our own genocide.
Everyone got their own take on this story and all anyone ever wants to hear is confirmation bias. Wait till all the damn facts come out.
I bet most of these people doing the looting and fighting do not have a job I can bet most of them are on welfare but the police working day in and out putting their lives in jeopardy and getting shot at killed by the same people that are so called protesting, want the police to give up the job they work so hard for... people go home get some sleep and go look for a JOB and find out how hard it is to work for something and when someone takes it from you just remember this pass week of protesting you all have done. and what good it has done just to prosecute one man for doing his job.maybe not right but doing it anyhow.
I came to America in 2000 when I was 13, I had no idea what racism was, I leaned it from black kids. I live near Baltimore, black on black crime happens there almost everyday and no one cares, and why the hell is it when a black man shoots white guy no one gives a damn, but when a white man shoots a black guy it's a damn federal case ? They tried to make it a racial case with T. Martins case but sat back down on their asses when they realized George was Mexican.
There is no race card to be had at anytime. What happened was in the past and should be treated as such. Oh hey a black kid gets shot, let's throw up our first line of defence. Racism. Protest with reason, defend your rights with reason. Not ignorance. More white people are in power because more white people finish college and get degrees for what they do. They do more for themselves. Blacks are labeled as such because like you said, more of them are in prison than anyone else aside from Hispanics. I'm fucking Hispanic. Pick up textbooks instead of robbery. Finish school, maybe you wouldn't be looked down as a degenerate. Any race can be looked down on as such. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.
Dumbasses rioting and destroying the very place they live. Smdh
This post is funny never says anything about all the looting and riots that took place setting buildings on fire police are there to keep it from happing again
Most biased video ever with no facts and actual lies.
This is just another Treyvon Martin case, and another reason for these idiots to riot, loot places, beat up innocent white people and brake shit.
Ghetto ass ppl.
I blame the media for all this shit, stop reporting it...
I think if I lived there I would be staying the fuck home and not provoking the police and getting a beat down. Just saying.
Ferguson seems to have a different definition of protest. What's the definition? looting and having no sense for yourself
The entire police presence in Ferguson should leave. Let those savages kill each other.
Protest but be smart about it. Be adults don't be dumb asses making a fool out of yourselves. Fuck. Seems to me they are using this as an excuse to rob people and attack people. You want peace and equality then you better act that way. It's not a one way street.
I can't stand to see anyone pull the race card... I'd love to see all the people who hate cops live in a neighborhood without them, that's an idea... All the people that want to bash the men and women that put their lives on the line for us everyday, should be grouped up (regardless of race) and given a place to live with no laws or cops, let's see how well that would go. If you have to speak negatively about law enforcement, please save your self the time of looking ignorant and go jump off a bridge(:
Pants Up Don't Loot!!
The army and the officers should cut that town off from the rest of the world let no one in no one out and then no more news In or out about that crap and it will stop - to much news about this kind if stuff is why it is getting worse
This is non sense. Protesting because an African American was shot by a police officer. How many African American get shot or murdered every week by the hands of an African American (black on black). Yup, no protest happened right? So what about that African American police officer shot and killed a White American in Salt Lake City that happened last August 11, 2014???? Should White people protest as well, should the White people destroy local businesses????
Reposting this from one of my responses to one of the comments read here.
Ok. So he stole something. He attacked a police officer. He was a "wanna be thug". The point is he was a child, UNARMED and was surrendering with his hands up. Think about all the silly things you've done as a child. Can I also remind you if a young man who walked into a movie theatre with an arsenal of weapons, shot and killed about 12 people was it? And lived to pay for his crime.
Since some of you aren't able to get past "African Americans" always pulling the race card when they can't get their away I will tell you what the bigger picture is. Black Americans are seen as problematic way before any facts are known about them. In most cases are treated as inferior. Yes. There are many issues that need to be fixed in our community but continuing to treat blacks in general like third class citizens will not even get us close to fixing any if it.
Ps. Thank you BuzzFeed for your coverage. Please stay safe out there.
i understand that they're upset but now this isn't a peaceful protest :(
And if he didn't shoot him an just detain hi. Then what? A month of jail and he does it again? No. Stop breaki breaking the law. No excuse. Its hmm ot hard. People wont stereotype if they just stopped. Changed. And went to work. Get with the flow.
The whole "fuck the police" attitude is really uncalled for sometimes. Yes, this whole Ferguson ordeal and things related are extremely important and should be justified but that doesn't mean that the rest of us need to go cause trouble elsewhere. tbh both parties have faults
Such progress and productivity. Good going guys. lol
Elle Kay
Martin Luther King would not approve what is going on here on either side....he only participated in peaceful protests.
Looks like you dudes should keep to your taste test videos and keep your nose out of any other type of reporting!
Sarah L Kerr Laura Kerr Susan Kerr
Used to be for a for a good cause, but now since people looting/robbing I guess this is just to fill ignorant people with "false" justice
Sarah Tayna Pérez
This a ridiculous reason to steal and damage property. The protestors tried to take the law into their own hands, without giving the authorities a chance to find justice in this case. If everyone that felt like their race or family had been done wrong, looted and destroyed everything in site, what would our country come to. Is a tragic death easier to deal with if you get a free pair of shoes, tv, stereo, etc... No it just makes you look uncivilized and ignorant. I think law enforcement should leave everyone alone. When it's all over, Ferguson will be a poor pile of rubble. I tired of hearing that they want the police to leave them alone. Only so they can steal and destroy more. What they are doing will not bring him back, or help with the justice process.
Love to see the countless Caucasians speaking about these protests. What i don't love is the way they look at it. You are the ones looking at it one sided. So many black Americans and Spanish Americans are arrested for trying to live on these streets and some are even killed. The white society has the privilege of not being demoralized by the police. Now take that Opportunity and use it to see the side being beaten shot and killed every single day instead of just using it to split this country apart even more than it should be. I personally have been followed around a "rich" store because I looked differently from the other white people around me. I personally have been pulled away from a active street full of white men with suits and white women with dresses to see if i had anything that could put me in jail. I have been searched so many times without permission and i know i can't retaliate because i will just get beat up or even worst. I live in one of the most diverse cities in the world and i still get racially profiled and I'm not even African American I am Dominican and Mexican. If i were there i would use every essence of the little power i have in this country to help those protesters reach a goal of a world where The spanish and African American can live without fear of the police taking out their gun and shooting even though i have my hands up. This is how i feel about this embarrassment of races. We even have other countries telling the police to back down. This is just one big shitty mess.

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