What It's Like Loving Cartoons As An Adult

What It's Like Loving Cartoons As An Adult
What It's Like Loving Cartoons As An Adult
Published on 12/10/2017
What It's Like Loving Cartoons As An Adult


school girls and tentacles...? woah...thats not the definition of anime...
Tina is my spirit animal.
I wondered what would have happened if he had gotten to explain what hentai was.
Im 43 and my hubby doesn't understand me and anime thank god we have two
T.vs he is the apirta guy and im the comic anime syfy dr who nerd lol what a combo but it works
Anime is just Japanese cartoons. Literally exactly what it means lol. They are just more creative and have a unique art style.
It's like dumb when ppl say cartoons are for kids. When all the adult centered cartoons of America exists. Bobs burgers , Archer etc... But because of anime art style and creativity they can branch out and bring us extremely amazing and vibrant stories and there's all types of anime.
Kylee Benesh "you're so lumping funny" LOLOLOL
"Shrek is my all time favorite" you know what that means
What it's like loving cartoons as an adult? Um, it's just like enjoying any other television show. XD You tell someone you enjoy it and see if they share that sentiment.
To all the people ragging on calling anime a cartoon-- they are all animated and that is all that matters to the majority of the population. Even while living in Japan, I noticed that Japanese people would get manga and anime mixed up unless they were otaku-- just like trying to explain that comics/cartoon are not synonymous to your mom or your grandma. Stop trying to alienate other animation fans by getting butt hurt about something that regular people don't care about. For fuck's sake. :p
-- From someone who used to get butt hurt about explaining the difference to people before realizing they don't get it and they don't care
Also, uh, Bob's Burgers AND GoT on Sunday... of COURSE I'm watching both.... hello?!?
Cartoons vs Anime... Quite frankly I LOVE Anime... But be honest.. How many of you love anime and still love Adventure time, Regular Show, Spongebob, Family Guy Etc. I do. That's why you can go into places like Hot Topic or Fye and get clothing etc for all different types of characters. Just because something is aimed at a specific age group doesn't mean adults wont like it. Heck even my grandma does. If every animated or computer generated show or movie in the world had only fans of their target audience then we wouldn't have teen males calling themselves brony. So stop arguing and just share what u love to watch whether anime or not.
You know she has been watching a little too much hentai.. with the school girl and tenticles definition
Parts of this are so accurate it hurts 😭😭😭
anime is not for kids
A lot of confused people are saying "anime is better than cartoons".
Uh... anime IS cartoons, just from Japan.
What you mean to say is you prefer anime style over western style cartoons.
Love this video Buzzfeed 5 stars lol
Nathan Paul I know I've tagged you in like twenty things today and it's not even 11 but oh my god
Oh wow, why are we all debating about anime and cartoons, who cares if people gets confused between the two. I'm a huge fan of both, and that's what's great about this fb clip, it's common ground for the love of animation.
Only in America does one get ridiculed for likening cartoons as an adult....... even if you MAKE cartoons 😒 hate those closed-minded fucktards!
I just like cartoons ._.
Hey weeboo trash, anime are japanese cartoons
I figure that I didn't get to watch enough Saturday morning cartoons when I was a kid, so now I'm catching up as an adult with everything on TV with the Cartoon Network and Crunchy Roll for streaming anime. I love both of them.....and I'm 43!
I watch anime, I approve this video 👍
anime has an epic plot, how about cartoons
"No! It's nota about school girls and tentacles"
Hahaha and then you try to explain what is anime about but then you realize they will keep watching you like a weird bug no matter what you say haha
Cartoons often are better than live action. In fact, the best shows I've ever seen are almost entirely animated.
Let's be real anime is better than our shitty American cartoons XD
I want his totoro shirt.
I like them Chinese cartoons
Denzy Rowe this is Gaby. Gaby hates cartoons.
FINALLY! xD a vid I can relate too! ill find my people xP
Håmz Ằw Sohaib Khan
People getting grouchy over anime being called cartoons when they're seriously just Japanese cartoons, just better than any western cartoon. Lmao. I love anime, but I don't think it really matters.
I don't understand why people who don't watch anime think it's all porn. It would be like people who only watch anime and other cartoon type of stuff thinking that all live action shows including reality shows, is just porn. Goes to show you, don't judge until you've actually given it a chance.
Jennifer Alvarez Stephanie Andrade Stephanie Escamilla
"schoolgirls and tenacles" i oughta punch her in the face \
This is why I go to anime conventions. LOL
Robert L Mason III Johnny J Mason Zmayn Mason
Misty. Omg. Did you see bobs burgers last night? Hahahaha
Katherine Ferreira lmfao!!!!! That pie chart Asian part was funny as hell jajajajajajajajaja that accent laugh
Gil FishGil Gonzalez Ianna Christophell basically us
Megan Swacker Jessica Marie Schultz Madison Points
Jennifer "Tina is like my spirit animal" 😂
Drey Da Emmage Michael Lathan Charity Rain Eric McClendon Andrew Fisher Bryant Anderson Chris Jones Tiger Icarus Katsuné Armand Mosley Glenn Husband
Ace Misha me and you XD
i'm so blessed to have cartoon lovin friends. Mallory Leigh Spiegl Sam Ramirez Alan Osorio
Abby Hudson, Rebecca Brahm
Delia Andrade and Gonzalo Aguilar reminds me of you guys lol
Martin Cruz rugrats!
Epic Sara Jess BeatSatan :-)

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