What It's Like Inside The Ebola Bubble

What It's Like Inside The Ebola Bubble
What It's Like Inside The Ebola Bubble
Published on 11/19/2017
What It's Like Inside The Ebola Bubble


Horrible background song tho, takes out all the feeling of her words.
wow. You described the feeling in a way that I felt I am actually there. very heart touching .
Haha, makes you wonder why we hear NOTHING about Ebola anymore.
Love this video. There is so much going on in the world, and I feel stuck in a materialistic bubble. It made me tear up, thinking of all those families there. And how fortunate I am, that my family is safe.
My husband is there right now... :(
Looks like we are back to ebola news now, step aside police shootings
Am I the only one who had trouble paying attention to what she was saying because of the background music?
I wonder what the government were trying to distract us from when all we heard about was Ebola? Why did one day we just stop hearing about it?
I honestly thought that this was gonna be about an ebola patient that has to live in one of those big bubbles...
That video was one of the most eye-opening thing I've seen in a long time!
I just got back from building an Ebola treatment facility in Liberia. We were face to face with locals. We had few working with us as well. We fed them and gave them water. Gave them clothes and some of us gave combat boots for them to use for work. It is accurate that we did not shake hands but we did fist bump or elbow bump. The local populous are are hard working people with high spirits and smiles.
The point about not being able to touch being a loss of a skill really resonates. Never considered how vital it is and how often I have utilised it pastorally.
The kindest thing that you can do you for yourself is a tiny ordinary kindness for someone else?? All this giving isn't being generous??
What does that even f***ing mean? Trying to sound deep and insightful but it just fails. Emotional video but very misleading. But I guess uninformed people will just settle for the emotion.
Another misleading video by buzzfeed.
I can't help but feel the music ruins this video
Ebola is a cover up
It is good to find a cure the Ebola or any other disease , but in Syria we have disease that killed more than 250000 Humans Kids Woman and men named Bashar Al Assad , and really only few People Bother to care about .. so much for humanity .....!!!?
Some of you people need to stop making jokes about this terrible deadly disease.
This virus has been around since the 1970s; with cases all over the globe. It then ended up settling in Africa and making it a "hot zone" and not ALL of Africa is infected, just small pockets.
It's outlandish that people don't know more about this virus, that's killed millions of people.
It's Ludicrous that people that don't know anything about it, think it's a joke, a distraction tactic, or a lie.
Educate yourselves people, before saying disgusting things about it over the Internet.
... I Watch This Cause I thought About the "Bubble" thing,,
Ebola should get Ebola and die.
They stopped talkin about it in the U.S.
Ryan Ferguson Ryan Ghb DinsmoreAlex Smd Spence Casey Magowan
Please do more news- related videos like this. Very well done
Got first chance to comment but did not know what to say :P
:o Vicky Dieu Vivian Diep
Saddest video I've watched in Buzz feed. Yet the most touching. :")
Sarah Grant Tegan Lewien
I thought it was informative from a side I had not already heard.
Yes we need a cure but till then, a little human kindnesss does help. Plus, this was about a journalist, not the CDC .
The background music could be softened but I thought it gave us a glimpse of what the people were like before dealing with this disease. Upbeat, happy and friendly.
World health organization. Stay up tuned to the world around us, just becaue it's not all over the news doesn't mean everything has come to a stand still. Knowledge is power
The red cross spread the disease in Africa. It didn't work and now it's vanished.
……well then
I was kind of hoping for more than that short video... You peaked my interest but I'm still waiting for more of that video.
Working in the medical field.
I thank you BuzzFeed for a beautiful video.
Thanks Sophie Ma. Very interesting
Alyssa Miller
The whole video I wasn't even listening because I was trying to wait for the moment she was about to scat
John Carey
El Oh El u hear tht?
Hard to imagine people with Ebola...
Juandre Swanepoel
OManuel Martinez
Sophie Peters.
Gino Giovagnoli idk if this helps but I know this is your topic
Mariam Diab made me think of you because it seems like something you'd like to watch :)
Amber Bree Conaghan
Nik Afifah , semoga dapat membantu dalam public speaking kau . Heee
Mikhaila Joseph

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