What It's Like Being The Only Black Friend

What It's Like Being The Only Black Friend
What It's Like Being The Only Black Friend
friend lol future option
Published on 10/21/2017
What It's Like Being The Only Black Friend


The future. Limited options for me in the past LMFAOOO
Unless you're a white heterosexual male, the 1950's would be a terrible time to go back to for anyone.
I don't care what the videos are about, as long as we have more Quinta B in them!
Ha #blackpeopleproblems always needing the flash in the club!
They need to do what's it like being the only white friend. Trust me, sometimes it's awkward.
That's right black people can only time travel forward...we hope things will be better in the future. These videos are hilarious!
Annliz Maina lmaooooo the part where a dope ass song comes and nobody knows it but you.... that has happened to me sooooo many times lmaoo
I rather enjoy it. I'm also the only black female in the tech support dept who likes video games, Kung fu and comics. I cherish that rarity as I am called lol. Almost like a unicorn 😝 jk. But it's still fun being the token in a playful racist way. What I don't like is when people tell me I'm trying to be white. 😞
On vacation, I got tired of having the SO GOOD moment at karaoke, so I went back to my room and learned the damn song
Next night... #NailedIt
Lol! My white friends always get me to do "white ppl stuff" which are often dangerous... I never learn my lesson 😂😩😩
Lol my white girlfriends always surprise me though. I throw on a Kendrick Lamar song from his mixtape, wondering if it's too vulgar, they get hella hyped and spit out the rhymes while I'm looking dumbfounded.
Welcome to my world, I have african family memebers that are so dark that the flash doesnt even help at all....
All of those white people were completely racist and unaware of their privilege. If this is what its like to be the only black friend in a group of all white people, RUN (its exploitative and uncomfortable). You will always be identified as the "black friend" and viewed as their gateway into blackness, black culture, as they absolve their guilt through your presence. To them your friendship is only living/breathing proof of their liberalism/progressiveness.
What it's like being the only black friend to a bunch of really dorky white people
Would love to see a "What It Is Like Being the Only Jamaican Friend" video tho lol
Billie White Hahahaha! What else is a black friend for if not for answering all our questions about black people and culture?
Debbie "Sweeet Caroline..."
Everybody but me: "OH OH OHHH!!!!"
Me:"Why is everybody yelling? 😕"
Jaquelyn Gill I know the feeling with taking a picture
Am I the only one that finds it kinda sad that everybody thinks the only good time for black people MAY be in the future... So much for history + the many centuries before America. Hilarious video though.
You guys should do what it like to being the only white friend
This applies to most tokens not just black.
Lolll. Limited options for me in the past. Truuuuuu!!! Lol.
😂😂😂 who is fleek! That word really starting to get on my nerve
One thing I noticed about my self is I feel like this extra sense of pressure to like learn pop culture people's names and the names of music and movies and different things. &&& when someone starts talking about a white person from a movie I may be clueless and just have to nod and look it up later. But if I bring up somebody black or a movie with black actors that may have been main stream like to us like Friday. I have to downplay it as something underground when the person says they have never seen Friday. 😞
White, heterosexual rich white men would only enjoy the 1950's...
Yes! It's so true! Like everyone always wants to revisit the past and I'm just like nope id be a slave or like segregation you know bad times for me lol
I have had almost every of those scenarios happen. I grew up in the burbs next to you, how should I know?!!
That era convo happens way too often.
There are moments I forget I'm the token negro, but then someone has to bring up her time travelling fantasies for me to remember, "Oh, yeah, I'm black."
And, why oh why do white ladies want to travel back to the most racially oppressive eras are beyond my comprehension.
I sound just like Quinta most of the time.
They are thinking fashion, and I'm over hear thinking about whippings and lynchings.
Not a fun game.
The picture taking part is so true!!!Henry Zayas
Natalie Ashley Nicole Morgan Katie Katie I can relate to the picture thing soooo much hahaha 🌚
50's weren't great for women either though
oh my god. this is spot on especially them singing sweet Caroline at the end Justina Grant
LMFAOOOOO "How much should I be paying for a flex zone?"
I tell them to hit the joint and miss me with those dumb ass questions. Obviously they don't fuck with me to often. 😂😂😂😂
The picture part!!!! That's why I use my flashlight app and make y'all take the pic with your phone so I can show up in the pic! Tiffani Breeden Shelley White Alexis Taylor Logan Springer Catelin Baker Love you white girls!
Lol lashuna!!! How do you think we feel when we are at dancing with you and your booty!!!
Chizi Okpobiri Sergio Lucatony Afonso Miala D'onne Lockett Nando Lugo Juan Caraveo Omar Hernandez Chris Huynh Travis Walker
LAWLLLL Jasmine Vaughn Koryn Frye-Fuentes Alec Tiffany Mariah Phelps
The future!! I had limited option in the past
Claudia Sullivan Hannah Klose Sarah Gordon Molly Fromont
Abubakar Boma Imogen
Omg Annie Joachim @ 1:13 is exactly like on my birthday yrs ago n we went to i think TJs n they played like Don't stop believin n u me n Monica Bara we're in the corner just like wtf is happening lmao
Courtney Brown Lucy Stafford Brooke Lacey Tracy 'Beattie Maddy Schick Jill Smales Kiera McGuirk Jana Henderson
truth 😂😩 Emma Kijagulu Zion Lulseged Ardenne Keys Caitlin Mifsud
Jose Guerra Xavier Avila Manny Tejada Eduardo Gutierrez Galindo Raul Zarate
Keli Maria Sarah
Austin Sharp Quinlan Grassby Ricky Cote Colin Marschall Phebe Teague Francesca McGibbon Julia Sottile Braylen Mcdougall Chloe Hudson Kane Smee Jake O'Flaherty
Cypress Smith Carol Alfonso Mariana Perez Jada Gibson
Lololol Jonni Georgantis Conor Daly Stefan Simic Robbie Porras Zamora Oli McFarlane Chris Economou Luke Enright Damon Ekanayake
Gabriel Billie Toney Jones hahahahahaha 😂
Dustin Pottorff " the future limited options in the past " 😂😂😂😂

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