What It’s Like At The World’s Largest Corgi Gathering

What It’s Like At The World’s Largest Corgi Gathering
What It’s Like At The World’s Largest Corgi Gathering
Published on 10/23/2017
What It’s Like At The World’s Largest Corgi Gathering


lol imagine if you take home the wrong dog
Katy Perry lady is doing it right
Imagine if you lost your corgi here:
"Ma'am what does he look like?"
"Well he's kind of long, light brown and white, cute pointed ears, and has short little legs."
*looks around and sees thousands of described dog*
And now i want a Corgi. Thanks a lot buzzfeed
This is like BuzzFeed heaven
Wish there was a corgi meet like this in the UK. I'm in Scotland and when they see Bru, my 7 month old Welsh cardigan long tailed corgi, people often remark they've never seen a real life corgi. I'd love for him to mix with other corgis
I loved this! Now we need one for dachshunds!
I had an insane amount of fun with my Corgi, it was my first time going and definitely not my last! <3
would be nice to have something like this but with different breeds, there are a lot of dogs that need some lovin' not just Corgis, either way it's beautiful to see all this people getting together for a good cause :)
Corgi ngập mặt lun a ơi! 😍😍😍😍
They need a boxer beach day!
Damn all I have is a spoiled pug!!!
I love this so much. I can't wait! the Portland Oregon Corgi meet-up group is holding a beach day in July. It won't be anything near 634 corgis but it will still be glorious!
I want one along with a dachshund maybe I just like dogs with a certain look
Alyssa we need this for pugs. Clear your calendar August 15th so you can go with me to the Festival of Pugs at the Boone County fairgrounds!
Thats kinda stupid to only rescue one kind of dog breed. So if I know a german shepard or english matiff in distress, they cant help me out just cus of the breed?
God damn I love Corgis so much.
Corgis are very cute dogs but it looks like there legs got cut off by a weed wacker
I would probably loose my my corgi (if I had one).
OMG!!!! I want to go!!!!!!
THERE WAS A CORGI ADOPTION THING?! 😭😭😭😭 I want another corgi, I miss having the good company of one! I'd adopt ALL the corgis ❤️❤️❤️
me <3
I approve. Can we have a snow equivalent for Samoyeds?
so adorable!!!!!
Baby D 😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭
I really love my two corgies
Omg dying!!!!! We need that orange shirt that girl was wearing !!
there needs to be a winter retreat for huskies
Corgi: the short Akita.
Happy Faces
Is that Heaven?
I freakin love corgis!! So darn cute!!! 😍😍😍
I waaaannnntttt one
"We were there for 3 hours and after a hour she was DONE" 😂
Lmaoo the things people come up with and make money off are crazy.
I want to girlfriend the woman with the piercings and the cap.
Corgis are my favorite small breed dogs!!! One day I will finally get one.
So cool! Love my 5 corgis!!!!
Anyone in the Dallas area wanna do a meet up? xD
I thought those were underwear on their heads lol am I wrong for that!?
They need a Beagles beach day>●<
It's a great dog
Simon lane
I didn't get to go to last weekends get together! I wanted to so bad!!!
Kelly McLemore is my hero
love corgis

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