What If Cars Disappeared?

What If Cars Disappeared?
What If Cars Disappeared?
Published on 10/21/2017
What If Cars Disappeared?


I love how the video blames "car deaths" on the cars, not on the drivers that control them.
Anyone here thinks normal people is smarter and better than our government?? o_O
You forgot the obesity rate would fall! Because obviously people would have to walk more.
Good luck getting to the hospital quickly without a car.
Possibly the most over simplified video in the world. Even the jobs created through more infrastructure wouldn't account for the loss of car manufacturers, mechanics, shipping, service stations,advertising firms just to name a few. The video doesn't address that every dollar saved by the end user is lost down the line costing a job.
A world without cars = disaster.
A world with only green cars = resolution.
This video is stupid
That'd be great and all, but try living in a rural area without a car, where the nearest legitimate "town" is 10 miles away. Good luck!
I'm sorry . . .you all that clicked like can go walk . . .I love my cars and love racing and drifting . . .soooo yeah. I'll take your cars if you don't want them.
I live in Alaska.....no one wants to wait in negative weather in feet of snow for a bus. Just saying. The closest town is all highway and like a 20 min drive. Not to mention the amount of land "trees flowers and shade" would be knocked down to make more room for these public transports
"People in LA might be able to see the beach. Might."
Lets see. I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere and it takes me 30 minutes to drive to work (according to Google Maps), and there is no public transportation (nor would I want any near my house. It's kind of the point of living in the country). According to Google Maps it would take me a little over 10 hours to walk to work. Figuring in a few stops for resting (cause who's gonna want to walk to work 10 hours straight every day just to stand on their feet for 6 more) I would guess it would take me about 12 hours to get to work each day (a few less with a bike). Taking into account that I have to be at work at 5:30am (on a normal day), I should leave my house around 5:30pm the night before (5:00pm to be safe). If I then work until 11:30am, then I could make it home by roughly 11:30pm. I have now missed my chance to leave for the next work shift as well as any chance to an ounce of sleep. I have now been given the option by my boss to find a way to be on time EVERY day, or lose my job. I then become homeless because I have to live close to work (but don't make enough to rent a place close), and the police put me in jail for loitering. I then miss work because my parents cannot post bail because we are officially broke from my dad losing his mechanic job (and there not being public transportation near us to provide a job in his field), and my mom not physically able to walk the 10 hours to her own job. I have now lost my job and because no one in my house is employed we cannot make our house payments, feed our many animals, care to our small orchard, or afford food. We become homeless for a small amount of time before we watch our beloved family dog die of starvation, followed by our horse, chickens, and cats. I no longer am able to afford college to break the family rut, and slowly we all die huddled together without even a car to keep us warm on a below subzero Kansas day.
What about ambulances and the police... They save lives as well.
Really its just like population control with all the people killed in accidents etc imagine a world without cars instead of fight for oil the fight would most likely be for food water etc to stay alive
I wonder how many lives are saved via vehicles... Fire trucks, ambulance, police cruises....
Plot twist she drives a car home after shooting this video
Beyoncé has no talent and is ugly as hell
Yea, in the city that's fine... but in the country it would take hours to ride your bike to work
Soooo ummmm what about all the jobs lost that are created by cars... Such as manufacturing, engineering, service shops,body work and detailing, dealerships, Etc ... Also if public transportation was the only method of transportation then you wouldn't save money on that cause then you would just create a monopoly and they would probably charge ridiculous amounts of money... Also we use oil for way more things then just powering vehicles...
I guess you guys dont see the big picture or think outside the box. Everything would be same Police will have there cars, ambulance will still be around. Big picture is get rid of much cars and use Transportation buses, trains to get places its cheaper then putting 4dollars galon of gas in the car. Because I got to say its fucking ridiculous that on every house member theres about 6 to 8 cars and that really suck clogs the street with cars , cant have fun outside anymore cause cars are passing by every 2 min. Its to much fucking cars in the US. I dont why a family of 3 in a house would need 5 fucking cars or even a family of 4. Thats what the message about get rid of your extra cars and start using buses or the train there faster no traffic in train. And maybe just maybe the gas will lower the price and be back to whay it was just maybe..
Fuck you, I love my car and independence of being out on the road. Damn hippies
Are people really this dumb??? Fine walk your happy car free but, up to the store to do your grocery shopping, and Wal-Mart for shoes and cloths, the bike to the mall to hang out with friend... oh ya walk to the post office to get your mail, they stopped delivering there are no cars.. oh ya UPS only had trucks are those considered cars too?? If they are then never mind going to the store, they are out of everything... hey if your cable goes out or an appliance breaks better learn how to fix it yourself.. no cars or trucks for the repairman to come over.. and if you have a problem waiting from 2-4 for yhe repair man imagine how long it would take if he had to take public transportation?? Have them ride a bike, with all there tools??..... who ever put this together is on crack...
Public transportation still produces emissions and in some cases more than cars.. This video seems a bit one-sided
Cars don't kill people 'Stupid' kills people!!! Its care less people who do before they think!! Who drive drunk, or are fixated on something else while behind the wheel!!!
We all would be skinny...???
Without a car, I'd have to ride a bike 30 miles a day from home to my job and back
"Use public transportation"...that's still driving and still an automotive. Is this supposed to be a "POVs need to disappear" video? This is completely unrealistic in our society and many societies world wide.
The amount of money needed to spend on new infrastructure would be, at least at this point in time, cost prohibitive.
you guys are omitting the benefits there are to having cars. More lives are saved from an automobile transportation than a car accident. How? accident at homes where someone is going through cardiac arrest. perhaps a bank is being held hostage at gunpoint by a robber determined to escape. the 3 digit response team saves those lives and those lives saved add up to be more saved than lost in car accidents. yes environmentally speaking, automobiles are gradually asphyxiating Mother Earth from the high emission of carbon dioxide but presently speaking, there are still more benefits of having automobiles than completely eradicating them from earth. think about it, you can come up with may others.
That was stupid
How we going to build and develop without cars, trucks, and semi. And thinning out the population is a good thing
those people would of died some other way. We are over populating anyways.
Beautiful , I love it , Now we need 1.5 billion people I think watch this video and get convinced so they stop using cars it is almost impossible because we are too late to do this but very good idea though
Calm dafuq down, cars are really bad for the environment is the point, we do need them for certain things but not to go right down the damn road like a lazy ass
Everyone would lose weight
Kelvin but then there would be no more races D:
This video is ridiculous. The jobless people all attaining jobs magically in public transportation is absurd. The automotive industry employs so many people and drives so many other businesses. Plus this would only cause a price hike public transportation tickets so good luck with that saving of money.
Amazingly ignorant video really advocating mass death. There would be rampant starvation and malnourishment since food distribution is dependent on motor vehicles. Hundreds of thousands of deaths from failure to get prompt medical service. Mass unemployment and businesses folding. Irresponsible nonsense.
Dumbest video ever.
Let's start with oil is needed to make plastic and rubber. Big companies make up most the pollution ei trucks planes and factories. Wars would still be fought over oil and if not oil other minerals and land. Do you have any idea how much oil it would take to make that many ipads? Or how much pollution it would cause to gather the resources and build them? Now lets talk about everyone who works at a gas station. There goes millions of more jobs. tow trucks, repo, car salesman, factories that build and design cars. Millions of more jobs. We would hust give up one evil for another. If we only had public transportation what would the government or state charge and increase what taxes to make up for that lost revenue? This video was made by a group of air heads. How abour you make a video about switching to green energy like wind turbines and solar panels. That makes much more sense.
Car enthusiasts and gear heads like myself would be doomed.
stupid tree huggers. whats next take guns away and expect criminals to obey the laws too
Ill take "poorly thought out and badly researched concept" for $500 please.
Lets ignore the job loss from the parts manufacturers, small components manufacturers, Metal and plastics manufacturers, tire manufacturers, Automotive repair shops, Automotive shops, Gas stations, Departments of Transportation.... etc etc etc.
Yep. Great idea internet.
Another DumbFeed Video made by a simple mind.
33,000 lives could've possibly been saved. But there's always good! Many lives ARE saved because vehicles can get people the attention they need.
What about emergency services?
:p Vincent Victorino
Rola Ayubi
Not only would I never give up cars I won't drive anything personally past year 2000. Guess I'm a earth killer. Go me! Lol

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