What Happens When Women Try Butt Enhancement For The First Time

What Happens When Women Try Butt Enhancement For The First Time
What Happens When Women Try Butt Enhancement For The First Time
Published on 10/17/2017
What Happens When Women Try Butt Enhancement For The First Time


No different than push-up bras or bombshell...
"It looks like my ass cheeks just got chiseled off"
I don't have time to search for my morning butt pad 😂😂😂😂
this will turn off a guy they're seeing so fast lol.
These things are ridiculous.
Want a better butt? Do some squats or if you're lazy there's always implants.
that lady with the leggings.. ehhh.. i dunno how to feel.
A shout-out to little butts!! F yeahh!!
Is the one in the teal shirt homeless? Wtf is she wearing?
I am loving all these women with natural hair you're hiring!
i love the cuban girl in the purple dress haha
I think these guys commenting read the title as "what happens when women try butt enhancement for the first time to impress men"
I like my little butt and I can't lie. :-) I agree. think so too.
Bunless hun's unite!
They had fine butts before, tf.
What happens when a guy takes you home..
.and bow chca wo wo
Then you have to take off your butt pads.. then there goes your ass..
Women be happy with your bodys and love yourself. And not be what the media whats you to be.
This makes me thankful for my ass!
"looks like I did one too many squats," hahaha Never too many squats!!
Do they make butt unhancers?? I'd like to invest lol
Omg she said "first of all my butt looks like a hexagon" 😹😹😹😹😹😹
That sad moment when even the small butt buzzfeed girls have a bigger ass than you.... lmao
I like my little butt and I can not lie...LOL, favorite line
Squats and lunges give you an ass. You're welcome.
The woman in the grey/black dress actually has a cute little butt. I think on her own it's perky and nicely toned. Probably why both options looked so weird on her cause she already has a nice ass. lolz And award for weirdest comment I've ever posted goes to... This. lolz This comment.
"It looks like I gotta take a shit. omg!" That girl was hilarious
I wear a butt enhancer sometimes strictly to help clothes fit better. When you have big hips and a tiny ass it's hard to keep your pants or skirts from sliding down, and butt enhancers really help in that aspect.
Where's the video on how to make your butt look smaller? 😂
The cuban when she had the butt thingy tho 😛
if you want a butt do some squats, oh yeah and love what youve got
One of the few times buzzfeed shows a problem I cannot relate to. Mine is the opposite. Too much butt.
I'm so glad I don't have to do worry about butt n enhancements.
the girl in the blue shirt looks homeless
like why does your outfit look like you're auditioning for a zombie movie
someone give her a full shirt that isn't ripped 😐
All I could think about this whole video is "why is the lady in the blue wearing half of a ripped shirt?"
Hahahah I like my little but and i cannot lie 👌👌👌😂😂😂😂
um no, i'm proud of my body thank you very much. all humans are beautiful ❤️
The girl in the dress made me laugh!
One of the worst possibly scenarios occurring because if body enhancers: "Goes home with guy... you drop your cloths and the first thing he asks himself is 'where did her ass go?' " I'm not skinny but I don't use body sharpers or enhancers at that. Mostly because I want everyone to know what their getting when they deal with me. I don't want, a thinner waist; that I don't have, to attract a guy. Because at the end of the day, what drew him in was the fake waist line, so I'll stick to my personality and 34 inches all around to draw confidence from. Not these lies! p.s. imagine wearing those things one day and not wearing them the next... you can't have ass on Monday and on Tuesday it's M.I.A.
Lol, I want one And make my kids laugh. Lol
Not needed here. Come on women, get real and love your body. Dislike.
I look like I have to take a shit. Classic. Lol
HAHAHA This is hilarious
Where is the club at?!
What if someone accidentally touches your butt? Would it be embarrassing when they find out its hard and stiff? Lol.
Lol shoot yall can have mines haha 😂😂😂
It'd be like getting excited to open a bag of chips just to find out it's half air.
"I like my little butt."
ho please we don't need kardashian bitch
That ugly whatever kind of blue Flintstone looking top!
I love BUTTS! -- All sorts of butts.
Almost like fingerprints, butts can be so unique from one to the next, which can add to one's personality or individualism.
BUT! (<-Ha!) What if one of these butt-"enhancer", wearing ladies starts getting really familiar with someone new, and then eventually engage in a little hanky-panky?
The new person will immediately notice the tush-hugging, strap-on, and you know he's gonna ask what's up. -- "My butt! That's what!" -- anyhow lol
What then? You've started the relationship with lies--LIES! (<-Whoa, coffee!)
I will say this, though; do what you need to do in order to build your confidence. If an ass-elevator is the way, then you go, girl! .... or boy -- you never know. ;)

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