What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret

What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret
What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret
Published on 11/19/2017
What Happens When Parents Tell Their Kids A Long-Held Secret


I thought that guy was going to say he watched porn at work and that's why he got fired...ugh I like that version better 😕
Kinda disappointed. Wheres the Juicy stuff. ..."i got fired for watching porn"...."i had sex with my ex husband while i was picking up his daughter to take to disneyland and hes your real father."............"when i gave birth to you the screw shot across the room"...."we had orgies at the disco tech"
Ijs lmao
Omg these comments are way better than the video lol!!!!
I wonder if that mom ever took her son to Disneyland? That would be so messed up if he never got to go but she took someone else every year
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Worst confessions ever
the disneyland one is priceless!!! lol.
"That was in your body..." Well you were in her body too?
Crappy secrets! My dad and I did this but his secret was that when I was about 6 and my sister was one, he dropped acid and watched us play in the plastic kiddie pool outback.....hahaha
These where the dumbest "secrets" ever. Not even secrets more like old boring stories in my opinion. Like oh no he was fired
These are crappie secrets I was thinking the one mom was still doing her ex husband that would have been a good secret
Does that mean they're equal for the Mexico trip?
Now you need to get those parents to tell their kids some long guarded secret and see their reactions!!!
secret... secert? no buzzfeed.
"No! That was inside of you"
Well, so you were at the same time so....
Son went to mexico instead of prom nd mom took ex step daughter to disney land evry year lmfaoo
my mom: you may know this already.. But, I dropped you when you were a kid. Oh, and you're adopted.
The first mom's confession was the realest....
I just turned 30 on Friday, but, within the last year, my parents inadvertently revealed the truth about something from when I was very young, like I'd totally known about it the whole time. Basically they said something to the effect of 'You remember when Judy got run over?' Judy was my cute little Siamese cat as a child, and I was told that she got out of the house and ran off. Like, my entire life, we would joke about how Judy went into heat and broke out to go whoring. We'd make up stories about the family she left us to have. I guess they just assumed that, as I got older, I caught on or something, but I hadn't. Apparently everyone else in my family (aunts & uncles) knew but me. They had a good laugh at my expense, all the while I'm laugh/crying at the ridiculousness of it all.
If this is the worst secrets they have kept then these are some decent human beings
That damn moment that your mom brings other kid to Disney Land but you never did. That's butthurt man :'(
Yeah wasn't funny or entertaining really at all. The Disneyland thing was kinda funny, almost like cheating your kid with someone else's but why wouldn't her son know about it? You'd think she'd take them both. Kudos to her on staying in the little girls life though.
These were kind of lame lol
Anyone else notice 'secret' is spelled wrong in the title?
These are long held secrets ? 😑
You got to love your parents LOL
Taking another kid to Disneyland without your son! Ultimate betrayal! Lol
That was a waste of time. None of those were really good secrets worth watching :(
How are these even bad secrets to keep from their kids?
It's more like let's tell my kid a story I forgot all about.
The Mum who took her ex-stepdaughter to Disneyland every year for her birthday and never told her son, I would not be OK with that!!
Did anyone notice that they misspelled secrets?
Loloolool his mom taking another kid to disneyland I would be soooo mad haha
i know when and exactly where i was conceived theres no secrets any more lol
Who else noticed the word "secert" instead of secret?
Whatever a Secert may be...
I bet he changed his mind mid thought
If that was me telling my Asian parents that I would have got my ass handed to me. It's in the past! Leave it there! Lol.
these are stories not secrets
These are like the dumbest goody two shoes secrets in the world.....
"I used a computer at work!"
That's like saying you stepped om a bug at recess.. lol grade a badass
Secert... Nice one, Buzzfeed! Lol
OMG I love that guys mom. She handled the prom thing really well, too. They're so cute.
I was looking for more juicy secrets, but then I remembered that this isn't Maury...😒
Those are some lame secrets 😕
Wow. These people have mothers who care about them. Wow and I thought all moms were shitty and didn't love there children..THANKS MOTHER.
Laaaame! I was expecting secretes like skeletons in the closet
There probably were a LOT of confessions....just not being told...would be so many arguments! lmao!
These are stupid secrets.
Lamest secrets ever. -_-
Just saw earlier a kids version of this with the exact same people😂

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