What Happens When Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret

What Happens When Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret
What Happens When Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret
Published on 10/20/2017
What Happens When Kids Tell Their Parents A Long-Held Secret


The Mexico thing was pretty good, but I expected worse. C'mon! Let's hear the juicy stuff lol
When I was in high school I told my parents I was going to my friends house (locally) and really traveled from Ohio to North Carolina (by car) to see the guy I was dating!!! Horrible!!! Hahaha
Pay me back, I ain't paying for Mexico! lol
non of these kids couldve been black cuz mama love wouldve punched me after tellin her a secret like these
Lol if I told my mom I snuck out of the house all the time when I was in high school,she's going to whoop my ass not minding how long it's been or how grown I am.
"Dad I'm mom"
The first time I drank I got alcohol poisoning 😦 I told my parents it was bad Taco Bell lol
i dont keep secrets. i'm an open book. and my real name's fat patricia.
"Did you wear the tuxedo to the concert?" lmfao
These secrets suck. I'm sure they have something juicier to tell.
I was about to spill out the beans but then I realized I have family on FB who most likely would see my post... Lol
Finding out my kids weren't safely tucked into their beds when I thought they were would haunt my soul no matter how long it had been when I found out
Oh boy I could tell my mom some stuff.... But then I'd be taken out of the will.
Lol if indian kids told their parents secrets on camera you would see belts, shoes, and fists thrown at the kids hahhah.
the girl in the jean jacket and the mom with the black and white shirt on, ok honestly the daughter looks older than the mom....
"I sniffed smarties one. Just once." "What does that do?" "You get sugar in your nose." I thought that was the funniest part.
These "secrets" make me feel like shit lol besides the Mexico one which cost her a lot of
Money.. Like seriously.. If I told my mom I lost earrings at a party she would be like "ok..and.."
I don't think I've kept much from my mom. My dad on the other hand...😌
i love how calm his mother acted when he told her he went to mexico.
i would be scared how my mum would actually react.
Where is the I got the clap or I had an abortion? pussy ass secrets.
Why are these parents acting so surprised? Like they never did anything?!?!!
These kids are saints compared to what I could tell my mom about my high school shenanigans.
Haha how funny. I remember sneaking out of my window at night all the to go to flamingo or riverside parties and the nosey neighbor told my mom about somebody going in and out but she never believed himuntil a couple months ago i told her about it and how he wasnt lying hahaha
I paid my nanny extra cash to not mention to my parents that i went past my curfew hours.
I wanna hear my generation kids tell their parents a secret👎 Smhh
Everyone has done something that their parents would be shocked about. It happens in every generation. LOL I wanna see parents confess to some stuff!
Sometimes parents just don't want to know EVERYTHING!
Gosh these lies are small potatoes to the whoppers I'd tell my mom! Lol
They misspelled "Secret" @buzzfeed
"God I suck"
what kind of parent doesn't realize their kid runs away all the time
It's worse when parents have the long kept secrets....
If my parents knew even one of the MANY things I did....
Mom, I wrote that swear word on our red car when I was little. It wasn't actually the a-hole Buckstar kids from next door.
I never had secrets from my mom there was know reason to I was always a good kid. now the kids 2day I have know words.
I told my mom almost all my secrets when I moved out haha
The act like stuff like this never happens
They totally spelled secret wrong.
My mom woulda got out the belt lmfao. My ass would be running back to mexico!
"Well at least you weren't on the street doing crack..." 😂😂
I just told my mom today my best friend and I used to sneak out of the house all the time and her face was pretty much these parents reactions. I tell my mom secrets all the time now cause she can't do anything about it 😂😂
I remember when my oldest came to me and told me some things I did Not know about, when she was at her dads, and her dad didn't even know she did the things she told me, and I felt OMG I'm a bad parent, and her dad I wanted to beat him, because she was in his care at the time she did some unspeakable things as a teenager. Us Parents think we really know everything about our children or child when in fact we don't know everything about them at all.
Wow it's not a win to rub in your parents face in the fact they were clueless......
*Daughter tells her she used to sneak out of the house*
"I'm such a bad mom, how did I not know this?" 😂😂
Becca looks like her mom
So funny! I'm sure the parents had secrets as well. I know I do!!!!
Only white parents would react this well lol
Wish I had some cute, funny secrets....lol My mom wouldn't find anything funny about mine. 😂😂
the DAD is the coolest one..

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