What Guys Think Of Girl Names

What Guys Think Of Girl Names
What Guys Think Of Girl Names
Published on 11/24/2017
What Guys Think Of Girl Names


Yes, we will burn your shyt!! LOOOOLLLLL
Waiting for my name, and it didn't come...
omg Jade is on the list it's never anywhere.
and Im over here with my unique name like *sight*
Samantha Henry Samantha's are a princess but Sams wear baseball caps 😂
I go by Sam and by Samantha. I'm a chill princess. B)
Hi buzzfeed, I'm your boss. #bowdown
The black guy is super handsome! 😍
Kelsi Oddo alexandra is in the ballroom right now hahahahahahah im dying
I've seen this lol I'm the sweetest person and then the other guys say I'm mean unless called Jessie hahaha
im going to burn your clothes.. Shae Hampson Shannel Ryan Last Phoebe Kypreos Haylee Fenech Chloe Buchan Chloe Keed
My name first. HAHA THAT RIGHT
Lol, they said my name for the hot names category
Scott Garland Sam Devlin Cameron Smith Aaron Mark David Snowdon Andrew Vlangos Alexander Philp Blake Willis Hugh Arnold Jeremy Hardy Dane Hansen Alex Hocking Sarah-Jessica Stansbie Taylor-lyn Rose Rebecca Sidhom Emily Fenwick
This is actually so accurate it's not funny..
What are the chances!!! I love it!
Boom! First one hot names: Lexi! Thats my name! #HellzYah first one for trustworthy: my best friend Sarah! #HellzYah! We got it gurl!
I mean us Taylors are super hot
Olivia Bielak watch this; you're in it :-)
😂😂😂 Ashley Parbo Mikaela Garduno Alex Kao Alexandra Ha I guess I'm a red flag name...
Denise Villanueva hahaha. The funniest part is that my second name is Margaret. Hahahaha
hahahaha got to watch this Sarah, Samantha, Jess, Rebekah, Nicole, Jade, Jade, Sacha, Taylor, Lauren.
Sarah Samantha Samantha Olivia Olivia Alexis Emma Tayla Tayla
Emma Pearl S Taylor Vallee Sara Miller Brown Sarah Gulian Samantha Bradley Becky Jo Long Olivia Koronko Olivia Stockton Alexandra Leong
@caraleigh hahahahaha this is hilarious!
Nikki Dion Sarah Dion all of our names were in this lol basiccccc!! geek don't go burning peoples clothes in the front yard!
Emma, Taylor, I heard both of your names on here and I thought this was funny! :)
you're the boss haha :D Maria
Sasha Chernik haha check out what they think of both your names
Taylor Prather watch it all. This is pretty funny for some reasons I won't mention on fb haha.
As a Niki I can attest to the fact that someone's shit might have been burned before.... funnier still my little sister's name is Bianca, and we all call her B. LOL love you B😘💜
On behalf of all Sasha's everywhere thnk u for getting hyped for our name lol..we haven't had much notice until beyonces sasha fierce lmao
Haha! The hot names are really funny considering the people Ik with those names are not attractive at all 😂😂😂 but that's just cause one Nicole and one Taylor fucked it up for everyone! And of course my name wouldn't be put into the this
Jessica is mean!!!!! Haha yesss
Nikki Proud Mummy Jess Montagnese Jess Bailey Jessica Young Emma-jane Day Emma Kelly
Brittany Ahern Jackie Kuhl Emma Roberts Alexandra Brady Taylor Lee Emily Laycock Jess Borthistle
Nicole Jessica Jessica Jessica Alexandra Alexandra Taylor
Omg too funny just saw this 😂 @
Both of my names are in there! Chris Guinn III Latrice Guinn thanks guys for giving me the best described names in the video! (And they named them back to back) lol... And if we want to get technical "Gwen" is also in there. Lol
Bianca Topete hahaha "red flag" names :p
Why did they pick like all stereotypical white girl names? 😂
Tayler Raynell haha what they say about you 😉
Hahaha you hear that ! You're bb girl is a smart powerhouse of a girl ;) Brianda Traylor
Grant Schober wait till they say "Hot names"
Taylor Massmann hey good news for you! Haha
Akhil Sharma OMG show herrrrr thanks
That moment when you don't have a traditional name, so you're never mentioned in anything like this...😔
Hahah i didnt actually listen to what they said i just got really excited when i heard our names haha Sarah Vaile
Hahaha that's so funny.
Lmbo! Bianca... "Cause you know what her friends call her... B!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂 it's the emphasis on the B that's so funny..
"Rebeccas are in charge of Becky cause Becky's drunk" Too funny cause I'm Becca and the drunk one! haha Taylor Nicole White (and btw you're gorgeous so yeah :D )

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