What Are The Sexual Bases?

What Are The Sexual Bases?
What Are The Sexual Bases?
Published on 10/22/2017
What Are The Sexual Bases?


"meeting the parents"
CupCaking LOL
"thats breatseses"
The guy in red is probably very proud of this video
1. Kissing 2. Above the belt 3. Below the belt. 4. The whole shebang (hehehe get it?)
Am i the only one who saw the guy in the red shirt keep pinching his nips?
man i want some cupcakes now.
Did he say and I like to play with everybody? 😂👍 thumbs up hahah
Those answers are killing me hahah deep penetration lmao haha
dont click edidted
meeting the parents :'D :'D
The bases are consent, consent, consent, and consent
1st base: Kissing/Making out
2nd base: Handsy. Feeling private areas such as crotch area/ boobs.
3rd base: Oral
Home: Sex
I thought this was common knowledge O.O
The four bases and/or the four Fs
Base 1-French (as in french kissing)
Base 2-Feel (Touching breasts/butt, touching erogenous zones)
Base 3-Finger (pretty self explanatory)
Base 4-Fuck (doing the do/frick frack/sex)
Anyone else see the guy in the red shirt pinch his nipple? Lol playing with everybody= self.
1kiss 2finger/touch 3suck 4fuck
It's not difficult to understand lol
The guy in red a straight Savage yo 😂😂😂😈
I'm sorry, but did that ninja just use affinity correctly? I am not gay, but swoon, right?
WIll he play with me? or nah? lol
Couldn't have picked a better reporter for this topic 👌
Wow. ORAL at 2nd base?
It's how you play the game 😹😹😹😹
The dudes put every base into more detail than the girls did. 😂
First base: Kissing/holding hands
Second base: Touching under clothes
Third base: Oral sex
Home run: yuuuuuuuup. ;)
Haha meeting the parents isn't even in the play!
1. French (Making out)
2. Feel (Getting handsy)
3. Finger (or hand)
Home: Fuck.
Holding hands and meeting the parents. She's a class act. 👍👏
Honestly, many women I know have penetration sex with someone before oral sex with that someone.
Guy in the red shirt grabs his nipple whiles he's talking.., can't unsee.
Breastisis!!! 😂😂😂
I literally loled at breasteses
Did that guy just pinch his own nipple? 1:20
I've always gone with the 4 F's from Looking for Alaska- french, feel, finger, fuck.
1:19 the guy pinches his nipple lmao
1st base: kissing
2nd: touching areas
3rd: oral
4th: 🍩🍆
but d black dude was all up in it like he was in d zone.wtf.
The black guy in the red shirt was my favorite he was hella funny
I like when the black dude in the red shirt pinches his own nipple when he starts talking about oral sex.
That's breasteses. 😩😭😂
Did that guy in red pinch his nipple at 1:19? Yep. Yes he did. Okay. Continue.
I love how people keep saying what they think the bases are like its gospel.. except they're all different. lol Seems we can't agree on third base.
- هل تعلم ..........
1-عندما صنعت الكاميرا كان عليك الجلوس 8 ساعات متواصلة حتى تتمكن الكاميرا من تصويرك ، لذلك تجد الناس في الصور القديمة عابسي الوجه !
2-قبل النوم لابد من نفض الفراش ، لأن هناك حشرات صغيرة لا ترى بالعين توجد على فراش النوم !
3-العسل الأصلي هوه العلاج الوحيد لفيروس الكبد 2
4-النمل الأحمر يرحل من منزلك عندما تسأله بربه ان يرحل
4-هل تعلم ان تناول كوب من الماء البارد صباحاً ينشط وظائف الكبد
5-إيطاليا وجهت تهمة الى 6 علماء بالقتل الخطأ حيث انهم لم يقوموا بتوقع زلزال قتل 309 شخص !
6-الثعابين لاتقترب من اماكن تواجد البترول
لو أول مره تعرف هذه المعلومات إنضم إلى صفحتنا لمعرفة المزيد من المعلومات فقط ضع الماوس على اسمى واضغط اعجبنى وسيصلك كل جديدنا
"It's not whether you win or lose its how you play the game" hahaha someone marry him
Lmaooo oh girl said second base was oral. Damn! She's ready!
the hand movements when he said "the nipples, u know, the heavy touching" xD
Don't compare sex to baseball, compare sex to pizza.
Why is oral before penetration? Oral comes way after, I thought?
French, Feel, Finger, and well you know the other one lol

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