What a first touch from Keane!

What a first touch from Keane!
What a first touch from Keane!
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Published on 11/24/2017
What a first touch from Keane!


What a pass
The touch name is Dennis Bergkamp Touch of God.
Jacob! Now that's a Mcgladdery touch right there!!!
Not a sentence you'd usually read, say or think James Fayle Pat Keane
What the fuck is the keeper doing though... Made it look better than it was
Rosie what a fucken touch my god
Dallas saw this live on tv :3
(gerrards debut)
Nils Mo sieht aus wie bei mir oder ?
Amanweil who Gerrard is assisting next season
Doesn't matter, America are CONCACAF Champions.
Chrs Pinche Lalo.
Francisco Ulloa como Deus cuando la baje de un saque tuyo en el showbol
Pass from Gerard
Fernando the one i told u about
Touch of a priest
Stuart Close LA only play long ball. You're going to have to get used to this.
Rajko Lekic som at se dig psyko siger bomberen
Travis Parry because he wears his socks like a boss
He treats that ball far better than Mayweather treats his wife
James Manning
Ken abuse!!!
Connect Crew Christopher - Remember i scored a goal exactly like this in the trails ?
Sean Mullen just a normal training session
Washen maletas, tomen nota, así como los que meto yo. . Jason, Javier, Hugo.
Gurwinder Singh Nek Nek Nek Nek lewellllll
Nicolas Francisco le contrôle 😱😱😭😭 juste monstrueux !!!
Ardian Sinani ich het de chip probiert
Besfort Shala this is drake touch
Shaun Vallance that was the goal i was talkin about
Daniel Thurley gluuuuuuu
Mark Gobbey he's lucky his hammy still works
Stan de Bruijn die aanname ongelooflijk
Did he scream KEANE? 😂
장성호 로비킨?
Youri Gros Dit kunnen wij beter tog
Adem Santos legendary control!!
Jaafer Salman شوف شلون سكنها خرب ببليسة
David Kotrc how's the touch
netmana @robie keane f real Phénoméne Miringui Mahmoud Seyf
Alessandro Coco First Touch 😂😂
Ali Saganci touch!!
Aditya Sharma that touch 😍
Murat Aktas Emre Celen magic touch
Paolo Lucchesi Nani Barbosa
Alex Pueyo Mata
'Deal with it' Ryan Thurley Liam Heffernan Adam Lapolla Kieran Siedler Matthew Luttrell
Gabriel Flores Castillo Alex Marzano Lachlan Formosa Joshua Nargar Justin Kleyn James Tsardakidis Jai Singh Calum Geerin hows your touch ?
Matan BittÖn Jeniya Goihman Lior Tifart Shlomi Ohana Grisha Tetelman Daniel Yermiyahu-levy Inon Shevach
Nedim Filan Dalibor Borilovic Andy Derungs Thomi Derungs Marc Staubli Luis Machado
Rohan Gordon Avishai Brown this is how we need to play
Eric Boz
Naz Bahri
Megan Lee
Caitlin Rose
This is me when i used to play

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