Well that was cool

Well that was cool
Well that was cool
Published on 10/20/2017
Well that was cool


There has never been a more epic stunt pulled in the history of gta O_O
I used to love reading comments, but then all I see now are names of people I don't know.
didnt know the jets in GTA5 could hover like that
i like the ending
That other guy's face be like
No credit to the content creator?
I like how it has all battlefield written all over it and has the theme too, regardless awesome :D
Nothing compared to what gets done in Battlefield Kappa**
BF3 theme on GTA V
Redkeymon, thanks to KSI.
chuck norris is that you
was it planned, probably. who cares that shit was awesome
That was okay.
Holy shit :O
Smells stages with Battlefield music. lol
this stunt is all over the internet
definately not set up........
better than bruce willis
Why btf 4 music ?
"Bro, that's not how you use the jet. Here, let me."
Would have been even more epic if there was a tank and multiple people shooting at him while on the motorcycle, and when he hijacks the jet he then turns around and destroys them. But this was pretty sweet!
Using BF3 music.nlel
Lol the ending
did it stop in mid air while he was hijacking
mucha tele
GTA stunts > real life stunts..
if you pay close attention you can clearly see this was set up
WIll always love the BF3 theme, shit is so cash
Needs more lens flare.
that ending lol! :D
the ending is suck!!!!!
:O :O :O 10/10 bro
Battlefiled music on gta ...
only in battlefi. oh wait. hey guys what game is this. gta5. ok. only in gta5.
When Battlefield 4 Shitbuckets discover GTA5
For a split second i thought this was a part of the new battlefield
What kind of sorcery was that..!!
Look at the top right of the video
calmate mi battlefield
Most epic video in gta O.O
Wow just wow

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