Weird Thoughts You Have Around Your Crush

Weird Thoughts You Have Around Your Crush
Weird Thoughts You Have Around Your Crush
Published on 10/23/2017
Weird Thoughts You Have Around Your Crush


I don't put that much thought into it. I just blurt stupid things out and hope it sounds right. Then after the conversation is over I think about how dumb I sounded.
I gave my crush a letter and they asked what it was and I told them "I put words on it"...
I wasn't even paying attention. I was just freaking out over how much this guy looks like Jack Black....
Literally me
Me- "Hi, I'm Allie."
Hot boy- "Hi Allie, I'm *name*."
Me- "......... Hi, I'm Allie..."
I've really done this before.... More than once..
I feel like I'm this awkward with everyone.
Make a female version this is too cute
Pretty much my interactions with 99.9% of the population,except I wear my weird like a badge of honor.
get your shit together doug..
Actually this guy has a sad story. He suffers from a rare condition knows as Pneumoniae perfecta. When he was young, his mother told him he was worthless and abandoned him at a hospital. He grew up in an orphanage and was bullied for his looks but he always tried to stay positive. He told himself that he would always believe in himself and achieve his dreams, no matter what others said. When he got older, I completely made this story up and you've wasted your time reading this.
Pretty faxy.
Weird? More like CREEPY!!!😱
Did buzzfeed blow their video budget already cause this one looks like a high school AV class made it....
I personally think it's cute when a guy just blurts random things out ☺️
Lucky for me, even in my 30s I forget how to speak when I see a guy I like. That's right. I'm the female equivalent of Raj from the Big Bang Theory. 😩
Is it just me or this guy looks like jack black or something
Buzzfeed has turned to shit...heading over to Cracked to see some real humor!
Haha beard-o. Love this!
"Nancy, Nancy, Nancy... *sensuously* Nancy."
"That's pretty faxy... yeah."
Been dating my boyfriend ever since junior year of high school (we've graduated a year ago) and I still have all these feelings and blurt out stupid stuff. The first day I ever kissed him on the cheek I think I apologized and ran away. Haha
Guy: hey.
Me: stand there smiling, internally battling whether to say Hi, Hey, or what's up, fail to come up with a suitable response until I realize too much time has passed with me silent and to respond would be weird AF and so I'm still smiling like a psycho and he just nodded, walked away, GREAT now he thinks I am mentally challenged.
Does anyone else see discount Jack Black hitting on discount Gwyneth Paltrow?
yeah i think time slows down in my head when im talking to much crush but thats not the same timing in person...yeah just a lot of awkward silence ....
I always feel like I have to fart when I get nervous around my crush. I mean, I never actually fart, but I feel like I had a bad batch of eggs and waffles from a dirty Ihop kitchen. Is this what it means to have "butterflies in my stomach"?
Because sometimes, I really want to free those butterflies. :(
Did anyone else think it was kinda hot when he just kept saying her name? No.. just me? Okay.
I kinda wish I was that Nancy. lol
I say random, exceedingly dirty things and then spend the next half hour thinking about if I effed it up or not.
Nope buzzfeed never again, never again
And all this time I thought I was the one.
Hot girl at Burger King counter hands me my food : here you go sir enjoy you're self
Me: you too , I mean thank you
Mukisa Lumala Every time I'm talk to you this is what is happening hahahaha
He's actually cute
My thoughts : papasito , te amo, gracias , god bless America, that smile , say my name say my name , sexy, take my last name , te amo , te dije que te amaba?? Why you so sexy bro? ? Can I have your number? Can we get chipotle? Love me back? Have my children? Ya se parece tu hija a mi anyway lol ok YA Yazmin Alejandra
Charles this was you in school lmao! Didn't even know you were funny until I saw you on Facebook! Love you
Literally me.
He looks like a nerdy version of Jack Black xD
Nancy...nancy.. nancy, nancy ... **naughty voice and tought**
And that would be me when i think of my crush😅😂😂
I had to survey students at my Uni for an english paper and I surveyed my crush, he began a conversation and I panicked so once he was finished with the survey I ran away. After I got to my class, I was like "why the fuck did I run away?" and every time I see him he just stares at me like ._.
Trevor Strnad
Madison Foglio this was me when i liked jake HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA
Story of my life lol
My ideas are good in theory but when applying it to my crush i freeze and maintain long awkward pauses.
Some people don't know how lucky they are to be able speak to the person they are attracted to.
What's the name of the song which starts at 1:22
I was so excited cause I thought that guy was Jack Black
Yep its true, you never know how to be yourself around a crush. I think about what I should say next all the time to the point that I over think things.
did anyone else saw jack black?
Wth....No one actually thinks that much before responding. Its after you respond that you have all those thoughts! !
I like these new faces! Want to see more of this cute dorky guy and the pretty blonde

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