Weird Things Couples Talk About After The Party

Weird Things Couples Talk About After The Party
Weird Things Couples Talk About After The Party
Published on 12/11/2017
Weird Things Couples Talk About After The Party


Priya Thakurani the couple (original buzzfeed couple) -the ones talking about the kitty- are literally my goals in lyf
The ending was golden.
That "KITTY!" couple is the most awesomest couple ever... When are they going to have their own show?
"Omg ! The kitty !!"
😁I liked the original couple...
Everytime my husband and I watch these videos we say "WE SHOULD HANGOUT WITH THESE GUYS"
No one but them from now on!!!!!!!!!
Ah look at the kitty!!!!
And I'm just sitting in the car by myself after get together and talking to my self like I'm mental
The couple at the end lol! I love them! Sedat Romilus Sylvia Romilus
Are the last couple a real couple? Love them! I hope they are!
Vincent Schmidt we're the "oh look at the kitty!" Couple 😂
Hugo Boss Srnc Diana Torres hahaha
Juhi Shah 'Manali Patel Riddhi Patel Manan Patel Arpit Patel Darshit Patel
Sarah CalvertMeghan Avonne WinwardMakayla DejarnattLivi AllenKaitlyn DeJarnattHolly Watkins DeJarnatt haha
I still love the original couple, please still keep them as the main couple :) But if this is new vids on Couples, Cool with that too!
Donnie saturday. Hahaha
Apollo Moreno
Shelby Haver
Jay Fluckiger
Wilmary Alejandra lol 😉😘💙 sooo us!!
Chris Zazueta makes me think about our last two "get together's" lol
This is sooooo true hahahahha Veronica Kim omgggg😂
Audrey Elizabeth Sketers
You after a quince! Leo Melchor
Alex Silver
Vanessa haha Nicole
Kerstyn Keyes
Edward Luster (the couple in the red and plaid)
Isabel Gutierrez
Maria Centeno
Ruby Hall
Haha Stu McCartney
Andrew Braun Echevarria ayayayyy!!!🙈🙉🙊
Sylvia Hahahaha
Lily Calderon
Nica Vera Cruz LOL sakto gago hahaha
Nelson Tena so us :)
Laura Hawes, no we're awesome lol
Marie Morris
Belinda Kosorok
Lmao so us Nick Jenkins
Liset Alvarado
Brittany Soper
Braxton Champion
Brody Moodley Hahahaha
Aleks Andrijasevic

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