Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant

Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant
Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant
Published on 10/21/2017
Weird Things Couples Do To Get Pregnant


Thanks, everyone. We're pretty excited, too!
and the baby is going to be the cutest ever...just don't let the try guys near it ;)
hey hot stuff wanna make a baby
"Keeping them from falling out" OH MY GOD
"Don't jerk off, I mean it"
*grabs laptop* "can't tell me not to jerk off"
"My junk, it works, it works, it works, it works" LMAO
There's like a thousand pregnant chicks crying to this video right now
Best fake couple ever
Is my favorite buzzfeed couple pregnant?!?
Human body logic:
-couple wants baby, fail several times before final successful attempt
-couple want to have sex without girl getting pregnant, she gets pregnant
I missed them!!!!!
I rather watch them all day than watch the Kardashians!
I hope this is a real announcement! What a perfect way to do it. I remeber doing the same with my husband to the point where you were doing it to procreate! Great times! I'm convinced we conceived our child in the moment while saying "hurry up because I have to go to work!"
I looked up their names and put baby at the end...and found their baby registry, with the due date as Oct. 1st of this year. No, I'm not a stalker, Google makes me look like one.
Am I the only one that teared up when they finally got pregnant?
Wait... For real??? Are they having a baby!!? :O omggggggggg congrats if it's true
They forgot the part where after trying for 2 years you go into an incredibly depressed state, hate yourself and everybody around you, especially your friends who get pregnant just by looking at a penis. Also the extensive tests, procedures,and the assholes who say "just stop thinking about it and it will happen!"
If it were only "that" easy!!!
Are they really pregnant??
"My junk it works, my junk it works" lmmfaooooooo
So when people are trying to have babies it's hard but when they're not trying, it's easy?
Haha I totally went through all this... I didn't get pregnant until after we STOPPED trying
This is like, the sweetest video you guys have ever done. THAT FINAL REVEAL WHEN SHE WAS PREGNANT!! Omgggggg.
But question, is these 2 actually a thing and is she actually pregnant?
This should be a legit movie called weird things couples do to get pregnant I think it would be hilarious
They are so cute!!! I always get so excited by their videos. Congrats to them to actually getting pregnant ^_^
Wait... so are they really pregnant?
So was that a pregnancy announcment?
I love that they're pregnant!!!
Wait they're really pregnant!!!! Awhh(:
Are they really pregnant because that is the best thing I've heard all day!
It's not that I don't want Beth to rest. But can you please get back in the saddle? At least make a video about Weird Things Couple do when expecting their First Baby or stuff. Miss you guys! Lol.
Best buzzfeed video ever :')
They are a real couple actually married to each other. My husband and I love them because their marriage is basically ours lol. So I reeeeaaalllyyty hope they are legit having a baby!!
Missionary is best known for getting a eoman pregnant.
Are you playing candy crush?" OMG. My side hurts from laughing
Was this their pregnancy announcement?
Yay finally!! Can't wait for the pregnancy video lol
Couple are now a pregnant couple D:
This video tore me in two directions. The first absolutely hilarious... Except it only takes one try for me. The other was knowing the heart break its causing for those who can't or are trying their damndest to get pregnant.
I love this couple! wish I had an awesome partner like that :( #foreveralone
I seriously hope they're actually having a baby ❤️
This couple is my favorite! I absolutely love them!
Lol haha look at this ! And what's best is that these are real couple and pregnant for real 😂😂 check out this guys fb page 😂
Fav BuzzFeed Couple!
Jonathan Malmstrom sure wish you were this excited to get pregnant and if only it took that short of time too
So...are we going to watch them through the pregnancy??
Omg. They're so cute!
The first 30 seconds!!! Omg lmao

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