Weird Things Couples Do On Movie Night

Weird Things Couples Do On Movie Night
Weird Things Couples Do On Movie Night
Published on 12/10/2017
Weird Things Couples Do On Movie Night


"I literally have as much information as you do right now" Yasmin Ribeiro
Hi guys. I directed this. What do you want to see in the next episode?
Brad Aikins omg baby I was dying!!!!!!!!! Are you falling asleep!!!!????? Pee brake!!!!!!!!! Why did he do that?????? I'm watching it for the first time too.... Omg I can't! .... I guess we are not the only ones..... 😘😘
Eliud Garcia I don't feel so bad anymore!!!! 😂😅😘
Collins Davis I can't breathe from laughing so hard!! This is us to a T! Actually, we would probably make best friends with this couple bc every video they've ever made, we relate to %100!!!
Michael Guajardo I feel like we've done every one of these things while watching supernatural or a movie haha
That nigga Sonia Gallegos when were watching a movie lmao but u girls all do this Carolina Quintana Mzjuice Diaz Juan MC Adrian Nunez Juice Diaz Carolina Rios
Omg this is so us Abbey Stockdale
Lmao that's definitely us Ashanti Jones
Hahaha John Reames Kiefer Edwards Daisy Dorado Scott Cabrera Tommy Gunzz
William Torres
Rodrigo Luna lol when i ask you questions during a movie haha
Brandi Gilbert to a T.
Moises Gonzalez u and me lol
Kendra L Alvelais
Lorna Tonks
Hahaha Matt Elrick
Isabella Gutierrez
Us😂 Jose Ochoa
Stephen Quiñones😂
Daniel Estrada lmao!!!
Shannen Krok
Its so sad but so true haha Eliza Hogden
Chris Kapuschinsky
Lhhbvs to a T Jalayna Walton
Taylor Hagen This makes me miss you!
Leah Blake Ellis
Nick Marsh
Swade NadenDaniel O'Leary
Revital Ustoev lol funny shit
Mikasaurus this is us on EVERY level ._.
Corey Chamberlain
Claire Meiklejohn
Mariam Lemarnä Amir Ha ha ha.
Whahahaha Yardy Pattinaja
Rhiannon Holman
Juan Rivera
Ben Charnock
David Sneddon
Ruddog Ocampo
Seriously I agree this is us. Hailey Navar
Katie Huyser hahaha
Alex de Koning
Davis Dang
Jacob Walters this is like on point
Alex Antezana XD
Brian Almanza Castañon
Riley I feel like this will be us 😂😂
Stephanie Kha Evans this is us
Kristy-lee Smart
This is what I want. Haha.

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