Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex

Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex {Safe For Work}
Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex
Published on 11/17/2017
Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex
{Safe For Work}


I hope my sex life never ends up like this lol
"where the fuck did u come from " haha
Now, if you are married and have (young) kids add the following scenarios:
- wink at husband/wife while reading a story (you know what's up later)
- get 2nd child a glass of water
- check 1st kid for signs of consciousness
- 2nd child wants snack.
- 3rd child is feeding the dog for the 4th time that night, scoop up child and scowl at fat dog. Put 3rd child to bed.
- 2nd child needs to pee.
- 1st child still sleeping. 1st child is your most favorite.
- 3rd child has taken off all clothing.
- 2nd child finally asleep. Give your partner a suspicious glance.
- 3rd child needs their lovie. Lovie is nowhere. Lovie has been sucked into a vortex of nothingness.suggest alternates. Rejection.
- husband finds lovie. Whisper "that earns you a mouth hug"
- 3rd child asleep. 2nd child snoring. 1st child angelic.
- start making out. Think you hear a noise. Listen intently. No children sounds.
- Have hot hot sex. Take a shower, together. Go to bed.
This thread is either full of babies that haven't been in a relationship beyond two years or pretentious fucks. I watched the video and as a 27 year old girl who is celebrating her 7 year anniversary on Friday I can say that the video is accurate and adorable. There is spontaneity and then there is the daily grind Monday through Friday, hey I need it tonight reality. Sometimes even the routine can be sexy if it's with the right person. :))
Before sex, take off your underwear.
Have sex.
After sex, go pee.
The end.
"{Safe For Work}" When you are encouraged to procrastinate during work lol
I feel like the person who said you dont need to plan sex doesnt know what being in a long term relationship with full times jobs and kids is like
My favorite couple.
They need a sitcom.
Guess, I came too early for the comments
This video is what happens when you are 100% Comfortable in your long term relationship. It's funny as hell!!!
I have two children and been married for 8 years. I am also 26 lol
Most of the time the kids are sleeping lol BUT on occasion we tell the girls to go play in their room bc mommy and daddy have to talk about something etc. Then while your doing it you hear your children screaming or fighting. Then you hear a knock at the door. Which makes it hard to concentrate.
When they are asleep you hear a noise and stop everything to hear if it's them. Sometimes you see a shadow and it freaks you out bc it might be a child who just woke up. Turns out to be the cat lol
When you get older you have to take it when you can get it.
None of those things were "weird". Brushing your teeth is a courtesy most should do before sex. It should be titled "sad and unmotivated ways exhausted couples (WITH KIDS) behave before sex".
A perfect example of why morning sex is the best sex! just an FYI ladies men's testosterone peaks between 5-10am. You want great sex? Wake us up when we've already got morning wood...It only makes sense lol
As you get older, and have kids, it becomes less spontaneous. & that is perfectly fine. For myself, I have a two year old... sometimes it is "planned' (not to the extent of this video, lol...) and other times it is just completely "rip my clothes off now" random. It's different for everyone. Just because this is what someone's sex life is like, doesn't mean it is sad or pathetic... you only think that because society and porn tells you so. The anticipation of planned sex is hot.
Where was the random spritz of perfume? Just me?
I love them as a couple and hope this relationship exists outside of buZzfeed videos.
There is a huge difference between making love and lusting. Those that say "I hope we never end up like that", guess what, you will. When the burdens of children, long work hours, commute, chores, shopping, etc. kick in, it's inevitable to be less "let's get naked right this minute" every single time. It's not to say that there will never be freaky nights, those will be the best nights you will have for sure. Sex is part of any healthy relationship, not just the "OMG" type.
how is this weird things couples do before sex? they were just getting ready for bed
The cat part: true. It's like they have a sixth sense for their hoomuns having sex. It fascinates them.
This video should be called, "Totally normal things people do before going to bed" ?
"Guess you just don't wanna do it then" No, I do. I do. hahahahahahahahhaa !!
I don't know why people are like worried that their sex life is going to end up like this as if it were a bad thing haha. This shit is what I dream of! Can't wait to get married and be with someone for so long that we can be THIS comfortable with each other and STILL manage to get it on ;P
Hahaha I can't imagine buzzfeed without these two
Why is it if you are married and have kids it's understandable but if you don't have kids this is wrong.
Me and my partner don't have kids Nd don't live together. Sometimes I'm like this and he is fallen asleep. It's not all about the sex. If your relationship is about sex well then ur relationship isn't going to last.
Me and my partner never get time together much alone. We just love being together just kissing and cuddling.
What's wrong with this video, it's truth, not wrong.
lol no, I'd wake his ass up if I already went through all that we're having sex
I love these two! They're so funny & can describe couples perfectly! Maybe not quite this much though, still a funny video lol
"you're just going to let me sleep?"...LOL!!!
Video won't work :(
No that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works
Been married for 5 years, have never done this lol, at most a quick tooth brush but not this lol
Wtf? Who does all that? Just do it,the couch,bed,floor,outdoors lol xD
Lol ... I reserve the fifth on this one. Good to know it happens to others. Hilarious how life changes.
LOL - yup - the prep work takes longer than the deed
lmfao the real hubby/wife life
The cat though.
Never dona any of this. Me and my hubby would have do it on the couch. Who gets ready to have sex.
Would be funny if it wasn't so accurate.
Not accurate at all. I hope this never happens to me.
Oh god please dont tell me if gets like this.. what happens to spontaneity?
I've been single forever. I don't understand how any of this is weird.
Sometime yes it is like this and If u say it doesn't ever ur lying or u haven't been together that long you can't dive into like ur on fire every single time
How is any of this weird?
Lexi Paz Jonathan Paz Jessica Perez Valente Guzman Angel Guzman
Ashlyn Lau'ren this is nothing like us
Hahaha! Erin Rabdau Shelby Renee Cecena Amber Luis
Martin Quijano
Jonathan Yescas 😂 the last part would probably be me >< I forget to take my contacts off 😶
Lmao Denise & Elisabet
Haha Kira Mercer

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