Weird Things All Siblings Fight About

Weird Things All Siblings Fight About via BuzzFeed Violet
Weird Things All Siblings Fight About
Published on 10/21/2017
Weird Things All Siblings Fight About
via BuzzFeed Violet


Lmao Ashlee Hazel now we need one with a giant middle brother in the back seat spouting off random obscene crap and that's our kids 100%!
Connor Folan, the whole adopted thing lmao 'you're adopted' 'why do you keep saying that?' 'Because it's true and I feel like you should know'
Yari, Aby, Christian, this looks remotely familiar... the "what if i died" part was definitely Yari, lol...
Hahaha oh gotta love siblings. I would tag them but one doesn't have FB and the others aren't my friends because I'm not cool enough to be social media friends with them 😩😩😩
Alexander Jacobson This is just as funny now as it was a year ago 😂😂😂
Adelle Marie This reminded me of you so much LOL
Amanda Szyja this one too I'm sorry I'm stuck on buzzfeed
We don't really argue lol Mitchell A Hron, but it's still funny and cute and reminds me of you.
The only one I see is "how are you?"... Mitchy: "fine"... Me: "how am I suppose to maintain an adult relationship with you if you don't talk to me about how you're doing?!!" lol I love you!
Is it important to show middle finger to your siblings in western countries? Specially to sisters :(
I don't think so, not even in a funny way.
Sisters are God's gift. Repespect them. Make funny things with them. Don't make fun of them
Land Carter because I don't have a brother and you basically are my brother who awkwardly hits on me from time to time. 😂😂😂 love you little bro. ❤️
LMAO!!!! Tagging my siblings..... Get ready now. Jamie J. Owen, Shelly WarEagle Kelley, Jason Christopher McLeod, Michael Mills, Tim Mills and Jody Mills(need to set up a facebook acct or let me know if you have one) 20th century at the very least. Love you and miss every one of you all. Hope life isn't throwing more at you individually then what God knows you can handle. Just take a moment to do a quick quiet walk and music always helps me when my mood is anger or hurt.
Kristy, I don't think we ever bickered like this... This is more like my relationship with Loni. Haha.
Hahaha you and me, especially when you bring your hot friends around. They're all my Baes Paulette Danielle Casillas
Brandon R. B. Olson weirdly enough this made me miss our fights... kind of lol except the ones whenever I threw the remote at your head lol
Noah Wrisley!!! Hahahaha!! We aren't siblings but we can get this like this!
Cameron Long this is literally us. I even tell you I'm your only sister and you're like "no you're not dumb ass" 😂😂😂😂
Michael Casey, this is how we fight! 😂 Is that weird?
Leonidas Graham I've just worked out we have a weird sibling relationship.. This is so us lol
Jen Sullivan especially the last one. Hahahaha I don't want them to get any older. But seeeeee! All siblings fight about dumb shit. Ha
Beaumont Ross
Amy French, me & Zach. Even though it should be little sister & big brother lol
Adriana Spindola what's scary is that we fight like this !😯
Clare I think you and will should watch this
David Clark I feel like this is us minus the whole being sibling thing but the arguing part haha
Zack Revel it's okay. I love you. ;)
Evan Goskeson spot on! 😂 you're just as annoying as him btw 😉
Henry 😂 fuck da siblings shit Lmfao ima try to annoy yhu like dis like da best friends we are😂☺️
Danica Newton this reminds me of you. You're annoying like this but I love you.
Kyle Kukshtel pretty sure I've said 99% of the things in this video to you......
Haha! I basically say everything except the body stuff! So true Jacob Barlow! Guess what? I love you! 😊
Jarrod Rush we use to fight like this all the time but we cool now. This made me think of us a lot though.
Lauren Ferguson lol this is nothing like us
Omg Jacob Larochelle this dude reminds me of you so fucking much hahaha
Hannah Gillespie this is not us.....does that mean we are weird.
Shana Sobie this is how it would be if it was reversed..
Chelsea Lauren except instead of birth it's skin 😐
David Chicharito Salgado I think this is the best way of telling you this: you're adopted. #stillloveyou #not
Emily Clinton we fight like half of this... Lol
Katelyn Maloney Lindsey Maloney not just a brother/sister thing this is def a sibling thing...
Ashleigh Brown omg this is so you and your brother. Hahaha
Widdy MichelRoseline CormierGodson Nas
Tabitha Suzannah Demelza Heather
Alejandra Perez Miguel Angel Ruiz Karla Ruiz Juliana Ruiz
Glen Coco Ismael Arcigaa
Erin fawk you! Haha
We're kinda like this haha sometimes Trae Xavier Lewis
Kayla Mae Brown this isn't it but this is another one hahaha
Kalani Hekekia lol you're so annoying <3
Kolin Sanders - the red hair hahaha

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