Weird Things All Couples Fight About

Weird Things All Couples Fight About
Weird Things All Couples Fight About
Published on 04/24/2017
Weird Things All Couples Fight About


Keep the bathroom toilet lid down, never up. Do not talk back or smart off - you will pay dearly, Never forget her birthday - dog house offense. Be prepared to re argue stuff from 5, 10 20 ,30, 40 years ago - best advice do not participate, never rush your wife. Many other danger areas, but just be a loving and caring husband esp if you have a good woman - 46 years and counting.
I directed this. What do you want to see in the next installment?
When couples do that it means they're horny
My all time favorite buzzfeed couple!!
So true it makes me sad.
Malia Paahana the deciding what to order for dinner!!!! 😂😂😂 ...and the TP does go over 😉✨
Austin Hunt, I think we're both the guy in this video.. EXCEPT FOR THE CUP THING. THAT SHIT IS ALL YOU.
OMG.... Everyone wants insinuate that just because they're arguing about little things means their marriage is on the rocks. Everyone's relationships have different dynamics to them, and just because it doesn't "fit your fancy" doesn't mean they're "doomed"
Chill out people.... This is a SMALL, and hilarious, glimpse into their life together.
Kyle Hahne watch this. When it gets to the food part where they're trying to figure out what to eat this is pretty much us in reverse bc im totally the dude who can't make up his mind 😂😂😂
My late husband was like this about the food! He asked me once why I would always say whatever you want, I told him because no matter what I suggest you don't want that and we end up eating what you want anyway. I'm just cutting out all the in between conversation. He thought about it and said you're right. I'd give anything to have those conversations again!
My ex boyfriend and I actually broke up over how the towels are folded... I wanted them nice and neat, and he would just throw them into the closet without folding so he could go back to playing his xbox. He got super pissed when he went to take a shower and saw the towels folded neatly... Apparently, that made him look like I didn't appreciate what he does
Bring back these guys or just don't even bother with the couple videos anymore!! The new people suck and the plots aren't funny. The stereotypical banter fighting isn't actually funny, it's unhealthy and annoying. The older original couple were cute, funny, obviously in love and showed actual relatable situations. The new buzzfeed yellow is shit. Actually a lot of the new buzzfeed cast in the videos are awful. Did you hire young new writers too? Bc the scenes and lots aren't humerus, clever or interesting. Very disappointed.
Muntadher Inaya aren't you happy we don't fight over most of these things. The chewing is just really really fucking annoying tho 🙄 but it's not only against you, it's with anyone that makes loud noises with food or drinks 😖
Christina Lazcano pt issues 😂
Breeda this video is old and I know you've seen it but with potentially moving out coming very soon, I think this is relevant and probably going to be accurate. Particularly with the towels, food, sink and shoes. Just sayin. I could see you saying those things and me doing those things too. Except choosing food were both guilty of everything
Di Ba, aren't we the happiest couple on the earth that we don't have to fight over these things... I guess the long distance marriage was not a bad idea after all lol
Raskal even though we aren't a couple, we're just two friends cohabiting together but this is our daily life when we actually see each other 😂
So so true! Hilarious!
OMG - Michael Pott, bet we could add a few more weird (aka stupid) things to the list!
Eric Pontius buzzfeed is dumb but this is all of our arguments in one video
this is funny To watch Ana Julia Hernández ❤️ Danny Castillo the chewing part reminded me of your intolerance to loud noises while watching!! And I am with you too! 🙋🏻
Daniel... this video totally caught my eye because she was wearing my Buffy shirt and it looks like he's wearing some sort of Deadpool/Boba Fett shirt in the first scene! But we are way more playful than them, include a lot more weird sounds/bad language, and we aren't fighting or annoyed with each other. Love you, bb!
Athena Mightyy this is me and you even though we're not even together wtf
Weston Bradley Barnes dang. I don't think that stuff really matters. XD I'll just let you do whatever and as long as it's clean or looks organized, idc. You're a clean person.. so xD
My wife and I have only been married ten years, but we both had bad marraiges in the past. At ten years, we've never had a fight, because there's really nothing worth fighting about. One part of this video was interesting. My wife will say something like, "Do you want corn or beans with dinner?" Sometimes, I couldn't care less, but I will pick one, because she's willing to fix me something to eat....and I do cook for her, too. There are little things like when she comes home from work, I'll have her stupid Christmas lights on in the window...she loves them, and that's a little way of saying "I love you". When I come home from a gig she had them on for me. I could really care less, except that she did that for me. It's a whole lot of little things.
Good thing we don't have a dish washer, the toilet paper holder is broken, there's only 3 towels and we can always agree on pizza 😉 No fights for us Andrew Sivill
Ashlee Vingom, we are normal, other people fight about the same things we do !!!
ah Jenny Weldon........all the things you and Dan Lefler get to look forward to. The key to staying together is this; ask yourself, "Am I gonna leave this person over this?" If the answer is no then shut up and let it go. I'm not saying to never bring it up again, just make your point and then let it be. Every single time Laurie Kolb loads the dishwasher I get so aggravated but I can't let it turn into a huge battle. I just calmly remind her she's doing it wrong and move forward. She will either change her ways or I will learn to live with it.
If I talked to my husband that way, we would have been over and done long ago. Same with me. We have been married 39 years. Neither one of us tip toe around the other! If he is not happy, I am not happy. The same goes with him. I hate being stereotyped!!!
Love this Kevin.
The (first time) of many things, can always be funny.
Husband trying to cook that first meal for his new wife.
Dad having to stay home w/ the kids.
A guy trying to clean the house.
A couple on a tight budget, doing grocery shopping.
Learning to horse back ride.
Learning to golf.
Visiting a foreign country for the first time.
Nancy Beem
"Hey did you throw away my leftovers?"
"I could of swore-.. Oh you b****.."
Funny; when you get older and have hearing aids, it makes no difference because what one is saying, the other hears something different altogeter so we all laugh when we figure out what the other was actually saying.
I love this!!! So true. The correct way to put dishes in the dish washer and putting them up after they've been washed. I do large things on the bottom and small things on top. He does the total opposite. I now laugh, instead of losing it, as tell him that I understand now why he does that: He didn't get to play with blocks when he was a little boy and we have a good laugh. 😜😁😂❤️
Cody Wolfe why did I laugh so hard at this. Lol at the part where he doesn't put the coffee mug in the sink and she says 6more inches... Lol "then put it in 6 more inches... Get it" Hahahaha
Tiffany Morelli haha the way I fold clothes, us trying to decide what to eat, you watching something when I'm not in the room. Haha we definitely relate to most of these lol oh and you're loud crunching when you eat !
I guess we are really weird cuz none of these subjects come up that's not say there's isn't plenty of other stupid shit that we do that irritates one another!!😜
Towels....I don't care how they are folded just hope they make it to the drawer!😫
What to "order" for dinner??? I would love to have that problem!😉
Toilet paper roll....I never noticed or cared how it was put on until it was pointed out & I agree, over is better!👍🏾
Silverware up or down...just put them in the damn dishwasher & stop asking me if the dishes are clean or dirty!🙊
Yep, toilet paper does go over not under. But my husband can use the last of it and never put a new roll on. And he always lets the cup or bowl sit in the sink from his morning breakfast with soap and water in it.
when I got married someone told me the best advice I could get was to learn the two most important things to say; Yes Dear and check with my wife.......Stupid fucking advice lol #happilydivocred
Nick Kenney we haven't fought over any of this but I just wanna say when I used your bathroom there's only been one time that I haven't switched the toilet paper roll so it's over and not under😂
Brandon Herrington. You know... I don't think. We actually fight about anything except the food. We're both too lazy to give a shit about anything else. ... So long as I fold the clothes and you put them away. Lol.
Sumeet Thapar I feel strongly about the toothpaste and toilet roll ones but I don't voice them because then I feel like I'd just be moaning about everything 😂
Also I'm anti the cup one, I prefer dishes to be stacked up neatly on the counter so the sink isn't too full to fill up the water filter. Please take note 🙊
oh my god!! this would be you guys if you were married!!!!!!:D Pernikaa Madan Sharaan Khalil and perks the toothpaste part HAHAHHAH #roomieproblems :*
James Oloo Onyango "Did u watch this without me? What are we having for dinner?" hahahaha
"OMG I'm going to murder you and when the pizza duy gets here, he's gonna help me bury ur body and then we r gonna get married"
I would give anything 4 that, it's not weird
Larry Thomas, I ask my husband to put the seat down all the time, so does or 4 year old. His response is, "could you please remember to put the seat up when you're done?" Um... then he says that he made his point...
Not going to bed angry is easy. It's the hurt and resentment that you live with that causes problems...
We are also called to serve our partner. What do we do when our partner is selfish? Jesus served even those who cursed and betrayed him over and over. It's just hard...
Jose Lorenzo Manuel omg this is soo true im laughing my butt off while watching😂😂😂 1. Me getting mad bec you don't fold your shirts properly. 2. You get mad bec I squeeze toothpaste from the bottom. Hahahhaha!!
Some people are more control freaks and OCD than others. Sometimes your partners pet peeves are very different than yours. You just have to adjust or brush it off. There are some things that I have come to terms with and I dont mind anymore like picking up dirty boxers next to the toilet and having to put them in the hamper everyday. And there are those things I will never accept like putting dirty dishes inside the sink instead of everywhere else. I guess we try to somehow try to justify in our heads what stuff they can get away with and what we will *itch and complain about until they change that habit lol
In my house: Toilet paper on the side of tub (just put it on the holder), If you don't know,what you u want to eat (no cook day for me), why why can't he,wash out the one glass instead of using 3 new ones, smdh. But I love him. Lol
Funny video, my husband doesn't touch the dishwasher and we have our own tubes of tooth paste , but leaving his shoes out.. Grrrr. After 25 yrs of marriage, I've learned you have to pick your battles. No one is perfect.
This doesn't just go for couples me and my BFF fight about all these 😂
Jamie Hensley I think we've seen one of these similar to this one, but this one is almost exACTLY us. And it feels SO GOOD to see that it's not only us lol. Like how your shoes being left out bothers the heck outta me!
All sooooo very true!
I have been married for 25 yrs and it took a good portion of those years to finally figure this out, your wife will be right even if she is wrong!! LOL
Happy wife/ happy life! Love you Carey💋

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