Weird Animal Sex Facts

Weird Animal Sex Facts
Weird Animal Sex Facts
Published on 11/19/2017
Weird Animal Sex Facts


Life is rough for male animals.
some things can not be unlearned.....bleh
I'm sure they don't do it on porpoise....
Nikki Cespedes Rebecca Colon Cathy Cherubin
Anastasia McLain things can only get weirder
Anthony Sonye
Umar Tariq
Sean Kee
Kevin Pridas
Gabby Medrano
Raven Haynes
Olesya and Lindsay thought you'd enjoy this.
Emma that last one. Ooft
Amy Hemingway
Dylan Keaweehu
you would think we wouldn't have many bees then
Nick Ornowski imagine you were a bee
Tim Loosemore
Sucks to be a bee, dude.
Kaitlin Jack
Abi see
Ezequiel Torres
Anthony o.o
Bees have a Queen bee that produces all of them. Right?
Mohammad Hossain
Gross but awesome
Banana slug and giraffe = Like a boss!
Eric Tieu
R. Kelly is a Giraffe!
Chelsea Williams Miriah Viola Hahahahahahha giraffes...
Miguel Zepeda
Tracey Sue-Ling
Matt Evans
Noelle Gabrielle Lopez Hernandez this is wat i was talking about. giraffe sex
Ailish Drum Elanor Bongosaurus...
Brennan Naidoo Jehan Ehab the one about dolphins
Karen Wang Emily Chung well
Kim Mikkola
Alyssa Muller
Pete Hanusiak
That explains the "you sold me queer giraffes" bit in Gladiator. Also makes me want to research why they are prone to that tendency
Brandon Moore yikes
Lions do it 300 times a day.
Justin Bartus
Wayne Cameron
meh..... need to bump up the info a bit,.... stagnant
Tyler Devante Hall

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