Wedding Season Is Coming

Wedding Season Is Coming
Wedding Season Is Coming
Published on 10/17/2017
Wedding Season Is Coming


They need to make a BABY SEASON! Because every goddamn person is getting pregnant!
Buzzfeed, will you marry me? <3
Just think. Over half of them will be divorced five years from now. 😧
Please Buzzfeed, make this an actual film.
Creepy af
Please Do A Clip For EVERYONE Getting Pregnant And ALLLLLL OF These Damn Baby Showers LOL I Need Everyone To Just Sit Down And Be Still Damnit LOL #AintGotNoMoreMoneyForGifts LOL
Am I the only one wishing this was a real movie? Quinta was extremely creepy at the end 😨😰😱
This is why love buzzfeed!!😂😂😂😂😂
Sequel: "Arranged
Marriage Season is Coming" 😨😫😫😔😔
Where is the random Samuel L. Jackson appearance?
Omfg. I would definetely watch this in the cinema. It's a parody of a horror movie yet making sense because wedding is epidemic! Make a movie, you guys! :D
"He hasn't even been to a strip club!" Omg I'm dying of laughter ahahahah
I LOVE THIS! btw.... I'm getting married May 9th ;) 41 days and counting
An engagement and wedding gift! Too expensive.
And just why is getting married a bad thing? Love the video, but sheesh. I got married young and my husband and I are happy and still hang out with friends. Not like when you get married you die. Lol.
Oh my god this was amazing
More weddings, more cucks
OMG...for ONCE a Buzzfeed video that isn't super bullshit!!! I genuinely laughed! Bra-fuckin-vo for like the first time ever, Buzzfeed. BRAVO
Creative! Nice work BuzzFeed!
wedding season is here
☁☀ ☁ ☁ ☁
☁ 🚁 ☁
/ | \
🌴 /🚔 \ 🌴
/ | \
🌴 /🚔 🚔 \ 🌴
/ | 🚔 \
⛽ / 🚔 🚔 \
🌴/ 🚖 \ 🚦 🚲 🏃
__/ 🚧🚧🚧 🚧 \____________ __ 🚗__ __ 🚙 __ __ 🚕 __ __
I like weddings! Already been to one last month!
This was the funniest buzzfeed yet
Yooooooo!!!! This is hilarious..kudos!! Thumbs up!
I would totally watch this movie.
Buzzfeed -- you rock !
Probably one of the best videos I've seen yet. 👌
THIS WAS HILARIOUS!!! OMGG!! Quinta is soo FUNNY!! ROTFLMBOO!! She made a whole movie out of this subject, "Wedding Season." Pure brilliancy! P.S. My brother started me on these videos! He loves them, and I do too!
I would probably go see this if it was a real movie, tbh.
Omg they should make a movie! These guys are awesome
Lmao only BuzzFeed lol
Buzzfeed lost all of its chill omg
Rodney Cole this is hilarious. Made me think of you and your fear.
This is the best BuzzFeed ever, so accurate
Omg! This is hilarious!
Hahaha this is amazing xD
Can they do one about having kids? Cuz idk about anyone but I know a ton of people who have kids now or are going to have one while I'm over here...hiding. XD
😂😂😂 I love you Buzzfeed!
Prob. One of my favorites
Wedding season f3ln 😂 Mirna
Next up - pressure from the married friends on the unmarried friends to get married, please?
Omg... this actually gave me the shivers! Lol
Susan i glaub unsere wedding season is vorbei ;)
Good things my friends are all misogynistic drunks that just love to party, no weddings for me lol
I just got my friends wedding invitation this week 😫
So the sequel is "Baby Fever" yes?
Here's come the bride all dressed in white. sang in taht tune This is the scariest song after ring around the nosey ( idk how to write it )
Plz make. Full length movie! I would love to see what you guys do! :)
Ugh...hate wedding season...
Lmfao this was awesome. Even though I'm already married
Guys guys guys , you should visit Egypt one day ! , wedding season is on the whole year !
and what's is worst is that your friends "male or female" family , relatives ... etc ...even work colleagues !
they all keep asking you
aren't you going to get married ? aren't you ? aren't you ?
It's a disease :D !

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