We Turned A Bunch Of Weird Snacks Into Ice Cream Flavors

We Turned A Bunch Of Weird Snacks Into Ice Cream Flavors
We Turned A Bunch Of Weird Snacks Into Ice Cream Flavors
Published on 10/20/2017
We Turned A Bunch Of Weird Snacks Into Ice Cream Flavors


That one dude just liked everything, lol.
BACON ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
Ginger and wasabi
"the texture is an abomination" xD
Mac and cheese!
Pop tarts and ice cream
French fries and ice cream.
That one guy who thought they all tasted good... xD
Bacon and Egg
Bacon and Jalapeño
Bacon and Fries
Bacon and Nacho Cheese
Bacon and Chili Dog
Bacon and Lasagna
Bacon and chocolate
Bacon and shrimp paste
Bacon and hot sauce
Bacon and Pickles
Bacon and Peanut Butter
Lmao I kinda want the buzzfeed people to be my friends 😂😂😂
FOOLS! Vanilla and honey roasted peanuts!
Haha. That blonde guy every single time: "actually this is pretty good."
Said guy who's stoned out of his mind
Popcorn & milk duds.. The movie junk food!!
Panda express's orange chicken
The blonde guy must be pregnant because I'm sure he said yes to almost everything..
Wasabi flavor ice cream
Biscuits and gravy
Ideas!!! 1. Lobster & Clarified Butter 2. Spam 3. Liver & Onions 4. Licorice & Freshly Cracked Black Pepper 5. Taco Seasoning & Pico De Gallo 6. Beets & Goat Cheese 7. Spaghettios 8. Macaroni & Cheese 9. Lemon Drops & Deep Fried Oysters 10. Baked Beans & Baked Beans (Candies)
Kristina Edmonds Ellis Scott Julian Scott buffalo wing ice cream, steak ice creme, CRAWFISH!!!!!!!
Mashed potatoe and gravy, with salted carmel ice cream!!!
"can i have some carbs with those carbs"
shut up. dont try weird ice cream for a video if you're worried about ya damn carb counting.
The guy who likes everything is definitely stoned. 😂😂😂
Chef Boyardi anything.
Pickles and ice cream?
Guacamole ice cream
Dude In the gray shirt liked everything. Won't be taking any food tips from that guy lol
I vote for slim Jim ice cream
BBQ potato chips, bacon, and chocolate ice cream
I love the guy that just said yes to everyone XD
Cheyenne Schrader
Diana Rager
Yo, that MUSTACHE tho! <3
Kaitlyn Kane Kishi Knight Philip Hile
"I don't like it... oh wait, I like it!" hahaha
Cigarette butts and bourbon.
That blonde guy liked everything!
Bianca Dau Vivian Dang Linda Hoang Nick Harris Phillip Benson Jennie Marie Asuncion
Ice cream, peanut m&ms, graham crackers, hot fudge & marshmallows.
Beef jerky. Or slim jims.
Cereal + caramel sauce + ice cream
Josh like this comment so i can watch it tomorrow
ketchup and french fries with iceream
Stoner Food
Nanaa Lovee Marco Montiel ChrisLeni Diaz
Do Chicken and Waffles!
Diana Saro Laila Marcela Gilda Garcia Garza hay que hacerlos jaja
Banner Jamie Rena Mariah Joshuaidk why.. i love this video. i want to try these..

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