We Tried Ridiculous ’80s Workouts And Enjoyed Them More Than We Expected To

We Tried Ridiculous ’80s Workouts And Enjoyed Them More Than We Expected To
We Tried Ridiculous ’80s Workouts And Enjoyed Them More Than We Expected To
Published on 12/11/2017
We Tried Ridiculous ’80s Workouts And Enjoyed Them More Than We Expected To


"I don't care what decade we're in, Im an out of shape piece of shit." DEAD.
"I can't do anything that involves two body parts at once" hahaha my life.
That girl will always remind me of that chick in 50 shades.
"Estrogen! Estrogen! Estrogen!"
"I wish this was all you needed to do to get a six pack because the world would be a better place." hahaha
"getting my pelvis ready for child birth" "ESTROGEN ESTROGEN ESTROGEN"!
XD i love it
Does anyone else think the one long hair brunette looks like Dakota Johnson? The one that says, 'anyone who can rock that leotard! Hot damn!'
I kinda miss the olden days 😩👏
The guy dancing in the video at the end, and the guy "He's really got this" 😂
Where's buns of steel?
What?! No Jane Fonda workout tape??? Because I remember her purple onesie and working out to this VHS when I was a kid. You know, for funsies
Now we have zumba.
Make them do the Barbie workout video from the 90s
Jane Fonda aerobics forever!!!
I'm an out of shape piece of shit XD
They totally should have done a Jane Fonda video. Those were so awesome!!
I own the "Sweatin' to the Oldies" VSH tape, and it is so much fun and one heck of a cardio workout! But they didn't show "Buns of Steel" or "The 20 Minute Workout"!!!
One of the better buzzfeed videos I've enjoyed in a while 👏👌
Where can i get a purple try guys tank? ! Lol
This looks like fun!
I love Quinta's body suit
"Getting my pelvis ready for child birth..." I died lmfao
Judy Quang Kimberly Ma omg how fun would it be if we had a couple of glasses of wine and tried to do an 80's workout video!!!!
They should've had a Jane Fonda workout video too.
"Getting my pelvis ready for childbirth" 😂
I'm cancelling my gym membership. Right now. Send me one of these tapes please. 😂
Allison is funny. Hahahaha
"Estrogen Estrogen Estrogen" 😂 I love it.
Do the Jane Fonda!!
i remember my friends mom doing the jane fonda workouts
Dancing Grannies looked kinda a legit. holding a ball with leg lifts??? that's hard.
I'd like the last one, and then do to a dance party. Dance and leave without taking to anyone.
Alison: "oh that granny fucked up.." 😹😹😹 dead
I just taught myself how to dance by watching this. Watch out gentlemen, bout to tear up the dance floor.
where's the tai bo at lol
This reminds me of middle school dance class when we were warming up and watching videos of the work out
Lol, the 80's is full of life
This is hilarious! Zumba ain't got nothin on Richard!
I wonder w/c granny is still ALIVE and kickin.. Like really ALIVE.
I've seriously have had the worst day I've had in a while and watching buzzfeed videos always make me feel better!
"I don't care what decade were in, I am an out of shape prince of shit" 😂😂😂 um done
Lol ....loved it.😂😂
"Get the pelvis ready for child birth" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
'This is kinky shit' 😂😂😂
That Granny fkd up 😹😹😹
I love some aerobics 80/90s workout vidoes I use to do them and lost 17 pounds without being I a diet like I two months if i ate healthy I would had lost more right when I lost weight I got prego and gaim it back and more wah
I am crying laughing.

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