We Took 3 Vegans To Stuff Dead Animals At A Taxidermy Class

We Took 3 Vegans To Stuff Dead Animals At A Taxidermy Class
We Took 3 Vegans To Stuff Dead Animals At A Taxidermy Class
Published on 11/19/2017
We Took 3 Vegans To Stuff Dead Animals At A Taxidermy Class


Am I the only one who noticed that the girl that is teaching them doesn't have any bra on?
Why aren't they wearing gloves??
It says 4 Vegans, but if my counting is correct, there are only 3.
Running out of ideas, Buzzfeed. Running out.
Am I the only one that noticed the ladies nipples
I personally think this was cool and educational. And like they said, they made the duckling beautiful again. Definitely want to learn how to this
I saw the title and was like "Oh boy this is gonna be a roller coaster."
She's so perfect. Best looking rockabilly female I've seen in a while.
People are liking the video before they even finish watching it
Oh no! Taking ducklings that died from NATURAL CAUSES and mounting them so that we can learn about their anatomy and appreciate them after they died is so inhumane. I bet those little ducklings were in so much pain and would have much rather been thrown into the garbage rather than looking beautiful and alive again so that we can admire them and what beautiful creatures they are. So terrible.
That is awesome that she only uses animals who die of natural causes!
Like hell a legit ethical vegan would do that.
Why would a vegan agree to this...?
Sorry but all I could focus on was the taxidermists nipples.
Against animal cruelty (not a vegan) but ethical taxidermy doesn't bother me. Especially if it's for education purposes. I applaud them for trying, you can tell it was hard for them to do. And for those claiming that they're not "true" vegans you need to get off your high horse.
How many of us couldn't look away from her amazing nipples? Now I know what men are so distracted by. Sorry to sound like a pig lady, but you have great boobies. Be proud.
I love how people say this is "inhumane". Would I ever want to do this or do this myself? No. But seriously? Inhumane? The ducklings died naturally. They aren't coming back to life, they can't feel a thing so using the argument this is inhumane is literally the definition of chosen ignorance and idiocy.
For those of you arguing that we don't taxidermy humans, do some reading on the entire modern embalming process. Especially when the deceased had a messy death. It is done for different reasons than is done for animals, but neither process is exactly easy to stomach, and seems heartless, which is why morticians get a bad reputation for being creepers.
How fucking disrespectful. Vegan my ass.
Everyone who says poor duckling. It's already dead. Its not going to come back to life. Better to be fixed up and stuffed then to be tossed in the garbage.
There's nothing wrong with this process, appreciation of a deceased animal is prolonged.
Ugh. I don't know if I could do this and I eat meat. (Plus why aren't they wearing gloves or the teacher wearing a bra?)
Clearly they asked many vegans to do it and these were the ones who were open and willing to try new things. For those vegans and vegetarians saying that they couldn't watch it because it was too "disgusting," that's a ridiculous reason. You shouldn't feel disgusted. If anything, you should feel sad because it's a inhumane action to you. At the end of the video, all the vegans were saying they felt like It was educational. I dont personally agree with texidermy, but I do resoect these vegans for trying it and trying to understand the appeal.
To everyone saying that it's animal cruelty, unethical for vegans, etc., the birds died of natural causes and she even stated that, thus it isn't unethical because they didn't actually kill them. As for not wearing gloves, most taxidermist will wear gloves if they do not know where the animal lived/how it died, but if they did not die of any sort of disease or they know where the animal came from(ex: animal from zoo that died of old age) they will not wear gloves since it can get in the way of the process and make it more difficult since a lot of the technique involves touch.
I'm not even a vegan or vegetarian and I wouldn't be able to skin a duckling. 😖
Also who the fuck needs a bra, be mature and stop focusing on her boobs, grow up idiots. She's an amazing person and a bra dosent change shit
These are the least pussy vegans I've ever seen.
For a moment I died. I'm not vegan or vegetarian what so ever I love animals but i swear I would have vomited.
I don't believe a true vegan would agree to even step foot into that business
I'm a vegan and I respect people who wish to further educate others in loving animals. Sometimes it takes some hurt to realize hey I don't feel good about this, but it impacts other people's minds differently. People are very visual, and I am not for hunting (sport) and I could personally never do this because I have a weak stomach, but I respect those who do this because they admire the beauty of an animal in the ways that I cannot.
Reading these comments and seeing all of these people freaking out about this, saying how unsanitary it is? It's called washing your hands. Same as after you handle raw meat or a potato that hasn't been washed. Also taxidermy is pretty sweet. It's amazing how life-like they can make the animals. Have 3 deer on the wall to prove it. I want to learn
Is she wearing a bra am i the only one that notice that?!?!
Anybody else just click the video because of the cutie hosting this thing? Lol
Everyone in these comments seem to have the mental capacity of a 12 year old boy. Seriously? You couldn't look away from the woman's nipples? I noticed them for a sec and then moved on. It's crazy how people get so worked up about their own anatomy.
i usually like buzz feed but this one is horrible.no vegan would ever do this .horrible horrible!
No bra...no problem!😬👍
I keep thinking where is her bra. Lol
Soooo does anybody notice that taxidermist didn't wear a bra? 😃
The vegans are like: Thanks satan
A true vegan would NOT do this - period. Us vegans are not speciesist. We see no difference in doing this with ducklings vs your grandmother. Its sick and sadistic. Pathetic to live in a world where vegans are harassed and mocked for being FOR animal equality and a cruel free world......... Sigh...
A real vegan wouldn't touch that. This video is fucking trash. Disgusting. Unliking buzzfeed.
They were waaaaay too comfortable. #suspicious
Love it but there's no way that instructor was wearing a bra 🐦
love buzz feed 😍
I'm not a vegan, but I would NEVER do this to any type of animal. I believe animals should have the same rights as humans, this is like getting a dead human and saying it's okay to remove it's insides and make it into decoration. This is just disgusting. I might be an atheist but I believe every living thing deserves to die in peace and buried respectfully and mourned for.
without compassion for misery or suffering.
People need to stop saying this is inhumane because the duckling are already dead. They aren't suffering because they aren't in any pain.
For everyone saying why would you stuff an animal when humans aren't even done the same way? I guess none of you have heard or saw the traveling exhibition Body Worlds. If you ever get the chance...it's awesome! The human bodies were donated by the individuals on display after their natural deaths. Very eye opening to see the human body in a new light and how the body is constructed. A great anatomy lesson.
Take this shit out they are anti-vegans!

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