We Had People Try Nutella For The First Time And It Was Magical

We Had People Try Nutella For The First Time And It Was Magical
We Had People Try Nutella For The First Time And It Was Magical
Published on 12/11/2017
We Had People Try Nutella For The First Time And It Was Magical


"You've thrown your waist line to the wind" *inserts flipped hand 😩😂😂😭😩
how have these people never tried nutella
"Finally lost my virginity"
poo from baby angels...because its just that heavenly....lmfao. oh nutella.
There is so much wrong about this
1 under which rock have they all lived until now?
2 How dare that man call eating Nutella with a spoon "too(????) sweet"???
3 How dare that man call Nutella disgusting?!
4 That man disturbed me a LOT
"this is like peanut butters hot sister i want to date" hahaha YES!!!
The guy with Nutella all over his mouth gives zero fucks and I love him for it.
I must be one of the very few ppl to hate Nutella.
True story: I was in a mental instution when I tried Nutella for the first time. It was a staple of the pantry on the premise. Literally they couldn't go to the market without geting a jar. One time we actually somehow were out and it was the one time I saw someone have a full blown meltdown... in a psych ward... I want you to let that sink in...
the pube hair guy is always thinking of the girls
That guy is adorable 😂
I LOVE Nutella. It's like an orgasam in my mouth😍
I'm apparently the only person in the world who hates nutella😳
How come someone doesn't like Nutella? I MEAN, IS HE HUMAN?
Where were these people found?? Under a rock??
Poo from baby Angels lol
Toast. Butter. Then Nutella. Thank me later.
"No no no i fix it for you" 😂😂😂
I had it for the first time last year and OMG it is the most amazing thing ever invented
Ferrero rocher's center are made from nutella. There's a good chance they have tried that and are unaware they have eaten nutella.
I feel as though I'm the only person who does not like Nutella. I'm just not a fan. It's not terrible, but I just don't like it. :(
I think Nutella can take all these comments and make new taglines for itself lol.
Nutella- peanut butters hot sister you wanna date haha
"This is like a .. I just can't right now sandwich" lmao! My favorite part!
The first time? Oh my 😳
I hate Nutella.
I grew up with nutella and no one knew what it was and now all of a sudden everyone loves it. Wtf happened?
Thats shits gross. Sorry but I dont like that stuff
" I'm glad that I lost my virginity today "😂😂😂😂 I love Nutella ❤️
Grilled Nutella & mini marshmallows? OMG
nutella best ever before men . lol
I think this stuff is awful.
Lol that one dude saying he hates it! He loved it he just wanted to be "that guy" who was different lol
Nutella on waffles and pancakes is awesome too. Instant food coma!! Haha! :P
Ps anyone here concerned about animal welfare/animal advocates might wanna stop buying it. Nutella uses Palm oil. Palm oil is single handedly killing orangutans and destroying their natural habitats.
"It's like taking a s'more to a creative chef and he goes no no no I fix it for you" 😂🙌
I must be a weirdo then cuz I freakin hate Nutella. I think it's disgusting. My nephews love it but me. Nope no thanks I'll pass
Nutella is good but Cookie Butter from Trader Joes is better.
Am i the only one who thinks its a bit over rated
"I'm glad I lost my virginity today" 😂😂 wtf
Nutella and bacon are the duct tapes of food! They can make it better or fix it. And yes Nutella on bacon is delicious!
lol poo from baby angels!!!! <3
I first tried nutella in the 80s when a german exchange student brought it - love the stuff!
Nutella for the first time? I didn't know these people existed..aliens.
If you offered me Nutella that honestly seals the deal like yup it's official I'm gonna date you either that or I'll ignore you while I eat my Nutella
How can these people not have tried Nutella???????????????? It's a life essential....
"Peanut butter's hot sister"
It's yummy, but it's pure sugar. Bad for you.
Nutella Covered Pretzels!
*you're welcome*
Nutella is so gross. I also want to scream at the lying commercials claiming it's a healthy breakfast. Sure! If you consider icing on bread healthy ! :p
I think I'm the only person who thinks it's disgusting.

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