We Had Men Explain How Periods Work And It Was Hilarious

We Had Men Explain How Periods Work And It Was Hilarious
We Had Men Explain How Periods Work And It Was Hilarious
Published on 10/18/2017
We Had Men Explain How Periods Work And It Was Hilarious


"It looks like one of those party poppers...that you pull...and..."
I died.
Imagine Keith being a dad and trying to teach his 11 year old daughter about periods before she gets them...
"It catches your debris"
"But some day, you'll get to make a baby and that's a whole new level of pain."
"It's like are we going to have a baby... Then it's like, nope. Then you day dang it why did we do all this stuff?" 😂😂😂😂 me explaining that shit in a nutshell
"It's happens like 24/7" "it's and all day thing ..oh hell no" 😂😂😂
The dude wearing a teal shirt knows what's going on 👌 #respect
"The woman's look like are we gonna get pregnant? And then it's like 'nope!' And then it's like dang it why did we do all this stuff?" LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL
Lol it Sooo cute how polite they are about it 😂
"You want might to consider inserting something up inside of you." Hahaha, classic Keith.
you can't fault them. there are still a lot of women who don't even know these things. sex education for all!
"I'd bitch about it. I'd bitch about it all the time."
The average woman loses between four and twelve teaspoons of blood PER SECOND.
Buzzfeed is running out of ideas
keith, PhD in periods.
You can tell which guys have older sisters 😂
More correct than I would have thought.
Kudos for the guy stating he would do what women do - get on with our day even if we're in pain when asked what he'd do if he had to experience it! He was good!
"This would have been perfect for my nosebleeds when I was a kid." 😂
I think Try Guys should do the simulated labor pains! That'd be awesome!!!
Cause the egg is too big?! 😂😂
They should make another one having women explain it, but while they are menstruating. You will feel the hate lol
I think what this really proves is that men shouldn't be making laws about women's health.
They need to show this video to most men on the GOP. I don't think there is one man in the GOP who knows how a woman's body works.
These are questions we should ask congressmen who want to make decisions for women. If you can't answer that, you should be cut out of the conversation.
Cramps are caused because little devil aliens inside of us stab the inside of the uterus until we cry
I'm so funny, buzzfeed. Hire me
4-12 teaspoons ? I FREAKIN' WISH !!!
Crushing on the guy in the blue with the hat and glasses! He knew his stuff! He'd know how to take care of a woman for sure! ;-)
Omg if men had those cramps we got they would die.
Really I think I lose way more blood than that. Just saying
Lol "it just keeps coming out?!?!?!? OH HEEELLLL NAHHH" "Id move out"
You can tell who has had serious relationships and who hasnt
"It catches your debris....""" as if there was a hurricane going down there. Lmao....
"it just keeps coming out?? OH HELL NO " LMAO funniest part ever
The guy in the hat with the glasses was SO INFORMED!!!!
Keith secretly has a menstrual cycle and we all know it xD
I think its funny when a man doesn't understand how our periods work but tries to explain it lol
" I would bitch a lot " thank you, Keith.
I love that the two guys knew about the menstrual cups!
Hahahaha "you put it in your underwear...and it catches your...debris" hahaha I am laughing so hard at that right now. I'm using that in the future.
"It just keeps coming out? Oh hell no" 😂😂😂
This is why sweat pants exist.
I use a Diva cup, and it's actually WAY better for me. Cramps aren't as bad and you can leave it in longer. I know it sounds weird to people, but it's really no big deal. Saves me a ton of money, too. ^_^
Smelly farts & impulse eating. I've tried the diva cup. It's sooooo awkward. I tried, really I did. Lazy days where you just wanna wear a pad & lounge in sweats & your biggest period panties/gran pans & thank God for Netflix.
I know loads of females who dont even know how periods work
Keith and the dude in the teal shirt and hat knew what was up!
ONLY 4-12 teaspoons! Still shocked on that part honestly lol ...ONLY! Smh All that pain for a lil rain..... Ridiculous. Feels more like a tsunami with hail and sharks with chainsaws and cacti spinning around the whole darn abdominal area Mann
Men are hilarious when it comes to feminine hygiene.....
i hope its just like a few drops... ><
Zoë Rehmat lmfaoooo "I would do exactly what women would do.. I would go throughout my day pretending like nothing was wrong with me..." THIS GUYYY lololll
The ending "on the plus when you want a baby that is a whole new pain you get to endure" ha
The guy with the hat and glasses totally gets it. Bravo for doing your research 👏👏

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