We Had A Bunch Of People Try Brains For The First Time And It's OMG

We Had A Bunch Of People Try Brains For The First Time And It's OMG {Sponsored by The CW}
We Had A Bunch Of People Try Brains For The First Time And It's OMG
Published on 12/11/2017
We Had A Bunch Of People Try Brains For The First Time And It's OMG
{Sponsored by The CW}


"It's like scrambled eggs that used to think things."
Catching the first train to helltothefuckno ville
only the idea of eating a brain is what makes it gross , but if you eat the damn thing without knowing its gonna taste good (personal experience )
I was eating a sandwich when I saw this. Now, my dog is enjoying it.
People are so weird on this post, eating an animal's brain is gross but eating its thighs, legs, stomach, etc is tasty.
maybe we should give them to the rest of society and see if it'll stop people being brainless, mouthy gits
I've been eating that ever since i was a young kid.. Its yummy
PUKE! Brains taste & feel like snot! I tried it twice just to make sure. SNOT.BOTH.TIMES
No no no no!! My brain wouldn't let me do it!! I don't care how good it tastes, hell no, I'd puke!
Tacos de cabaza! Is the best!
I feel like I would totally eat this, but I don't think I'd ever be like " you know what I'm craving right now? Some brain on toast"
This takes brian food to a whole new level
A brain is a brain . Whether it be human, animal, ect . That's jus taking it to far. Disgusting .
All the disease that can't be cooked out...
I respect people who eat things like this. I should start, the brain is one of those things wasted when I clean a carcass after hunting.
This is wrong
Chris Jim
I've been raised and eating lamb brain, cow brain etc..... it's really yummy we still eat it when we're craving mutton so it's not gross to me, just funny to see ppl try it th first time.
"Dame 3 tacos de lengua" lol
Those are the best ! 👌👌
I wasn't sure if the title was serious so I clicked the video anyways. Closed it as soon as I heard "The eyeball is still in"
If they didn't know it was brains they wouldn't care. Especially the annoying one with the 'tache
You mean to tell me that you kiled animals to have humans eat their brains.
For entertainment purposes?
Shaking my head.
....and the idea of zombies begins now
Tacos dorados de sesos -w- Adfasd in mexico eat tacos brain is normal XD
thanks for putting that thought in my brain...ewww
omg its nothing try to eat reproductive system next time
i had goat brains n eyeballs in the Philippines on New Years Eve n of cause it wasn't in a taco
Prions no thank you
Lmfao. My grandfather used to crack the head and eat the brain every Easter.
I love it, been eating it since I was a kid, soooooo yummy 😋
Weaaakk, Some of them will never survive a zombie apocalypse.
Im filipino and brains is my favorite exotic food.. it's a kind of food that you need to grow up with.. :)
That's disgusting :L
pork brain quesadillas are the best!!! deep fried with salsa verde!! In mexico city we eat everything!
Good way to use the animal
see, I thought it said Brazilian food.
Omg 😍
It is something about America. I'm italian and in some regions it's common to eat brain... I love pork brain and tongue too
No......Just no.
faltan los de tripa...
My father in law loved calf brains with scrambled eggs. I am getting sick just thinking about it! Yuk!
That blonde girl reminds me of the girl from hot pepper gaming .-.
I've had goat brains before. It was delicious!
I ate it at very young age, when it didnt have any good flavor like these food but it was so good already
Sounds delicious lol
it's delicious

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