We Got A Bunch Of People To Sext Their Parents For Money

We Got A Bunch Of People To Sext Their Parents For Money Hosted By: Keith Habersberger
We Got A Bunch Of People To Sext Their Parents For Money
Published on 12/10/2017
We Got A Bunch Of People To Sext Their Parents For Money
Hosted By: Keith Habersberger


Honestly, only 1 person out of 9 said no. It was way too easy to get people to do this.
Sext? Omg my father's gonna kill me
you will get 10$
Oh okay its no problem
Try that with any African parents, u gonna use that $10 to admit and treat yourself in the hospital... Lolz.!!!!
"Do they already know what you look like?" Hahahaha
-WWKHD? (What Would Keith Habersberger do?)
My brother accidently sext my husband a completely NUDE picture of himself. When he admitted it to me I almost died hahahaha.
Can we have a prank that parents do to their kids?
That was not enough money...
You know I'd probably do it too if I could just "expalin" to my parents what was going on afterwards.
I CAN'T. I don't even curse in front of my parents!
"my dad's gonna kill me" "its okay youve got ten dollars"
If you think this is funny, you're sick. It's actually quiet rude and disrespectful towards your parent. No class and no respect.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. Next thing someone will want stupid people to do would be..............well I guess anything since now it's ok to disrespect your parents.
That'll make thanksgiving interesting :P
Keith Habersberger My dad says you never texted back.
Joanna DaHyun Lol I will pay you the $ if you do this
That's disgusting
Zoe Stamatopoulos Callum Rhyce Jeffree Matthew Strachan Alexandra Vivona Lauren Nicolo Steph Maldoni Laurutza Perri Tiana Farrugia
Jackson Walsh Sam Lilli Ryan Matthews Charlie Eaton Tessa Fergusson Ayden Lawrence Nicholas Zappia Pha-Hai Nguyen Riley Hall Jack Devlin
Samantha, do I get paid for your mom reading my sexts?
Marisol Cobian Vanna Ferrel
I'll pay them more
If they Don't do it!!!
Sext my parents? Never in a million years. I want to LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!
Kitty Dyami Literally Sydnee
Cara Heath, Marie Haynes, Pippa Jones, James Alexander Moore, Eileen Irby
"do they already know what you look like?" hahahaha Stephanie Cruz
Lauris Robles-Pacas my mom would of been like hija de tu puta madre. but instead of texting me she would've called me
Jyllian Gutierrez Yvonne Carmona Vanessa Ceseña
Lmfao nah my Latino and Native ass parents don't play that shit haha Kendra Hernandez-Payan
Diana Gonzalez omg this face at the end !!
Alexandra N'douffou Samuela Bruce could you send sexts to one of your parents ??
Sarah Ibrahim Sophia Khalifeh literally crying
Gabriel Morcillo Dashanae Pascale
Alyssa Trombino Julia Pizzica
T.J. Jones Matt Demming Christina Lynn
Kevin Vivar Nathalie Linares
Yikes. I don't know about that
Natalia Kunc Guy Fenwick
Estrella Sharai De la Rosa Lindsey Quinones Nestor Rojas would you guys do it??? Lol
Emilie Maranda
Tainiska Dante Valentine Matt Roach Justin Moisson Gabriel Fatcake
Kear Noël Ison Jamie McClure Tosha Poulson
Maria Ruiz
Babe is it bad that I would hella do this 😂
Freya Tedeschi Haneen Shatry
Lmao! Shellbell Andrea Clancy Courtney Smith
Jolene Cherise Reid
Brialyn Onodera H-Three Hanoa James Awrey Devin Ripley
Lori Robles Zuniga imagine getting paid for something you already love to do!😒
Uh, HELL NO!!!! Amy Franklin
Alan Mescudi Turner LOLOLOL

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