We found a bunch of dudes who had never seen Pixar’s Up, got them drunk, then showed them the first 12 minutes.

We found a bunch of dudes who had never seen Pixar’s Up, got them drunk, then showed them the first 12 minutes.
We found a bunch of dudes who had never seen Pixar’s Up, got them drunk, then showed them the first 12 minutes.
Published on 08/17/2017
We found a bunch of dudes who had never seen Pixar’s Up, got them drunk, then showed them the first 12 minutes.


"But she got over it... she's painting now"
They weren't drunk enough
I love the guy who drops the headphones "Jesus f*cking christ", perfect.
Ugh. I bawl every time I watch this movie. Started to tear up just listening to them describe it. Let women watch it sober who have never seen it before. It'll be a completely different clip. Lol.
Is no one going to mention the intensity of the unibrow of the gentleman in the purple shirt?
Pixar made the best love story in the first 15 minutes of that movie, hands down.
Drunk? Maybe just slightly sweaty
I'm crying just thinking about the first 12 minutes.
they don't come off as drunk lol
"WHY DOES THIS EXIST?" Nailed it, dude.
now get women drunk and do it so we can watch them bawl
I wanted this to be waaaaayyyyy better than it was. I was expecting lots of tears! Clearly they weren't drunk/sensitive enough.
That movie is pretty darn depressing….I got my kids the DVD without having seen it and I couldn't watch it more than once. Thankfully they didn't care too much for it either!
They were the most coherent drunks I've ever seen. Irish men would shout, fight with, then piss on the screen. 😂
I cried the first time i saw it, and it happened again a few.months later. I went into a blockbuster and they were showing it front the start in a big a## tv, I stood there watching again this great 12 minutes love story, I started crying again inside the blockbuster... BTW the country they want to go to is Venezuela not Peru. And the "water falls" are called Tepui. Google it, amazing pieces of nature!
They all wanted to cry lmao when they laughed was because they couldn't cry
I watched it the first time when I was pregnant and I cried for almost the whole movie about those first 12 minutes
Kayla Michael Ashley Halle
Disney movies always kill the mother off ever notice that in most of their films she's either dead or sick.or non existent altogether
We should do this haha Samantha Jones Carla Azzi Vanathy Natasha Sharma Rania Nashy
Todd Johnson Adam Rogers Jessica Barlow Jarrod Chilton :)
Madison Fluttershy Epperly Mary Hidey Lauren Fansler
Sarah Bagne Paige Santos Renee Shenton
I love this movie it brought a tear to my eyes :'(
Rafaelle Dion-Truax Évelyne Beaulieu Vicky Buzzell
WHY DIDN'T THEY CRY!! That's it this is my dating test now if i show this to someone and they dont cry I can't be in any kind of relationship with them lol.
Karishma Gidwani Georgina Guevara Lylen Guevara Wtf lol
"not only have i been this guy, we've all been this guy..you know what im saying?..the loser... :L"
Grant Kirkpatrick Kay Ideker
Joe Kay Rosalyn Pearlman Talia Macmull Lauren Levenstein
Deena Gail Lessel Elise Taylor Emilie Walker Paige Barron Lindsey Wilson Kodie Scott Samantha Abone
Clayleen Pipinich Lindsay Elizabeth Bittner Nic Haith-Nienhuis exactly how I felt!
Carmen Atherstone Cindy Sasso Burlingame was it you guys who didnt like UP because it was so sad in the beginning?? This is funny....
Gerina Perez Isabel Le Martinez Jomaree Coronel Emily Navarro Martinez Cecilia Swanepoel
Alexis Orsmond next time?
Hahaah vergeet wat ik net stuurde, déze moet je checken hahaha Gwennie Nine zo beleefde ik deze film ook haha
Alex Lemanski Katelyn Schaich Brenda Barrientos HAHAHAHAHAH
Cassie Daniel Rayna Malaka Taylor Johnston-Baker
Julianne, David, Jennifer
Arianna Garcia Manny Garcia
Cammi Miller do you remember when we went and saw this and we were laughing so hard because you dropped all of your popcorn everywhere while the opening was going on. We were laughing while everyone else was crying hahah
Cj Rankins I guess I'm now not the only one who cries when watching this movie 😊💜🎈
Jennifër Taguiam Arlynn Santos Casanada
Kevin Mendiola Valiant Chadd L. Zamora Antonio N Ashley Ybarra
Mara Dibb Julia Girmscheid
Sylvia Natalie
Katheryne Schauer Chad Williams Chloe Riley
Rubi Diaz
Kailey Levy Tran Kristine Nguyen Ân Hùynh Kathy Nguyen Thang Fam

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