We Asked Women To Draw What They Think Boners Feel Like

We Asked Women To Draw What They Think Boners Feel Like
We Asked Women To Draw What They Think Boners Feel Like
Published on 08/16/2017
We Asked Women To Draw What They Think Boners Feel Like


I think the girl who drew a Christmas tree definitely has been given a dick in the box gift.
It's not that hard... Like think of your boob. Are you thinking of it? Now imagine it between your legs. You feel it hanging there? Brushing against your boxers? Okay now imagine it just grew longer and got hard and now your pants are restricting it and you just want it to go away so you rip your pants off and start smacking everything in sight with it and sticking it in between everything that is a tight enough space to make it just barely fit comfortably and humping the crap out of it just thinking "MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT GO SOFT SO I CAN FIT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS. NO PENIS BAD PENIS GO SOFT!". Now it's soft and you've just realized. A boob is just a fat penis that hangs on your chest.
"What I imagine some drugs to be like" lol
To the guys saying that women don't understand: duh..?
To the guys: why is no one explaining it to us then??
I'm not here for top comment or anything, I'm just sitting with this girl(rida) I just met and I'm pretending that I'm texting like she's doing so I don't look like I have no friends or a life. You can carry on with your day now thank you.
Bring on the "guys react" video! Lol
I can honestly say I have never thought of my dick as a Christmas tree.
I feel like it would be a pulsing sensation as it hardens...guessing as i don't have the parts lol
Buzz feeds really scraping the bottom of the barrel
The comment section has yet failed to quench my thirst for knowledge regarding the subject so i had to ask my fiance'. He said and i quote, " it's like a muscle cramp that doesn't hurt.", end quote. Seems simple but altogether mysterious. Hmmm
Do one for "What women think blue balls feel like", apparently it's pure agony 😄😄
And here's to the weird chicks who have actually asked their significant others what it feels like..✋
LMFAO!! I think I'd have drawn a dog, begging for food, whining and straining and reaching for the good stuff, but willing to settle for drinking out of the toilet.
This made these women look kinda stupid.airhead confused.
Yeah you get excited about being on a hardon when your like 12/13 when your older its just like ' meh I've got ten minutes till my breaks over might aswell rub one out'
I think most men if asked what it feels like
Would just ask you to feel it for them
If you know what i mean?
Yes. There are sparkles. Don't forget the lenticular clouds that form around the boner when atmospheric conditions are right.
You know what I do? I just flip it up.. But be careful if you lift your arms up your dick might play peekaboo with someone 😂😂
More like ... sexfeed now :/
"a mountain and a penis look the same" haha, I've actually thought that before.
i feel like alot of men made a face when the girl drew a christmas tree.... lol
The woman stating nothing going up in the brain, that's pretty messed up. Good men who don't think with their penis don't have that issue at all
Honestly, how can you draw a feeling? I'd like to see the guys draw what having a boner "feels like".
because nothing greets me better at 10am than dick pics
What in the world goes on in the women's heads about sex parts 😂
What is this nonsense Is it reasonable to all the girls take her mind sexual relationship if I am here as well as prostitutes
i'm on that weird side of buzz feed again D:
There are parts of this that are VERY accurate... Brava, ladies. 👏 👏 👏
Lmfao, I constantly ask my boyfriend what having a boner feels like!
It feels like having a light saber out and ready to fuck up Sith Lords.
Hey, when I'm in a mood I can't even think straight. So why does automatically make the opposite sex supposedly have "nothing going on up here" when we talk about their brain? Takes a brain to think about your next move! They have two heads for a reason; one to think and one to do the exercise. ;D
it's too early for this 😂😂
It annoying 90% of the time and the other 10% is called sex and mornings.
Is it just me or is that tanish chick pretty hot haha
From weird stories my friends have told me I know that they're more uncomfortable than anything
Try to pee with a boner! Swear that shit a challenge u end up peeing 5 feet away smh 😂😂
They should do a mens reaction to each woman's drawing and description of the drawing.
All the guys getting mad and hating on this video and all the women find it hilarious 😂😂😂
"no, not now..down boy." is how some of us feel when it happens.
just to make things clear boners usually are a un attachable stick in your pants.. no feeling nothing ladies..
Wtf a Christmas tree? Lol
So.... next time I heard a woman complain about not being understood, I will pull this video out.
Um this actually makes me incredibly sad. Although a lot of guys are portrayed as mindless sex fiends or whatever your brainless interpretation of a boner is? They are not. Yes, some may be misguided and go about trying to obtain sexual experience the wrong way, but that is not the case for many males among us! If you can sift through these many you'll find that they have lots of thoughts many of which aren't dominating and primal.... It is an energizing root chakra boost everyone should utilize! No matter the gender the ecstasy can be utilized in any state of mind... Just make eye contact and focus on the other persons energy... If you have good intentions, you should want to make them feel as good as you do...... Love <3
So wrong...
If this was about a female body part the comments would be all women bitching about sexism
i bet all of the girls there are virgins
It feels like a flexed messaged muscle. Sometime it feels good. When it's too hard it hurts... to wear pants.
I think the closest a woman can come to feeling it is like when her breasts are swollen and tight from lactating or when they have a pimple that's engorged to the point it hurts, is uncomfortable and ready to burst.
Im still searching for gf
Shah true lol

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