We Asked People What They Really Thought About Zayn Leaving One Direction

We Asked People What They Really Thought About Zayn Leaving One Direction
We Asked People What They Really Thought About Zayn Leaving One Direction
Published on 11/24/2017
We Asked People What They Really Thought About Zayn Leaving One Direction


Lmaoo😂😂😂😂😂😂 Teenage girls are about to unlike this page 😂
"oh dear" lol
I survived the n sync break ups, the backstreet boys breaking up and ginger leaving the spice girls.. I'm sure the one direction fans will be fine
Now there are 4 members. One for each direction!
i don't give a walking fuck
It's said like malick
Did he just say zayn maleek ..
Why does everyone care so much over this? There wasn't this much drama going on when Robin Williams died. (R.I.P my childhood memories) and I think he was much more worthy of heartbreak. This guy isn't dead. Who's to say that he won't become a solo artist or something? Seriously this generation is something else.
YES. You WILL all be okay...too many people have reacted like he died or something...
You know, some of us just don't care! ever thought of that?
For all of you stupid little girls cutting your wrists over this, just think about years from now you will still have those scars. Over what? A guy leaving a group? "What's that scar from mommy?" Oh I had nothing better to do with my life than sob over someone I will never know and mutilate myself over petty bull shit.
Who gives a fuck?! 150 people died in a plane crash and this is what the world is talking about?!
One down, 4 to go
A normal person would just thank Zayn for being a part of the band and wishing him good luck in his future endeavors, not cutting themselves in hopes of getting Zayn back in One Direction.
Who Cares all bands break up sooner or later....
Sooo... Can you stop calling them a "band" and stick to the word "group". I mean, it's not like they were the Beatles.
Good 😂😂😂 one direction sucks anyway. He's the only hot one too. He probably left because the others kept bothering him for anal.
They should have asked directioners too....😒
Haha "maleek" learn how to say his last name 😂😂
*Peter Voice* "Oh my god who the hell cares
They be aight lol remember justin Timberlake lol
Looks like he went off in a different direction.
10 year olds, "oh my god, I hate life!"
18 year olds, "aww... Wait, what boy band was he in?"
25 year olds, "who the heck is that?"
30 year olds, "who the heck was that?"
40 year olds, "ugh, my daughter is still crying about that?"
50 year olds, "who the heck is that?!"
inZAYN in the membRAYN
I just waste 1:10 mins of my life by watching this video :/
Our soldiers are dying. People are starving and a crazy pilot just killed 150 people in a plane and society is worried about a fucking boy band. Kill yourself.
Meanwhile on a German mountain...
Well that was biased. Ask a fan. Better yet ask a young girl. Different reaction . And to those who don't care. Well some people do and that s why buzzfeed is milking this. You don't care but it doesn't mean someone else doesn't. Just a thought.
He went a different direction
It's pathetic that girls think "their life's is over" because he left .-. It's his life fangirls, Let It GO
Who left what?
I can't wait for Fast & Furious 7 :-) :-$
Was that Harry Potter?
Of course you'll fucking be okay if you're not a fan,there's millions of people who won't be okay..
I am 23 mother of one expecting another, I love one direction. It really sucks, he was one of the best vocalist in the group. And all you saying who cares.. Clearly you care enough to take time out of your day to post on this. Lol 😘😘 we will miss you Zayn
they were once one direction now theyre two dirctions jaja
"I wanna be a normal 22 year old." Does Zayn know what that means? STUDENT LOAN DEBT! You want some student loans Zayn? You are more than welcome to take mine
If we could get over Justin Timberlake leaving NSYNC, kids will get over this.
Apparently Cut4Zayn is a thing.
I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with all these mother fuckers they just keep saying zain Malik is leaving one direction like who the fuck is he😡😡😡assholes
For all you people saying that it doesn't matter that he left, it actually does. He helped save so many lives, and one direction was the only thing that made some girls happy. I understand that if you don't listen to them it obviously doesnt matter to you, but be considerate of the people who do care. And if you don't care, why are you even commenting on or watching this video? So please don't call Directioners stupid, or unintelligent, or to kill ourselves. Something that we care about and love is broken, and we have a right to be upset.
I can go and live my life without Zayn nor 1D.
P.s. It's MAL- IK NOT MAL - EEK!!! 😡😡
I'M SO SICK OF SEEING THIS... OMFG. THERE'S BIGGER THINGS GOING ON THE WORLD. WE ARE RAISING A SELFISH BLINDED GENERATION. THAT, IF I MAY REMIND YOU ALL... IS OUR FUTURE! I really hope there's more intelligence out there. There's often so many bouts of stupidity and not enough stories about good things teens are doing these days. I understand it sucks. But, it happens. It ALWAYS happens. Suck it up. Move on. Tomorrow will still happen even if ZAYN is going in another direction.
hehehe no one cares about one direction it sucks justin bieber is better
so you showing us that people just don't care ?
okay then who're the people who've been crying and cutting themselves for the past 4 days ?
you don't care doesn't mean that no one cares
so please don't make fun of the situation cause it's no joke.
If you asked teenage girls it would've been a very different reaction
"He left one direction..Wait did he leave up or down..."hahaha :)
Let's discuss that "plane" incident instead!!! #REALnews

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