We Asked Our Office Coffee Snob To Be In A Video And Things Didn’t Go Well For Him

We Asked Our Office Coffee Snob To Be In A Video And Things Didn’t Go Well For Him
We Asked Our Office Coffee Snob To Be In A Video And Things Didn’t Go Well For Him
Published on 10/19/2017
We Asked Our Office Coffee Snob To Be In A Video And Things Didn’t Go Well For Him


So much pretentiousness
This video is so bad. The blonde chick talks over everyone and it's annoying & shit-ly edited. Go home buzzfeed, you're drunk
The faces they make are disturbing. Especially the blond. Lol
Everyone is hating on the blonde but I get the feeling this was kind of a fake video. Like she was making fun of artists like that.
This video feels fake
I kind of wish that they would've thrown instant coffee into the mix.
" I am in a professional relationship with coffee" xD she looks a lot like gabby
This is the perfect example of how Artists are so pretentious .
We need to do this with Cannabis. There are Cannabis connoisseurs too ya know! We can test bongs, pipes, vaps, hookahs, etc. And of course, I volunteer my services free of charge. :D
Where's the percolated coffee!?
There's nothing wrong with MR. Coffee...
Who drinks coffee off a spoon? What is this?
But most importantly, were they all the same coffee? I would hope that would go without saying.
I wasn't sure if this video is a satire. Is it a satire? At times they seem serious and other times they were unbelievably serious.
Think twice before being a coffee snob.
What's the correlation between coffee drinking and being an artist?
I think the whole video was a spoof on coffee snobs. Idc I heat my water in the microwave and add Taster's choice instant coffee withe pure cane sugar and coffee mate
I'm from Seattle, we know our coffee here..... and I'm not gonna lie, I like the good ol' fashioned Mr Coffee, and the French Press. They're simple, fairly inexpensive, and easy to use. Besides, its not always about the brewing method, as it is about the beans themselves.
I'm curious as to if they used the same roast & roast dated coffees...makes a huge difference for science!
Ehhh the coffee snob guy is such a fucking tool bag
I love my Cafetiere!
I wish I was friends with the in-house coffee snob just because his reactions to stuff are so intense. "What the hell is this crap? *spits it out* Who made this, a potato??"
having used the chemex and always goten fantastic coffee they suck at life lol you have to use the right ground and right coffee for the right system. DUH
I just discovered a French press! I love it! Especially with flavored coffee! Yum! And it's faster than brewing in the coffee pot!
I actually like Mr. Coffee and French Press because they both are very strong coffee. I'm all about the boldness of the taste and power of the caffeine
"Wangle of my dangle"
I don't like the coffee snob .
Yay I'm not the only one who thinks some coffee tastes burnt
i really like french press. i'm kinda eeehhh on a Mr. Coffee. it always tastes burnt and metalic. other than that i actually prefer starbucks via. lol
I don't drink coffee so I don't care. I thought it was funny and ridiculous.
I wish they would show how to use all of them (including Mr Coffee--which I fail at).
Team cold brew (not from starbucks)
since when japan has a history with coffee? don't go hating on me .-. just curious
Office coffee snob is super annoying. Voice, face all of it. Couldn't finish watching it.
Those bangs...
You forgot campfire drop pot coffee
sooo young so dumb
did she say pleeeeb? it's spelled pleb for a reason.
These guys are boring as hell! Jordan Schlanski and Conan done better coffee testing than this non-articulate piece of sh#t.
I have the top of the line Mr Coffee with a thermos style pot and I LOVE it! Not as much as a French press, put pretty close
Omg seriously? Just enjoy whatever you enjoy and stop being so damn pretentious! Every day things are good and fancy things are good too
"Duuude you're such a Plebe and you didn't even know it!" Ha ha ha!!!
I just use a coffee pot haha. Only thing I'm picky about is coffee grinds to water ratio.
I really don't know if this video is fake????!?
Well that was boring.
French press all day
I want coffee now
Omg I hate buffering

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