Watch Three Women Get A Historical Makeover To Look Like Their Ancestors

Watch Three Women Get A Historical Makeover To Look Like Their Ancestors
Watch Three Women Get A Historical Makeover To Look Like Their Ancestors
Published on 10/20/2017
Watch Three Women Get A Historical Makeover To Look Like Their Ancestors


Hey Buzzfeed, I just want to say I'm loving this whole women throughout history thread you've been doing. It's lovely and informative and I wish Hollywood would take notice.
"ABC American Born Chinese" Never heard of it, sounds cool.
Try Mexican! Or like Aztec lol
You guys should do Aztec or Mayan :) btw these ladies look gorgeous!
:: They should do one for every ethnic background. ♡
I would like to see a Celtic one done.
How gorgeous! I want a makeover like that. 😊
Please do more of these? Maybe add some African, Hawaiian, Native Americans?
Edit: I do realize there are different cultures within these categories (ie Nigerian, Kenyan, Navajo, etc) and yes I agree it would be nice to see other cultures like Latin, Icelandic, etc done too.
Ugh Buzzfeed PLEASE hire some actual historians.
Beautiful!!! Everyone should embrace their historical culture!! They all tell a beautiful story! It's never too late to learn about your culture!!
#Dine #Navajowomen #nativeamerican
Makes me want to embrace my native american heritage more!!
would be cool to do it with men too, but instead ethnic traditional warrior looks. like greek would be spartan. japanese samurai. skandinavian viking, english knight. african zande. etc etc. just an idea anyway..
Aww man I don't what I'd look like. Mixed people problems
I would love to see this done for a woman of a full Greek background ! I Would love to see how it would turn out
how about Arabian heritage?
I'm Native American & my ancestors dressed amazing. But I get to see transformations like that all the time at pow wows. I would really love to see like Irish ancestors.
Lol. I'm Norwegian, so I'm not sure what my beauty heritage is. Lots of fur and braids?
What do you do when you're half Japanese and half White (mostly Celtic)??
What happens when you're white and black? I'm always left out, gosh! 😂 Jk
i kind of disappointed, only the English one look detail, and has the most effort. They could've done better for the other two. Especially the Asian one. It was too simple.
I would love to see Native American. For my heritage
ok Buzzfeed. this is among your top 3 videos. beautiful!
Do African countries
Indian braid their hair, wear a saree and definitely not so many dots over their eyebrows. What they have done is more of Bengal which is not followed in most of the india.
African, I would love to see that =)
That's my sister!
Where is my Nubia queen
To be honest, i liked the way the woman looked after the makeover more than how they came in.
Call me old fashioned, but i love the way the ancestors dress. Beautiful, classy, and STRONG.
i wish i can have a makeover like that but i have so many different heritage, including i think a few African American thrown in down my history as well as German and Irish and Norwegian and a few other things so i dont think it will work for people like me
I love the Indian look. Idk why I just always thought there type of heritage clothing was so pretty like the jewelry pieces and color of clothing
Do Native American, African, and Hispanic, please!
Honestly if you're gonna do this you should've done hispanic and blacks too. Just saying...but indian was beautiful
Do an Icelanic Viking...k?
I would love to see so many more women of different nationalities do this! This would amazing to do for all cultures!
Indian women are more beautiful than the make over you shown... 😏
I'm amazed they even had a European in this...and they actually used the word diverse while including a European woman. Wow I'm proud of you buzzfeed!
Where are the Hispanics!? This will be difficult though considering that Hispanics within themselves are very diverse. You may have someone that looks more indigenous while someone else looks more Spanish. You also have people that are in between! That's what's interesting about biracial ethnicities.. .you cannot generalize one specific look without up staging the other. FOR THIS REASON! I feel you should devote an entire video on Central and South American women!
English, Irish, Scottish... Which one? Would like to know if she actually has family from all three places. A lot of the time the three are just bundled together like they're the same place.
Tang Dynasty is one of my fav in the different eras
I love this!
I love this! Now if people could only be accepting of others walking around sharing their beautiful culture on the daily, that would be amazing.
When Asian girls loose there accent the sound like a Goddess I swear!
The Asian girl is probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life
I thought of the "Empress of China" whenever I think of a traditional Chinese beauty. It's one of the most beautiful film I've ever seen in my life.
How my heritage influenced my looks? Southeast asian's tall noses plus filipino's wider noses equals my giant squidward nose.
I'm a mix race!! I wonder how should I look like???😯
I love this! It's beautiful! <3
Do it to me.
So. . . where is the African queen? IJS!

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