Watch This Dancer Show What It’s Like To Come Out Of Your Shell

Watch This Dancer Show What It’s Like To Come Out Of Your Shell
Watch This Dancer Show What It’s Like To Come Out Of Your Shell
Published on 11/23/2017
Watch This Dancer Show What It’s Like To Come Out Of Your Shell


dude it's art. there's no clear cut- one way to perceive this, the point was he was shy and in a shell & through art rather than with words he's able to express his uniqueness, which maybe no one acknowledged before. I thought it was very inspirational and def beautiful
Mike Chang?
you're a dancer Harry :p
This is the narrator from the dear kitten videos isn't it
Isn't he the guy from Glee?
guys the video is 3 mins. this was posted 2 mins ago. why you commenting within one min? i don't get it lol
Look at all the gold covering him. #thedress
This isn't art it's a masterpiece. Harry did such an amazing job. Hes an amazing and talented dancer bravo Harry
I didn't get it. i got the narrator, but not the dance.
What I find the most fascinating about this video, dance, and expression is the placement of colors. I noticed how blue is in the smallest frame, yet covers most of his body and ground. While most of the other, brighter colors are greater in quantity but used less of. It makes me believe that the blue, commonly associated with sadness and depression, is only a small fragment in life (shown through the size of the frame holding the color) but consumes you more than anything (covering a great part of the body), especially when you're surrounded by greater and brighter things in life but fail to let it overpower your thoughts and mind (lack of bright colors). However, towards the end of the video, brighter colors are added to his body to help mask the blue but still cannot fully cover the past. It will forever linger there, but it's the future that lies there in telling whether or not you allow the greater things in life to become more prominent than what the sadness once was.
I love how the narrator of the "Dear Kitten" stories was chosen to speak this.
Dear kitten notice the human dancing in the white suit of purity as he believes he must be some sort of a kitty himself in his colorful litter boxes. He dabbles and prances like a vacoom! Enjoy!
why did he start in the white paint
Know what I miss? Real dancing....
This was the most beautiful thing I've seen today. Thank you for this piece. INSPIRATIONAL. BEAUTIFUL.
Thank you. 💞💞
Is that Mike Chang from Glee?!?!?
Did anyone else tear up? This is epic, amazing, and beautiful.
I thought he was gonna paint something unique and amazing this is stupid
Moms gonna be so angry when she sees the mess
that's beautiful!
Again, ZEFRANK'S video.
That was a little too much art for me.
Is this the same voice as the "Dear Kitten," videos?
Wonderful and creative.
I swear this narrator does the sad cat and dog diaries also
i saw a cat daddy .
I so federal him Yes "RAW" "MAHA" Will dance the story similar to Harry!
"RAW" Was too hyper & curious so she was always told no! Sit still! Isolated I was, over protected she was.
Well the rest is a bit like Harry's is my private dance & MY paint, my language!
Thank you, Thank you Wayne
I have to have the honor to ask mass Maha Afra to collaborate this dance with me!! "IN MY SKIN" MY STORY!
Wooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaasssss so inspired!!!!!
Yessssss Wayne is already written in my books I was just missing the Queen!
I see white n gold
The narration was annoying. I got 10 seconds in and stopped. 👎
The beauty. Truly amazing.
I love Harry Shum Jr.
That guy's voice was very soothing.
you guys suck at citing your sources
Mike Chang :o
It's my favorite Glee character!!
it was a nice video
He just took art to a whole new other level, for me. That expression, the Elegance, and the discipline... Bravo Harry Bravo. :")
Wow, this is so unique and so awesome!!
Alexis this is pretty cool
That's Harry from Glee! <3
I can't watch this without thinking about his voice in the "dear kitten" commercials .
Yeah he's great, but Im still mad at him for rejecting Tina's proposal! 😫
He did that clap better the lebron
I get the messege and all but honestly I don't get why people think splattered paint and the way this was dancing to talking and all that shit is a messege. I mean maybe of I was high off my ass or tripping on lsd. But I don't do that shit so in reality it's just a guy saying a messege while some dude makes a mess with paint.
Lmfao wow I'm confused what just happened?
So beautiful!
No that's Mike Chang.. #Glee
I hate how some artists are so pretentious. Fucking Andy Warhol painted a fucking soup can and everyone lost there damn minds honestly I think he was fucking with people it's like how lil Wayne can rap about nothing and people still buy his shit I bet you he even knows it's stupid

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