Watch These People Share Their Most Embarrassing Poop Story

Watch These People Share Their Most Embarrassing Poop Story
Watch These People Share Their Most Embarrassing Poop Story
Published on 11/17/2017
Watch These People Share Their Most Embarrassing Poop Story


"I would never forget the feeling of like the poo contouring on to my little baby but cheeks" XD
Can you imagine like what that classroom must of smelled like for four fucking hours though 🔥💩
"I had to poop so bad, I had to poop the most." 😂😂😂
Now that's shitty..
Is it weird I watched this while taking a shit? Thank you newsfeed
My ex boyfriend pooped in a laser tag arena... while we were playing
Buzzfeed just hopes we will share our stories and embarrass ourselves. I see that sneaky side there Buzzfeed. I see that.
They should make girls share most embarrassing period story tht wld be hilarious 😂
lol the deer story is actual good :)
I got drunk at my parents house over St Patrick's day and stopped up their toilet. In my drunken stupor, I thought, "I can scoop it out with a plunger, toss it in the tub, and it'll go down the drain" I was wrong. Sorry mom!
My parents took me camping a lot when I was little, so I thought pooping under trees was a normal thing to do. Imagine my mother's surprise at the "present" little tiny me left under the Christmas tree.
Making eye contact with a deer while shitting? Weak, Buzzfeed. Weak. My story is way better/worse (depending on if you love horrific poop stories or not) but we don't talk about it. Only my therapist knows. And a load of confused Italian people who were in Florence train station on that fateful day.
wait a minute girls poop?
Never shit my pants other than in my baby form but I've had other embarrassing stories. Like forgetting to flush and having my newlywed hubby find my poo in the toilet. I tried to lie saying it was someone else but he now insists on leaving me poo's every now and then to remind me.
Pooping: the great equalizer of the human race
Newer Buzzfeed videos everyday just make us remind ourselves we're all still human xD
God i can think of two of my own stories that were way worse than this
My most embarrassing poop story was not even known to be done by me. I had an upper GI test my junior year in high school, and they gave me this barium solution to drink first. The next time I pooped at school, it was in the bathroom that all the girls' athletics programs used. It was white and looked like rocks. Apparently, it was as heavy as rocks, too. It didn't flush. I tried again. It didn't flush. Again. Again. Again. No flushing. It was there for DAYS. All the girls were talking about the rocks in the toilet and wondering who would have done that. After three or four days, a janitor had to come in and scoop it out, and one of the teachers gave us an informal "talking to" about dropping rocks in the toilet: "It's considered vandalism, too."
When I was a teenager I "borrowed" my dads liquor. I mixed rum, gin, whiskey, vodka, and tequila in the same 26 ounce bottle and drank it straight, no mix, no chase.. I woke up in the morning and smelled something awful... I looked down at my pants and thought "did I fall in the mud last night?" Then it clicked... and I threw up on myself.
I remember one time I couldn't hold it in while I was at work so I'm in the huge stall at the end and I hear this little girl with her mother come in. She try's to push the door and her mom told her to leave it alone and use a different one. The girl says no and crawls under the stall door and says are you almost done? It stinks are you taking a poop? Mom I think she's almost done pooping 😣
A friend of mine once pooped whiles having sex with the boyfriend.
I thought these were supposed to be bad stories. These poop stories wouldn't even crack my top ten worst
it's like every time i decide to be productive, i get online (just to check facebook before being productive) and buzzfeed has created something else to distract me
I watch this as I poop 😂💩🙊
Imagine taking a drug test for a new job, the rule is you can't flush those toilets, I had food poisoning, HAD to take the test that day and I couldn't leave and come back. Yeah, it got pretty shitty after that. 🙊💩
I have a backyard that has a brick wall with some nosy neighbors on the other side. One time, when I was younger I pooped in my backyard because I can. I popped a squat and I heard A gasp and someone saying "oh my god" , it was the neighbors from The other side of the wall they were just peering out of their kitchen window watching me take the biggest shit ever and to be honest I didn't even give a shit what they were thinking, I just finished my business and dug a hole and buried it in the yard; it was good fertilizer for the plants. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
I live at my boyfriends house nd his computer room is right next to the bathroom and also his friend was over too....I drank too much milk that day and decided to go poop since everyone does it right? And I didn't know how loud I actually was lol next thing I know I farted and his friend yells from the other room "what the fuck was that?!" Till that day I will never poop without some sort of sound lol
It was my 8th birthday and I was having a Pool Party at the Apartments my mom worked at (And where we lived), and I had to poop so I went into the gym room, which led to the bathrooms, and you had to pass through an office to get to the bathrooms. Well, the office doors were locked, so I asked my uncle to unlock them, (since he worked there too) and he basically just ignored me. So im there, too far from my apartment, wondering where to poop. My 8 year old mind is going crazy, and I'm panicking inside, and no one seemed to be helping me. So, I see my 2 year old brothers floaty thing that he puts his legs through and just floats in the water in, aaand, i get into it. It was REALLY fucking hard to squeeze my legs into it, but i eventually got into it, jumped into the pool, and did my business. Then I got out, thinking that no one noticed my 30 second dip into the pool, and just sat in the float on the ground next to the water. Then, my mom wanted to use the float for my little brother, but ya know, I just took a poop in it, and if I took it off.. something unpleasant might come from my bathing suit. But.. I did take it off, and nothing fell out of my bottoms. But I was still stuck with poop on my bum. So I panicked again, jumped BACK into the pool and let my poop out near the drain things. I felt relieved, but for the rest of the party, the area smelled like shit, and everyone was leaving.
Ew, I remember I got "sick" (the other end) on an airplane and we were landing soon so I hurried and did a "shitty" job. So when we got to my aunt's house, I wrapped my soiled underwear in a bunch of toilet paper and threw them away, and a week later when it was time to leave, my aunt said, "Oh, I washed your underwear." Never been so embarrassed in my life. I was 12.
I was sick a couple years ago and i had a fart that wasnt a fart!
Who doesn't love a good poop story?
mine are so much worse... and yes, they are plural
Youtube : sourcefednerd infamous poop thats some funny shit ( no pun intended )
"I'm shooting from both ends..."
I sneezed while doing my business at work and water shot out from gap between the seat and the rim. Paranoia set in as I noticed no water on my clothing, so I sat there an extra twenty minutes until a coworker I texted brought me extra clothing.
I'm just here for other peoples poop story comments.
I pooped in my grandmas garden at age 3 because i couldn't hold it LOL
There aren't as many poop stories down here as I thought there would be. Step it up people XD
I think my husband has the worst poop story ever. Ever.
#Respect... & I was in a GYM and on a Stair machine.... & had worked myself out, so Hard!! That I Sh*t myself!! Haha. Touche body, lesson learned!!! <3
Nothing compares to stinking out a Dennies in Salt lake City. When literally and not joking everyone had to leave the restaurant because your shit stank so bad.
while having sex, anyone? yes, no?
I popped during a marathon. Not in a port o potty.
and here comes people with the shitty puns
literally these stories aren't even that bad
I got drunk as a teen and walk down a hallway buck naked and shitting at the same time. Two people helped me out and I ended up stepping in it. It happened like 15 years ago.
on a constrtion site
Joanna Tice we have stories lol
Je suis un enfant terrible :D

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