Watch These Feminists Play Grand Theft Auto For The First Time

Watch These Feminists Play Grand Theft Auto For The First Time
Watch These Feminists Play Grand Theft Auto For The First Time
Published on 11/17/2017
Watch These Feminists Play Grand Theft Auto For The First Time


Oh please. I consider myself a feminist and there is nothing wrong with letting off steam by going on a killing spree on GTA
They don't like the strip club part, but they shoot dudes in the face and run away from the cops? Yep, that sounds like a feminist to me.
"If I kill her I get my money back" that's how I made all my money in GTA San Andreas.
The only part I found hilarious was she ran over the prostitute she was trying to solicit lol.
Cliffs notes:
(Yay!) murdering
(Boo!) stripping
Feminists can't play GTA? In that case I don't wanna be a feminist.
Hahaha feminist need to get over themselves.
because, this is the ENTIRETY of what GRAND THEFT AUTO is about. lol
The degrading of women has never crossed my mind while playing that game. I mean, it's all fake. I know this. But I mean, if you wanna get down to the nitty gritty.. Why are only MEN portrayed as trash, drug dealing, angry, mean, cold blooded killers? It's just a ridiculous complaint. Fiction≠non fictional. Why even have fiction all together? Since it clearly is taken WAY too seriously. Smh.
I hate feminists with a passion
"If i kill her i can get my money back"lmao 😂😂
Lol, "this is why I hate all video games"
Good then get in the kitchen if you're going to be so judgmental based on 1 video game.
It's cool if you go around "killing male characters, shooting [male] cops" etc. "What!? There's a prostitute!? SEXIST AS FUCK!"
I've played this game for 2 years now. No one even goes to the strip clubs.
It's GTA. They're not targeting feminists to play it. Strip clubs in GTA are based off of actual ones. What do you expect?
Im a feminist,it's a demoralizing game that's sliiightly sexist,but what can you do?
Edit:Hey you little butthurt aggressive fanboys,get that stick out of your ass.I like the game,but you can't deny it has something wrong with it.Fucking idiots.
I'm a woman and I've played gta. It's not something you should base your life goals off of, but really, no adult video game is. If you live your life based on the premonition that all men suck ass and women are the backbone of society, you're of course going to be severely disappointed when you go into the real world.
The chick in blue (on the cover) seems like the feminist that gives feminists a bad name. "Blah blah blah videogames are bullshit because men are always the stronger characters blah blah blah." Write a story for a videogame and pitch it to someone instead of pissing and moaning about something you're not 100% on. And look at Battlefield Hardline, Metal Gear Solid 4 and phantom pain, plus the whole Uncharted series if you want strong female characters.
I'm a feminist and I love playing GTA.
As a feminist, this is stupid. Video games are fun, and that's all there is to it. You don't need to mix politics with a fantasy game.
Hi. So can we just bring light to the fact that there are girls who are real life sex workers and strippers and are subject to this behavior in real life on a daily basis?
Over sensitive feminists, for Christ sake it's a game.
Just saying: there are games that are worse than GTA. GTA is more for shits and giggles. I may be a woman but I cannot be a feminist. Sorry. I just cant.
Let me correct myself: I am a feminist but I know what's worth actually fighting for.
I'm not gonna bitch at people about a video game that needs stronger female characters when the target audience is for young male adults.
Come on.
Have a constructive argument for something that's worth debating for.
Wrong title, it should be "Watch feminists play the strip club and prostitute gameplay in GTA 5 rather than anything thing else"
If grand theft auto appealed to everyone's views, it would be a shit game. The more politically incorrect you make it, honestly, the more fun it is.
why does soliciting a prostitute or going to a strip club have anything to do with feminism, it's different if you're being forced to do something against your will, but if you are willing to sell your body for money or work at a strip club, not your fucking business. The rest where fine, yes there are some not so good things about the GTA series, and no it's not something kids under 16 should play, but we have a lot of shitty parents, including MOM parents. Male fantasies sell and if that last chick was out to make money she'd put prostitutes in her game, the rest of em where fine, but that last lady on the video, those kind of feminists are the ones people don't like.
Barely any girls play Gta 5 so why give a feminist her opinion if they never heard what Gta is about
This is bull shit, you can choose to play as a girl online! Stuck up feminists annoy me
I knew a few feminist one day they were required to lift some heavy bags at work and they asked for my help....I told them no you can do everything I can do and you preach your independence so you should be able to lift just as much as me.
They called me an asshole and stormed off.
why does it matter that they are feminists? might as well make a video of vegans playing resident evil..??
GTA is fun. Video games are awesome. It's just games, not real life.
I feel like everyone who played gta for the first time was shocked by all the boobs it showed . Not just these "feminists". The game is a bit degrading but it's a game . All the woman act like total sluts. But it's just a game. I think killing peole and running from the cops is worse than going to a strip club but.
This is why no one takes feminists seriously.
There are many people who act like this towards GTA or other games, even men! Everybody has different opinions on games, movies and other things. All feminists are different just like all gay's are different, some are complete assholes but some are really nice people. People don't group all gay's or lesbians together, so why should you for feminists?
Why are feminist normally very inactive...
Feminism is bull shit, equality for both genders is correct.
Hahah they're so stuck up, that's why it's a video game, we all watch movies with the same shit and worse in it but when it's a video game all of sudden it's damaging, lol it's fun. And if more woman played the game it would probably be catered more that way. If you play online you can play as a woman so I really don't think it's that big of a deal
I feel that most feminists want supremacy over equality....
Why would you have the Feminist that hates video games play GTA5? You're not helping! That's like sending a pronounced conservative to a gay bar!
Have them play a game that doesn't have strip clubs, or equally represents women, like skyrim.
I find it funny how all the "feminists" are women.
Oh good, another video about how offended feminists are with everything.
I believe in EQUALITY. NOT feminism.
Feminism is all about womens rights, womens problems blablabla.
But when it comes to men, feminism never mentions that there are also men who can get raped in jails even if their crime wasn't that big.
And that women get less jail time if she committed the same crime a male did.
Facts: Forever loving anti-feminist Lauren Southern.
I don't follow a movement with a gender based name: Feminism.
And GTA is fuckin' awesome!
It's gta 5... If you want a strong female character then play online and make one 😑 Hating video games because they mostly appeal to men is fucking stupid. I've never once stopped playing a game because I saw too many boobs. That's just ridiculous.
Video games are amazing! 👾
Feminist gamer: o no it's made to appeal to men that's so sexist
feminist gamer: -sees any of the millions of things made to attract women-
Feminist gamer: uhm that's just marketing u dumbass
Is anybody aware that this is a fucking video game? A.K.A. fucking fictional.
"So what did you do this weekend?"
"Oh I played some GTA with friends"
"Ohmygod you're all sexist pigs how could you play such a vile game?!"
"Well actually we just played some custom races and maps..."
Thanks for promoting this Buzzfeed. 10/10 well done.
"I hate video games because they appeal to a target audience (men)"
Yeah, not sexist at all there.
Feminist are ridiculous lol
feminists ruin everything.
*holds up a bottle of water*
An optimist would say that the bottle is half full
A pessimist would say that the bottle is half empty
A feminist would say that the bottle is getting raped.
Seriously, I don't get feminists, they seem to complain at anything that is supposed to have male audience. Don't get me wrong, I know a few nice feminists, but most I've met or had interaction with are stupid retards

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