Watch These Baby Boomers Listen To Hit Songs From Their High School Years

Watch These Baby Boomers Listen To Hit Songs From Their High School Years
Watch These Baby Boomers Listen To Hit Songs From Their High School Years
Published on 12/10/2017
Watch These Baby Boomers Listen To Hit Songs From Their High School Years


The guy in orange was one bad ass pothead.
Cough cough * they had real music.
For people saying they are not baby boomers, "Baby boomers are people born during the demographic Post–World War II baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964". I am pretty sure they were born within that time frame.
My baby boomer grandma is the reason why I have always, and will always, love this music genre. I'm glad to see that it is making a comeback.
...Don't become another "REACT" thing. It's already been done.
"This is my song if im dead i will get up and dance to this song"
In my opinion they are on the young side of the baby boomer generation. My parents are true baby boomers (born in '49 and '53) and this is not what they prefer to listen to. Give them some janis, carole king, late beatles, and Crosby stills Nash and young and that is the music that takes them back.
These must be late generation Baby Boomers. I know for a fact my parents probably don't know most of these bands. ha
I would like to be more Diverse. .... just hear more Range of music. Not hear that one Guy. ... 17 best moments
Man with ashy hair is sexy as hell just sayin
Lol 15 comments wow I'm early *finishes video* 800 comments 😂😂 buzzfeed logic
The last "COOL" generation. Just don't tell my mom I said that.
I really wish the title of this video was, People Listen to Hit Songs From Their High School Years because all this technicality Baby Boomer talk is wearing real thin...
Beer and pot in high school?? Ha! my grandparents act like the "baby boomers" were angles who did no wrong. Psh.
These are definitely baby boomers. My parents are late baby boomers and these people seem the same age as my parents if not older
Way to young to be baby boomers
Actually jealous of these guys! Wish today's music was nearly as good as back then.
I can't speak for other baby boomers I was born in 1953 and I love Dean Martin , Carpenters, Beatles, Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Garth Brooks, Queen, Doobie Brothers, Creed, Nine Inch Nails, Oh yeah, Mozart, Beethovan, and that's just to name a few!
will someone please get this poor bastard in the orange shirt a joint befor he has a panic attack...poor dude prly hasnt smoked a bone since his kids were born like 23 years ago
Hey guys our generation has good music too it's just underground and not in the hype you just have to look for it!
These are the babies of the baby boomers! I would liked to have seen this video done with boomers of different ages. Those born in the late 1940s have a very different perspective than those born in the late 1960's.
A bit young for "Boomers"....
THIS is my kind of music. Today's music just doesn't stack up. I'll take Led Zeppelin over computerized stuff any day!!! <3
Thank you, BZ, thank you SO much for featuring people in my age range!! If you created a BuzzFeed Baby Boomer site I can guarantee you a VERY strong following. Seriously think about doing it.
This group lacked diversity.
These are younger baby boomers for sure.
This reminds me of my childhood/teen years but I was born in the 80s... Guess I'm just awesome.
"Baby boomers"??????? these seem to be really Late Boomers. I was born in 46 and this wasn't my teen music!
Sad that there are very few amazing artists left for us non-baby boomers to see in concert to say "it was the best concert of all time". All the best concerts i've been to have been artists from my parents era.
I wish they would have played more of the music not just snippits. Love these songs. Im not a baby boomer but my mom played this constantly. This brings me back to listening to her sing them.
This Is More Gen X
these people are at the very end of the baby boomer generation.
My parents are 60+ THEYRE baby boomers.. These ppl are the generation after that.
Guy in black is a hottie.
My parent's are late 50's/early 60's and are actual baby boomers. These people are in between baby boomers / generation x.
My real generation
People your age
Not boomers you idiots
Ok people. Baby boomers are the generation between late 40's (1946 I believe) to mid 60's. They seem to fall in line. My parents are early 60's boomers.
And I'm disappointed this was limited to one baby boomer demographic 😒.....
lmao back in the 1960's music was about raising awareness and being real. Artist like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd actually sang about something in their philosophical lyrcis. Jimi Hendrix changed the way whites saw the black man, because back then rock was the white man's music and R&B was the black man's and Jimi was doing all of the above. In Roger Waters song pigs (three different ones) The songs characters include the "Dogs", representing fervent capitalists, the "Pigs", symbolizing political corruption, and the "Sheep", who represent the exploited. He described the "Sheep" as being in a "state of delusion created by a misleading cultural identity", a false consciousness. The "Dog", in his tireless pursuit of self-interest and success, ends up depressed and alone with no one to trust, utterly lacking emotional satisfaction after a life of exploitation. Waters used Mary Whitehouse as an example of a "Pig"; being someone who in his estimation, used the power of the government to impose her values on society. At the songs conclusion, Waters returns to empathy with the lyrical statement: "You know that I care what happens to you. And I know that you care for me too." However, he also acknowledges that the "Pigs" are a continuing threat and reveals that he is a "Dog" who requires shelter, suggesting the need for a balance between state, commerce and community, versus an ongoing battle between them. Music now is shit, no one sings about the government with smarts or even life in general without putting the N word in everything and whining.
I wonder what they will play as reminder songs when 90's kids get to be in the 40+ lol
I listen to all of this. I thank my grandparents for it.
Belki Guevara i showed my mom this this lmao "eso es la cancion de john travolta! Ya ese travolta esta gordo."
Exactly, Marielle....this is about 10 years off!
Hard rock and metal is literally life . I'm 14 and I listen to old music 😍
I was listening to some 80s music with my kids and I told them, "NO WONDER MY DAD DIDN'T LIKE THIS! He never wanted me to listen to it." I listen to the lyrics now, and man! I am surprised about how bad they are. -- I mean, listen to some of them! WOW! They were terrible! --- PUSH PUSH IN THE BUSH! -- CRAZY!
Alastair Spray hahah we really are old souls.. Almost every band they mentioned, we both like haha

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